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  1. Happened a few years ago to our XBox. Pretty sure the gamer tag was obtained from EA or Origin or some other site where when you bought a new game and created an account on there, you got “exclusive” gear for the game. They got hacked, the password got brute-forced, and some scummy Russians go ahold of the account. Anyway, I fortunately received e-mails whenever something was bought on the account, and I began seeing some alerts for a bunch of FIFA purchases and they spent some Microsoft $ that was on the account. Unfortunately at that time it was nigh impossible to remove your card from the account once it was on there without putting a new payment method in, or it wouldn’t have been there at all. Anyway, Microsoft’s fraud people were awesome. I got a new credit card. Everything was returned, and there will never be anything but a prepaid gift card or code on our Xbox again.
  2. For the real sophisticated stuff you need an Army tent, some chemistry glassware, a cross-dressing Lebanese man, and a war against communIsm.
  3. And $1500 in new purchases in mind from her $300 profit!
  4. Pretty much every couple of years another letter is assimilated into the squiggle. About halfway through my first name now too.
  5. And now I’m kinda mad about the imaginary embarrassment to our nation for vacating the medal stand in this fictitious event. Time for bed....
  6. No way they both pass the doping tests.
  7. Ask her if she knows D-I-L-L-I-O-N for me.
  8. Today I got an angry e-mail because an article on our school website had the gall to misspell Dillion’s name and go with Dylan instead. It came complete with hyphens between all the letters and demanded I check the student information system for verification. I didn’t write or post the article, and I’m 99% certain the story was given to our web master and he just cut and pasted it in, but I could fix it so I did and sent her a reply. Dear xxxxx, Thank you for alerting us to this mistake. It has been corrected. Dilly Dilly. -Rustoleum I wish I had had the balls to actually include the last bit, but I don’t think our supernintendo would have approved.
  9. Did you tell him you were putting the band back together?
  10. Personally, I try to stay away from flee markets.
  11. After you blow things up, good chance your other kids will be nigh untouchable, imo. Sure, you’ll be “that”parent, but it’s worth it.
  12. Maybe I’m being the naive one, but my guess is they really just want the phone wiped and ready to set up for for the next guy. As an IT guy, I really don’t care to look at people’s files or pics and only reset password to access files if the superintendent tells me to. You really aren’t as interesting as you think you are and I’ve got other stuff to do. As far as holding pay, everybody here signs a statement of responsibility for laptops, phones, etc. when issued. If they consider a locked phone as not being returned in working order, maybe that’s their angle. Then again,as the IT guy, I would have also just bypassed mgmt and called you and asked nicely to wipe the phone from iCloud.
  13. Resetting without knowing the passcode is not an issue. Now if it was signed into his iTunes account, resetting and reactivating the phone can be a chore. You can sign into your iCloud account from a computer and remove the device from your account. Been awhile since I’ve been in there on the web, but you may be able to erase it yourself from there as well. Not surprised they didn’t let let you finish the two weeks. Once a company knows you want to be somewhere else and you gave notice, even if you are on good terms, why would they want you there? Little good can come of it. It’s bad for morale to have a short timer around, and you aren’t exactly motivated to give much of an effort.
  15. Psssh. Krista’s usually had about 100 by May 26.