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  1. I have one main question about tomorrow's games that I don't know the answer to: can UCF's potent offense move the ball against Auburn?
  2. Yeah, there's no way he should have seen that card.
  3. Is this a Hitchcock episode which might interest you? I thought so. You can watch it here.
  4. No argument there. I'm just personally done doing so for actual American dollars.
  5. I have exciting news! Totals are dead to me. They no longer exist in any sport, now and forever. I used to laugh at my pal Mike Francesa when people would call his show to ask him about under/overs, and he would always say the same thing: "I don't believe in totals -- they're too wacky." And I laughed at him for years, but you know what? He was absolutely right. I was driving along today and I had an epiphany. I've been playing totals heavily for more than 20 years, and they have brought me nothing but heartache. Overs are "fun" to watch, but fun doesn't pay the mortgage. Meanwhile, it occurred to me that every week that I played teasers with sides-only, I crushed. And then, of course, I'd give it all back on a total. So stupid. The one CFB under I played this bowl season, the game went over. Why wouldn't it? Most of the overs I play never have a shot. I played an over 74 one week in CFB this year, and I think there were 13 points at halftime. It's enough to drive you nuts. A missed FT costing you the over. A runner on 3rd with no outs who ends up getting stranded in a 8-1 game to cost you the over. Who needs it. Today was the last straw... I woke up late and forgot to play the over on the Belk Bowl. Naturally, there were 700 points scored. When I play them, I lose. When I don't play them, I would have won. Anyway, Merry New Year.
  6. It's agonizing to watch college football when you have the under. The clock never moves and both teams run 5 plays per minute. Just gotta turn it back on late in the 3rd Q and hope you haven't lost yet.
  7. TT-USF u65.5. It's a monsoon in Birmingham. There I am!
  8. Enberg did not have an ounce of self-promotion in him. He may have been even more popular otherwise. "Ohhhh my" was legitimate excitement.
  9. Ohhhh my.
  10. Freakin legend.