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  1. That could be my black magic VPN.
  2. You'll be clutching onto that one on your death bed. And I stand by it. He improved GREATLY from season 1.
  3. Maurile removed the "edited" part because he is a swell guy with a good sense of humor.
  4. Not post any MLB clips, unfortunately. I'm nearly 100% convinced it was them. I noticed they left me alone when I was posting positive plays, but when I made fun of 4 blown John Sterling calls in the span of a week, it was over.
  5. Check out my new Twitter handle. <---------
  6. Remember on the last page, when I told gump that I talked to Mike in Montclair? He was with Frank. They are best friends. Frank called me and put Mike on the phone. Again, if I didn't post Mike's clips, these people would not spit on me. I think that's hilarious.
  7. So, about this... I Francesa'd myself, I'm afraid. What happened was, someone started a fake SportsFunhouse account, with an underscore between the two words. He fooled a lot of people. A lot of people who meant a lot to me were following him, believing I was back. I had to make myself known before it got out of hand. So THEN, the first 600 people or so who re-followed me said "Glad you're back... we missed you and we love the Mike clips!" The people have spoken. If I want to be on Twitter, I'm in the Mike Francesa business... like it, or not.
  8. I can't really talk about it. Someone at the Post is snooping in on my account, and they should be chasing their tail by morning.
  9. Thanks brother. I'm in a tough spot. I'm getting followers back by the truckload, and they are all expecting Francesa audio. Ughhhh. I'm not even sure if it was MLB or CBS radio (aka WFAN) who got my account shut down. They were very vague.
  10. New Twitter. I'll follow back anyone in this thread. Just lemme know it's you.
  11. I can't believe I started this thread 11 years ago. Where does the time go...
  12. I've already started up another account. I want to lay low for awhile, but my posting style (HQ clips) should give it away pretty quickly. If you click on whichever sports-related hashtag is trending, chances are my clip will be one of the first ones... starting tonight. The upside is that I'll never have to listen to Francesa's show again. It's truly awful. I want to go in a different direction. I've deleted everything Mike-related from my computer. Times change.
  13. Thanks, but I never left.
  14. Why didn't you tell me that was you? Some good stuff on your page, congrats.
  15. Hell yeah. 22.3K followers in about two years of active tweeting. Confirmed that I was doing something right. I could start up another account tomorrow and have tons of the followers come back again once everyone knew that it was me. But what's the point. If I post the things I want to post, it will just get shut down again. Rats are gonna rat... it's what rats do.