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  1. My work study in college was the mail room. Guys would subscribe to Playboy but use fake names for whatever reasons (plausible deniability, shame, try to skip out on paying for the subscription, whatever). This strategy worked for them maybe 50% of the time (delivery from the publisher to college mailroom was probably 95% successful, it’s just the other 45% of the time one of us “couldn’t match the name to the mailbox” and kept it, lol.) It could have the right box number and literally be one letter off ( think Chanandaler Bong from Friends) and it was “nope, nobody here by that name - what a shame, it’s the Girls of the <your favorite conference here> Issue too. Can’t let that go to waste.”
  2. I saved every nickel I made cutting grass for probably a summer and a half (like $250 in 1987) to save for an Indus GT floppy drive for my Atari 800 so I could get away from that damn cassette recorder. ..and I thought you cut the notch in the floppy so you could use both sides of the disk. If you wanted to write-protect it, you covered the notch with tape or a sticker.
  3. We just went last summer, but our trek was mostly in the south country. Our last few days we went through some of the areas at the bottom of the fire area (Hidden Valley, Ute Springs, Harlan, Dean Cow). I saw where they cancelled all treks through July 14, but the last update I saw said they only lost some unused buildings, but if we could see the effects of the last big there from however many years ago (15?) I can’t imagine how devastated it is now. Edit: in positive news, we got a few miles in this morning at California Nature preserve in Cincinnati before the heat of the day set in. Still muggy as all get out though.
  4. With a base level of 4 beers, every additional beer after that will extend the life of the counter pizza by an hour. So at 6 beers, the pizza is good for 10 hours. At 8 beers you can basically have it for breakfast the next day.
  5. Nope, but the next time somebody drives 1000 miles would only be for a funeral.
  6. Nope, just a hard hat. probably should have, but there was somewhat of a cage around the ladder, so you could lean back against it and rest. Also, the ladders weren’t a straight shot. There were landings every so often where you would stop, walk about 8 feet over, open a trapdoor, and start climbing down again. So, I guess if I fell, I would have “only” pinballed down 30 or 40 feet bouncing between the ladder and the cage until I splatted on the next landing.
  7. Never stuck in one, but right out of college I did some air quality testing at power plants. We had to move ourselves and our gear up to the testing platforms on the stacks via a stack elevator (picture a phonebooth on rails). On two separate occasions the elevator broke down while I was up on the stack. Had to climb down several hundred feet of nasty industrial ladders both times. Think I would rather have been stuck in the elevator.
  8. My parents told me that if you needed glasses (got them in 4th grade) there was no way you could ever have braces. Think they frightened my teeth (wisdom teeth included) into coming in straight.
  9. Go tell Aunt Rhody indeed....
  10. So, I had the sound off and watched the end of the game tonight. Reds had a runner on first and tried to sacrifice him over. Guy puts down the bunt, Pirates opt to take the out at first, but the throw bounces off the runner’s head and the lead runner gets to third. Next thing I know, the batter is out for running out of the base path (meh, it wasn’t egregious but whatever) and interfering with the throw, and the runner is back on first. I can see not giving the runner third base because of the interference, but the Pirates has already conceded second base to the lead runner by taking the throw to first to begin with (and obscure baseball rule #429 is you can never assume a double play). Did they give a reason? Is that just how interference works, or was there some mumbo jumbo about the running not having to advance once the force at second is removed by the out being recorded at first base? At least they are finding new and interesting ways to lose games still.
  11. ( •_•) Still makes you ( •_•)>⌐■-■ a Johnny cum Lately. (⌐■_■) YYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  12. Hold up, that was one guy?!? Man I was a gullible kid.
  13. 77 Pontiac Catalina with 301 v8 this is actually a picture of a Bonneville, but it’s dang near identical, and this is the exact color/top of the “Golden Canoe”. was a birthday/Christmas/Graduation gift from my grandparents in 1989, when they went to an even larger car.....a Grand Marquis I swear the inside had veritable towel bars to help pull those massive doors shut.