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  1. These last two pretty much sum up the last 20 minutes at Rustoleum Manor, where I discovered and subsequently battled a bunch of wasps hanging out in the frame that holds my son’s window AC unit as I removed it for the year, and then the dreamy, blissful state one gets into when using outdoor wasp spray in a not-so outdoor space....
  2. I’m getting more “weird” than menacing or malevolent from Olyphant and Swartzman too.
  3. Monkberry gets a big thumbs up. Temporary Secretary wasn’t awful. Think I would like to see the synth loop dropped and turn it into a They Might Be Giants tune though. But, having listened to them in that order, I am now hearing that loop in my head over the TV right now, dogs barking outside, whatever my wife just tried to tell me....
  4. This is my favorite of everything so far, which is doubtless due to Krista’s impeccable research and ranking and not because I am unfamiliar with just about all of these and have only managed to listen to maybe a third. The one quibble I have is that the chorus just didn’t “click” for me. Could’ve used some other voices (like maybe the other three Beatles, sigh...). Instead it came off too much like a bad audio book where some famous person makes up voices for all the characters). Also, the Phil from the Future does Sgt. Pepper part is spot on. Loved this song.
  5. Because, Bengals. Mike Brown will give anybody with a tarnished rep an opportunity (Mixon, Burfict, Pacman, Chris Henry, etc.) searching for a bargain. On the flip side, If it costs him a nickel, you aren’t getting cut, and it would hurt him even worse to trade a player and see them succeed elsewhere).
  6. I really liked the rural farmland meets sort of randomly placed 50’s tech, but mostly it just made me sad how bad the one kid got screwed over.
  7. Pitching was there, considering the whole bullpen was going on consecutive days more or less. I don’t know how a whole team hits like 50 points below their career averages for a whole season though. I get that batting coaches shouldn’t matter that much at the major league level, but it’s almost like they haven’t bothered scouting opposing pitchers at all as an organization.
  8. Yeah, I don’t think I can watch 6 more episodes of Jessica’s scowl. I kinda liked it up until then and now I would only watch to see if the villain can rack up a John Wick level body count.
  9. I found this Article from Men’s Health Looks like in their test, a hard-shelled luggage carrier, which is gonna be more aerodynamic than a bag, decreased MPG by almost 20%. I have no idea how “scientific” that test really was, but it was interesting that empty ski racks had such a big impact too.
  10. Shipping vs gas mileage may be a wash. Guessing the car doesn’t have the capability to tow a small U-haul trailer either?
  11. Nowhere near the level of knowledge as a lot fo the guys in here, but I would suggest something that is generally obtainable and affordable like a Four Roses Single Barrel and maybe something from the Knob Creek line. I think the 1792 Small Batch is nice for the price too. (But I like the Buffalo Trace stuff a lot, so maybe do the opposite of my palate, lol.) Anyway, cast a wide net across the different distillers and you will zero in on what hits the spot for you.
  12. I don’t know how they pulled this off with the whole team hitting in the low .200’s, but I’ll take it. Was afraid to check in on this thread and jinx it when they started rolling. If the bats start clicking with the anticipation of making the postseason lifted, they could really make some noise.
  13. D-Luxx Prototype ETA: The tunnel actually would be nice to take off wet boots, but dang that’s a lot of ropes.
  14. OMG, the deluxe version has like a 9 foot tunnel so you can repressurize the atmosphere when you go camping on Mars. Also, I think one of the 30 ropes just now tripped a defender in the Kentucky-Auburn game. This tent could only be worse if it was made of actual poison ivy.