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  1. Maybe they revamped something. My experience was a year or two, and the LG guy in the phone directed me to 2 or 3 places, one which didn’t answer the phone, another that said it would be 4 weeks, and finally the guy I got who still took 2 weeks. mine was inside the parts warranty, but I guess since it was a couple years old I was SOL on labor.
  2. Had the same issue. Guy that finally came and replaced mine (free parts, still like $300 labor) said he was going to stop fixing LG. Cincy/ NKY is devoid of LG repair options. Shame, because other wise I really like the design/features. Will not buy a other LG fridge. Apparently they charge the repair guys up front for the part and they have to jump through hoops to get reimbursed.
  3. Guess I’ll watch the end, but the last episode with the horrible heel turn by the head synth chick was soooo bad.
  4. Ditto. Hope he liked cigars too. Condolences on the loss. So sorry it comes at a time when we have to remain separated from some of our loved ones.
  5. If you draw a pizza on it, it will work out.
  6. Just need to make phones drop data connection when another phone is within 6 ft.
  7. Halfway through Counterpart on Prime (originally a Starz show?). Parallel worlds/doppelgänger sci-fi twist on an espionage theme with J.K Simmons. Interspersed with naked murderous lesbian scenes about every 4th episode.
  8. I have an older gen Apple TV and For All Mankind is unwatchable for me. The actual stream is messed up. The audio file is wayyyyy out of sync with the video and gets worse and worse. It is like it is playing at a whole different speed. We’re talking full scenes behind, not just Kung-Fu Theater bad dubbing. Other shows are OK. Watched Mythic Quest, it had its moments. Wife watched Morning Show and really liked it.
  9. In our district, a lot of that stuff is for intervention or enrichment and not intended to be “direct instructional. We have to submit some other “proof” in addition to log and reports from those things in order for non-traditional instruction days to count. We already had home use in grades 9-12 with MacBooks,, and sent grades 3-8 home with ipads for the first time. Have had a slew of requests for support getting online because they have to sign into a proxy and parents can’t follow directions. Probably going to do k-2 next week. My life sucks right now. Tomorrow I get to inform some parents that the reason little Johnny doesn’t have a MacBook charger in March is because he ducked his fee from the end of last year when he didn’t turn it in, or he lost it and didn’t pay for a replacement. And he has done nothing all year long, which is how he can get by by bumming charges off his friends during the day. Silver lining: This is literally the first time some of our parents have paid any attention at all to their child’s education.
  10. Just a couple more and his house may qualify as a school and wa la, problem solved (and summers off!)
  11. Are we sharing the same Netflix account? shetland - check hinterland - double check didn’t finish Happy Valley - check a roo Did you watch Wallander? Hits all the boxes: murders, desolate but beautiful landscapes, middle age British cop (except this one is allegedly Swedish). You can take that to the DCI Kenneth Brohanagh bank.
  12. Yeah, I flipped out and thought the whole local package had gone away from Star 64 because the first game (March 1) was definitely nowhere to be found on the channel guide and I’m pretty sure I checked the channel anyway with no luck. Then when i just saw ESPN+ on the internet that put me over the edge and I was stewing about it all week. Looks like I’ll get to watch 2-1 defeats to my hearts content this season, lol.
  13. I was initially thinking of an “in-town” situation, where around here everybody generally smooshes to the side and let’s the emergency vehicle pass. In that case, yes I would be upset if somebody tried to pass rather than let everybody else back into the driving lane. On a highway, where you just go right, slow down ,and leave left clear? I would hope everyone could safely sort themselves out, but I would fully expect a tollbooth style free for all.
  14. If somebody jumps the line on me to chase an ambulance, we’re gonna need another ambulance.....