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  1. New Riddle: What do you get when you mix your neighbor’s 25 foot tree, a 16foot ladder, and your 12 year old daughter? Answer: A couple of scratches because cats are ungrateful #######s.
  2. That’s one diabolical chicken. Was a good read though.
  3. I especially liked the part where they thought Indiana Jones had fallen to his death in the tank, but then he walked up behind them, looked over the edge, grunted, and his hat magically blew back up,the cliff to him.
  4. Clearly you should show your boobs off more but other girls are intimidated and try to make you feel bad and you wrongfully acquiesce. Then I lost interest until the part about wiener dogs, but I think anybody that passes on egg salad is a potential keeper, unless the herd of Latino-Hungarian kids is a package deal.
  5. Snapchat is a no go for me. I had to field one call from a parent that said they were sure their daughter (maybe 13 or 14 at the time) sent some pictures to my son via chat, not Snapchat, obviously). They said he had not reciprocated (gross that they checked in that level of detail) but wanted me to delete any trace of said pics. Told them I wasn’t even going to look but I would take their word for it and just wiped his phone. Disabled the camera on it, phone stayed downstairs at bedtime, and approved all apps for quite some time. Told him this wasn’t to punish him (he is the quintessential Good FFA kid), but to protect him from the ####### things his friends were going to do (or their parents could accuse him of) and if his friends gave him a hard time he was free to place all blame on me. Added that if I ever got another phone call like that from a parent things would go dramatically worse. This girl also had a history of cutting, and would try to get him spun up into her drama, which he managed to do very well at avoiding except when she would talk of hurting herself if she lost him, etc. Best day ever when they moved far away and on his own he came to the realization that her sole goal in continuing to talk to him from hundreds of miles away was to make everything about her and not let him be happy about enjoying any aspect of high school now that she was gone. tl,dr: No Snapchat = less drama from teens and their parents.
  6. Not sure I want to know the answer to “Just exactly how much is considered a one year supply?”
  7. Mike Brown knows there isn’t enough room in LA for a third team, right?
  8. I stopped observing Leap Years when this thread started. Try to catch up.
  9. Saw that at the store and was going to surprise my wife with it, then I saw the sticker price. I’ve been to cheaper concerts.
  10. Then again...
  11. I was flipping channels and hit ESPN2 and the Spanish announcers just as Siemian threw that pick. The only word I could pick out of the play-by-play was “osweiler”. Using the context clues, I’m pretty sure that’s Spanish for “interception”.
  12. As best as I could figure, the plan was to find the “big guns”so the outposts couldn’t come and clear out the herd keeping the Sanctuary pinned down. Apparently they aren’t kept at home base, even after Rick took a ####load of them the first time they raided the satellite place. Also yet to be explained is why you would fire 50 cal machine guns towards your home base (it shoots through schools, Johnny) to clear the walkers, when a .22 would pop one of those rotten pumpkin brains just as easily.
  13. Also had a tattoo with the word Grace in it.
  14. I think Dre might have jumped that route and scored if Dunlap hadn’t batted it and done the same. Not that I’m complaining, but why should that play even be called there? Not like the Bengals offense was going to come back.
  15. Now that the scripted plays are done, prepared to be dazzled by the sheer majesty of Marvin Lewis’s halftime adjustments.