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  1. Have you tried the new hard reset process?
  2. That was posted after the blocked FG, showboat, fumble, illegal batting, all the Steelers in the locker room, ball on the half yard line -false start sequence that I thought would cost them the game.
  3. Spinning Poop Flanges is available.
  4. Same thing has happened with my dog being under my wife’s feet. I have probably almost broken my neck a dozen times trying to avoid a repeat when the dog is under my heels and I try to turn around or take a step back. Dog doesn’t seem to feel the same guilt though. I think she’d almost rather I wipe out so she has a clean shot at licking my face, Hope your pup recovers quickly.
  5. So, the police department will be a bunch of random dudes with high car payments that go on and off the clock whenever they feel like it or want some free coffee? That sounds awesome, but I don’t think the criminal element is going to want to stand around with the app open long enough for the Ubercop to find them.
  6. Nope. I grew up within 2 miles of Riverfront Stadium. Only channels we got were the 3 Cincy networks, WXIX and Star64, plus the 2 PBS channels. I swear I'm not crazy. I remember clearly always having two games up until the 90's when I had season tickets and I got to be bitterly disappointed in person.
  7. Siding/flashing is what they get behind in my house. From there it's not that much of a stretch to get into attic/roof spaces and eventually into the house, where everyone goes into lockdown until I get a fly swatter or magazine and kill it. My kids would asphyxiate us all with the spray if left to their own means (or abandon the house and start fresh in another state, it's 50/50).
  8. Yes. The Bengals were terrible, so I switched channels a lot. Not sure when they stopped putting games on opposite the Bengals, and if it started with just road games, or blacked out home games, or whatever. It's just that I remember 4 games, and no vintage TV guide will ever override my nostalgic brain cells. (Geez,I'm old enough to remember not only payphones, when they went from a dime to a quarter, but also when you had to buy the newspaper to find out what was going to be on TV for the week.)
  9. I'm not saying we had football on 7 channels. I'm saying we only had 7 channels, and the two networks that had NFL rights always showed 2 games at 1 and 2 more at 4 on Sundays. This was Cincinnati-area all through the 80's.
  10. I was at work when I saw news breaking on the internet about the first plane. Turned on the tv in my boss office and called my wife to tell her to turn it on as the second plane hit. A few minutes later she calls back and says "My water just broke." Spent the rest of the day at the hospital anxiously watching the Cincinnati skyline out the window and trying not to dwell on the news. My son was delivered via c-section shortly after 1 AM on the 12th.
  11. Nothing in particular wrong with that one game, my beef is that it was the only option. It's utterly ridiculous that I had more choices of Sunday games when I was a kid and had access to 7 free over the air channel, 4 of which were either PBS or small-time independents.
  12. So, having just the local Bengals game (a fiasco) at 1, and only Green Bay/Seattle at 4 doesnt seem likely to reverse the viewership trend. (and definitely not in my individual case). Either the local affiliates can't afford to carry the games, or the NFL thinks a whole lot more people are going to switch providers and fork up the extra for Sunday Ticket. At this rate, FC Cincinnati will be buying Paul Brown Stadium from Hamilton County in 5 years.
  13. So excited that we get to see the Bengals again in just 4 days.