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  1. Night King kills Jon, then rips his own face off, revealing himself to be Nicholas Cage. He tilts his head back and crows “ I am Castor Troy!” Suddenly, three feet of Valyrian Steel erupt from his chest. Staggering, the Night King spins to see the face of the man he thought he had just defeated. With the last vestige of his strength, he drops to his knees and clutches at the face of the corpse at his feet. To his dismay, the skin sloughs off, revealing the noble face of Emilio Estevez. :fade to black:
  2. What was that movie where she collected children from Third World Countries and made out with her brother?
  3. I’m on team “Dany is Boring”. Also, Hadouken >>>>>>>Dracarys.
  4. I see what you did there. Wurst. Pun. Ever.
  5. Daughter’s high school percussion ensemble won the WGI world championship in their class last night, enjoyed a nice cigar outside in the beautiful weather we had today, and currently have my trusty hound dog curled up at my feet chewing on an elk antler while I sip some bourbon on the rocks, complete with a fancy ice sphere made from the $4 silicon mold I bought the other day. And my awesome grandma’s 95 birthday party is tomorrow. The only thing not neat today is my bourbon.
  6. First concert I ever saw was Ziggy opening for INXS. (‘88,’89?)I am not surprised. He sucked. I think there was a much better opening act in other legs of that tour that we missed out on in Cincinnati, so maybe I was predisposed against him....
  7. It’s okay, we just have to assume these are male space flies.
  8. Probably wouldn’t eat them at the airport just prior to flying either. I think I would’ve turned this Choose Your Own Adventure book back a few pages... (I always wanted to “win” the book and could keep at least 4 choices marked with one hand... 🤓
  9. Team doc better start everybody on a course of antibiotics. Good enough to pull me back in, but I still think I don’t like Kemp.
  10. Not really sure, but it was definitely on Cinemax because we didn’t have that channel at the time. If you kept flipping the channel up and down you could get about half second of relative clarity. The more I think about it, I was probably pretty old compared to a lot of answers so far - local cinema closed before I was 10, no cable or VCR’s for a couple more years. I would guess either Porkys or American Werewolf in London once they made it to HBO or something.