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  1. Any predictions for Parker's numbers this week with Gilmore being glued to him all afternoon? Gilmore just gave up his first TD of the season when John Brown ran him in circles.
  2. I had to move my operation to Twitter because Tanner ran me out of here. He's very mean.
  3. Any of you guys active on Twitter? Post your handle. I haven't been around in awhile.
  5. I rep my three favorite shows in my header, including BB.
  6. Thanks. Getting the voice of the Yankees to have a meltdown on Twitter was the highlight of my year so far.
  7. Ha, no. That was never my intention. I did start selling one t-shirt because people asked for it.
  8. *In spite of Skyler and Marie being the two most annoying people in the history of television.
  9. It's impossible to overstate how great this show was. I have it on all day while I'm working. Instead of starting yet another new and boring series on Netflix, I always end up watching this for the millionth time.