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  2. I had to move my operation to Twitter because Tanner ran me out of here. He's very mean.
  3. Any of you guys active on Twitter? Post your handle. I haven't been around in awhile.
  5. I rep my three favorite shows in my header, including BB.
  6. Thanks. Getting the voice of the Yankees to have a meltdown on Twitter was the highlight of my year so far.
  7. Ha, no. That was never my intention. I did start selling one t-shirt because people asked for it.
  8. *In spite of Skyler and Marie being the two most annoying people in the history of television.
  9. It's impossible to overstate how great this show was. I have it on all day while I'm working. Instead of starting yet another new and boring series on Netflix, I always end up watching this for the millionth time.
  10. I've grown weary of angry, aggressive, inebriated Fiona. Bring back carefree, naked Fiona.