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  1. So as I was leaving work today, a faculty meeting was letting out and we had a thunderstorm roll through. Stupid nice guy that I am, I got half-soaked going to my car to pull out a golf umbrella and walk a couple of the teachers out to their cars (only partly because I don’t want their school-issued Mscbooks to get all wet. Yay me. Hero of the day. Less then a tenth of a mile from my house they are repairing a spot where the road slipped away and there is one of those one-lane road temporary stoplights that is interminably red. Just before that I drove over some large gravel from the construction and one fo the front tires just popped. At least I provided some entertainment for those ####ers who sat there at the light and watched me change the tire. No good deed goes unpunished. Jerks.
  2. I remember my parents closing the “tailgunner” seat with my sister and me in it to sneak into the drive-in movie.
  3. Son of a son of a * *23 and Me results pending
  4. I’d rather throw some unknowns out there than see Nagbe do nothing offensively, Chandler wilt in the heat, and Fab just not be not great but not embarrassing again. I’d rather see Dom Dwyer or the ghost of Bacon than any of those guys. But, not communicating with the uncapped dual nats is indefensible. It’s like they think giving teenagers “space” to make up their own minds is a good thing or something.
  5. That’s the key point to me. Do they think the pro league won’t fold if the federation stops paying their salaries? (which I would assume they will if they get their wish and that isn’t considered compensation? And if the league folds, what are they left with? A traveling futsal team barnstorming around facing off against the women’s soccer equivalent of the Washington Generals? (pretty much just the superstars getting paid in that case) Or, I suppose they roll back to the old pre-Dream Team Olympic model and roll with a bunch of NCAA players and probably be almost as good? And the timing of the whole thing is a double-edged sword. Yes, visibility and enthusiasm are at a peak following the World Cup, but I believe a lot do folks are boarding the “don’t care, talk to me in 4 years” bus. I totally agree with getting an equal percentage of any profit generated, but demanding those salaries be excluded doesn’t generate much sympathy from me.
  6. When I think of score I am thinking more than just most memorable theme, and a lot of these just pop in my head as theme songs. Unlisted but mentioned upthread was Laurence of Arabia, but there is really just one one passage that sticks in my head (sort of like the Col. Bogey March from Bridge over River Kwai. Anyway, for me that boils things down to Star Wars, Raiders, and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I would rank them as: 3.Star Wars: Yes it’s awesome, but you could almost put this score on top of Raiders (or any number of Williams scores) and it would fit the movie. 2. Raiders: Slightly ahead just because this score put me in the mood to buckle swashes. 1. TGTBTU all the way for me. I think you could remove the dialog and just play the soundtrack and lose little if anything from the movie. Plus, I remember having mock gunfights with friends while growing up and it was mandatory to make the duhduhduhduhduhh DUH DUH DUHHH before you faced off. Also,nobody kissed their sister in this one.
  7. Might need to put netting up in the outfield for fan safety.
  8. You can run bocce can’t hide.
  9. Probably takes that long just to decide who gets top bunk.
  10. So sorry for the loss of your friend and TPW’s to the husband. I can’t imagine how utterly devastating a situation that is.
  11. True, but I’m pretty sure my 17 year old “wants” something more than the 2000 Corolla he’s about to get, too.
  12. That’s good to hear, since I just won one as second prize in a raffle and will be the first thing bigger than a BB gun I’ve owned. Will only be used for paper targets and plinking by me and my 17 year old.
  13. I refuse to believe that the Weiner Dog Nationals is not on the straight and narrow.