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  1. Yeah, their producer Andy checks with me an hour before their Final Drives to see what the best Mike clip of the week was.
  2. Of course. The million dollar question (literally), is how long do you stay on the highwire before it happens.
  3. The sanctimonious kid and his stupid hat stayed alive 7 seasons too long. Good riddance.
  4. This is as good as it gets. Someone who used to work there sent this to me. Christmas came early.
  5. That's the only interviewer whose editor didn't require my real name for the piece, so I did it. I've had probably 8 requests before this one. Again, I'm a nobody, but people seem to be fascinated with the guy who records Mike's show. I truly don't get it. All of the other places needed my name and personal info to run the piece. I am supposed to be working while I'm posting clips from his show. That's the main reason I don't want worlds colliding.
  6. Looking at my Coinbase history, I bought a little over 20 bitcoins last August to September when the price was between $577 and $716. I got out after a modest profit. Most normal people would be suicidal right now if they knew they'd be sitting on over $300,000 if they simply did nothing at all, but the truth is I would have bailed completely as soon as the initial investment doubled, so there's no use crying about it. Also, I would have lost the whole $300K betting on football anyway.
  7. Nobody listened. Not even me.
  8. Yeah, it's over or pass. But I haven't played an under since 1994.
  9. That's really weird. I saw the exact opposite at BOL. First number I saw was 85 and now it's sitting at 81. Regardless, I no longer feel good about it. I'm gonna go back to check on totals in past conference championship games across the board. You'd figure they would be played tighter than some random game in October.
  10. How on earth have you not been cut off on SOG props yet? I suck at it and they cut me five years ago.
  11. Is the UCF-Memphis over a sucker bet? I was really looking forward to hammering this one -- both offenses have put up video game numbers lately. But it opened at 85 and was bet down to 82, which stopped me in my tracks. UCF held Memphis in check in their first meeting, but Ferguson had a terrible game... 3 INTs and a fumble. He's been tearing it up since then. The weather in Orlando will be perfect at game time.
  12. Huge news! That Funhouse character is a great follow, BTW. Probably the best follow on Twitter. He's also very handsome quite hung.
  13. Rhymes with font.
  14. Any of you guys play mini-baccarat regularly? (Big baccarat is too snobbish and too sloooooow for my liking). When I go to the casino, I like to do some hit-and-run Martingaling, because I have no card-counting skills and I'm a loser and everything in the joint is -EV anyway, so why not. I like the Martingale element to baccarat because it's either player or banker and it's BASICALLY a 50/50 proposition. Foxwoods got rid of Casino War because they evidently were getting killed by Martingalers. Baccarat seems like the next-best game for this venture, because roulette is too damn slow, as is craps. Blackjack isn't great either, because you could get stuck needing to double or split with a monster stake in the circle. I'm guessing there's not much skill involved in mini-bacc. Wizard of Odds says to always bet the banker, despite the 5% commission. Is that it? Do you guys zig-zag your bets? Play with streaks? Play against streaks? Just wondering. Almost Beef Bowl time. Hope everyone is well.