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  1. The Japanese Babe Ruth. It would only make sense for him to land in the Bronx.
  2. "Are you gonna be comfortable with casual racism?" might be the greatest line ever.
  3. This is an incredible 1991 SI exposé on the grimy tout industry. I hate Rick Reilly, but man can he write. Hope everyone is well.
  4. You look like a Puerto Rican whore.
  5. RIZZO Which manager do you side with? They both speak with such conviction.
  6. How dumb is Mad Dog Russo? THIS dumb.
  7. Yeah, it's a chore listening to him.
  8. TRAILER Words can't describe how pumped up I am for this. I can't see it doing well nationally, however. There have to be millions of people who have no earthly idea who Mike and the Mad Dog are. But it will do ridiculous numbers in New York. I wasn't 100% sure about this until they broke up, but it was definitely Mike who carried the duo. Dog is a buffoon, completely unlistenable solo. Between the tennis talk and malaprops and mispronunciations, it's rough. And everything is a "scenario." He just strikes me a guy who is not terribly bright, but he was in the right place at the right time. Mike can be challenging to listen to, also. Trust me. But for all of the mundane crap I put up with, it's worth it for the occasional GOLD, when he erupts at callers, or blatantly lies, or just does something outrageously stupid. Browse the media tab on my Twitter page for dozens and dozens of examples. But with this being a football board, I'll start you off with this.
  9. That was a smooth hit. The only thing worse was having ancient, sickly Bacala Sr. try to whack Mustang Sally.
  10. Did we ever settle this?
  11. There will never be another Ernie.
  12. Gut feeling. I've listened to him forever. It was just a stupid thing to say. We've all been there.
  13. I hope I didn't get him fired. I thought it was a fairly shocking comment. Now it's everywhere and he's getting killed. People are calling for him to be fired and saying he's racist. He's not racist. It was a dumb, lazy comment.
  14. Very few horse-face chicks are hot. It's a proven fact. But Amanda Crew is hot as hell.
  15. Thought you old-school guys might enjoy this. Facenda brings the chills. (SportsFunhouse = me)