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  1. Yeah I spent 4 years there for college (Rose-Hulman) and lived a block away from ISU’s football field for 2 years, so I wasn’t totally out in the bubble on the outskirts and I thought it was fairly typical. However, when we went to a bar after a reunion weekend a few years ago, we had to go through an airport style metal detector, so maybe I was more in the “bubble” than I thought.
  2. He would have stood there frozen in the pocket and taken at least 3 more sacks. The two defensive TD’s is probably about the same result though. This team had glaring weaknesses on the o-line, and at linebacker and did next to nothing to address that. The cynic in me predicted we would see little to no AJ Green, but the players must like Taylor because I would have thought there’d be a slew of guys going on IR with dubious injuries by now.
  3. I know they are trying to fill airtime, but these announcers are deluded if they think running the ball down 39 is going to help the Bengals down the road.
  4. Beelzebub, Bismallah, Galileo, Fandango - Bohemian Rhapsody?
  5. So is banning metal studs worth pursuing? Also, while it wouldn’t have helped in this example , requiring players to wear a shin guard slightly larger than the credit card sized ones many seem to wear at the pro levels?
  6. Palace Guard Training Handbook 101: When investigating the dead bodies on the stairs, one should always step over them and continue up the stairs, especially if you just saw the guy in front of you get shot.
  7. All the arguments against are solid. You just don’t want to hear them. Your system punishes poor kids. Is that the end goal here? Keep the poor unwashed masses in their place?
  8. Vietnam? Ancient history. Let’s just start and end with the Friends DVD box set.
  9. Yeah, telling everyone the only way the (always been free to cross) crumbling I75 bridge between Cindy and KY will be replaced is with tolls added two days before the election was a genius move even if that is truly the only solution. Those votes in Kenton, Campbell and Boone counties could have swung the whole thing. but, yes, I don’t see Mitch losing unless maybe John Calipari runs against him (not sure if Matt Jones has enough juice).
  10. As a fellow Kentuckian, and also a former poll worker, I’ll add my analysis. 1.Totally acceptable, IMO. That’s just checking the math. 2.We had affidavits and provisional ballots only when somebody insisted they were on the roster for that particular polling place but we couldn’t find them in the book. You call the county clerk, they check the main roster, you let them fill out a sealed ballot and an affidavit, and you moved on. PITA, but not irregular and certainly not 5,000 votes worth. The mostly octogenarians running the polls couldn’t rig that many if you offered them lifetime entries in Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes,plus there are no less than two reps of each party present at every polling place at all times to prevent this. 3. A. Would love to see his proof. If there is fraud It was in the hill counties where he won by lopsided margins and would likely decrease his tally. 3b.still counting is irrelevant. Polls were closed. 3c.yes, and I think she is an unqualified legacy who has hopped from office to office because she feels entitled to an elected position, but that not why we here 3d.see 3c. Many many political family trees here, and too much favoritism etc, but this is just more whining 3e. There are multiple machines at each polling place, I think I saw where one precinct in particular extended their hours, and there is a printout on the door of the precut posted with tallies of the votes cast there when polls closed. He knows good and well they were counted. 3f. This is KY not NC. 3g. The other guy got more votes. That’s how the process works. Take your ball and go home Matt. 3h. Lol.nothing says integrity like throwing excuses at the wall hoping something will stick and accusing everyone else in the govt around you of fraud because you can’t possibly have lost. He only won his first primary by 86 votes. He has already been shown the playbook for how to lose with integrity.
  11. Bevin accused the teachers of facilitating sexual abuse of children for daring to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of assembly. He then wanted to publish names and seek charges against anyone who dared take a sick day to rally at the capital. The “reform” bill was tacked onto a sewage bill and passed under cover of darkness without the required readings or analysis required. The bill would also break the inviolable contract the state has with the teachers and other city, state, and county workers regarding their pensions and the benefits promised them. All in all, I think you have the roles reversed here. Bevin has tried to bully and intimidate his constituents at every turn. God bless the teachers for standing up against that.
  12. He played the “elect me or the murderous Central American hordes will come for you” card to the hilt with his pamphlets. Sadly, that nonsense is still received all too well in the more rural counties.
  13. Game just started. All recount activity on hold for 2 hours. State law.
  14. Man that was nice to see CP break out like that. Hopefully he can keep that up while still getting chances for Abraham, et al to score too. Not 100% sold on a couple of those other young talents being willing to feed the hot hand and not look for “theirs” first.