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  1. DYNASTY STARTUP Looking for 8 owners! Posted in multiple forums. $40 buy-in, $20 goes to next year commitment. Im not the commish but we're looking for owners. Check out the league settings. We will be voting on whether to have rookie names in the draft or rookie picks and have a separate rookie draft. Any questions?
  2. The DT deal can still be on the table, but he was my 2nd best WR last yr (before I traded for Julio) If those upside guys dont pan out, DT would be huge for me. I am trying to squeeze as much value out of the trade as possible. So im hoping he will throw in more for DT than initially offered.
  3. 12 team • Non-PPR • IDP • 40man Rosters • 1QB-2RB-2WR-1TE-4FLEX-K-3DL-3LB-3DB Thoughts? The 18 1st is from the 11th place team and he doesn't look to be improving much.This guy also offered the 18 1st straight up for D. Thomas and I said no.He is trying to find a starting WR and shopping the pick. Help me get the best deal! His picks: Two 18 1sts (earlyish), 2.03, 3.02, 3.03, 3.11 He also has J. Crowder that I could counter with. Crowder > Mathews?My Team: My picks: 1.1, 1.7, 2.6, 4.2WRs: Julio, Evans, Watkins, ARob, K.Allen, DThomas, JHunter
  4. I got 3.01 for Hogan in my league as he was my #8 WR. I tried a lot of deals and that was the only one I could do.
  5. I did offer 1.7 and then I countered after he said its close but not enough, but chose to ignore that step. Yea I am going to try with Allen. I also cant see a huge difference between those guys so Im just trying to get some more clarity if any. They all have question marks. Allen is older (ha), oft injured (although unrelated) and like you said, not as big of a standard threat.
  6. So I offered 1.5 + Keenan Allen and he said.....let me think about it. Thoughts? How do you rank my WRs? Who from my WR would you not let go of plus the 1.5 for Gurley?
  7. I have 1.5 and 1.7 this year but we draft in June. Im eyeing Mixon but pre-draft would be tough. I am leaning towards McCaffrey in that spot if available. I think his floor is pretty high for that spot. I think he will produce and be a contributor anywhere he lands. Because I don't think he will be the bell cow, his spot isn't as important as some of the every down guys. Help me out Snorkelson? I always appreciate your input!
  8. I would take moncrief but yea Coates is just so so. I would only do the deal for the 2.8 so counter with that. Or skip th pick all together and send him a cut candidate player in return. Check mine
  9. 12team • Non-PPR • Dynasty Im checking the price on Gurley in my league and seeing what it would take to get him. Im wanting to move a WR or RB or Pick combo to get him. HIs team needs picks and young players, he's in a huge rebuild. My draft picks: 1.1, 1.5, 1.7, 2.9, 4.8 My RB's: D. Johnson, L. Miller, M. Ingram (no else else of note) My WRs: Julio, Evans, Watkins, K. Allen, Robinson, D. Thomas (no one else of note) What do you think I should offer to get Gurley? What would get it done? I don't want to offer 1.1 and am ok losing Ingram, K. Allen, Robinson, D. Thomas. A. 1.5 + D. Thomas + ? B. 1.5 + K. Allen? C. 1.5 + Robinson? D. 1.7 + Mark Ingram? E. Something else, I tend to offer low offers at first Any of those get it done? Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. I wouldn't say too much. Ninkovich is 33 and on hi way out with snap count. IDP's usually start to go off in the 3rd round of our drafts unless its someone super special then they may go in the 2nd. I never draft IDP rookies. I pick up the ones who go undrafted in FA.
  11. He accepted this offer last night. Mitchell + 2.9 + Rob Ninkovich for 1.7 I think I won.
  12. 12team Dynasty • Standard • Mitchell is my WR7 Im looking to move Malcolm Mitchell to get another 1st rounder this year. The offer I have out right now is Mitchell + 2.6 + 4.8 for 1.07 He told me he is thinking about it. I tried another trade for the 1.4 using Mitchell and/or Demayius Thomas with other owners and they wouldn't bite. I even included my (Late) 2018 1st and 1.4 and 1.6 wouldn't bite. Where do you value Mitchell? What do you think of the original trade?
  13. Just worried about Mitchell vs. DEN but Ingram vs. ARI isn't good either. Thanks for the comment. I am leaning that way.