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  2. You guys need to follow me live-tweeting about this moron M-F. He just "broke" the 2-hours-old Rondo news.
  3. Sadly, no. He doesn't watch sports.
  4. That one went even better than I expected.
  5. I have a question and I'm not even sure if it's going to make sense. If a Canon EOS 5D took a picture which is 18mb in size, what does that roughly translate to in terms of resolution?
  6. BB marathon on now, yo.
  7. Ha, thanks. But I didn't go anywhere. I still lurk pretty much daily, but don't post a lot. I'm a full-time Twitter guy now. Nobody there will censor me.
  8. Do not miss. This is coming up on Real Sports in a bit.
  9. Bonus clip: On Tuesday, Princeton had absolutely no shot. The next day, they absolutely have a shot. Embarrassing.
  10. Bird on Bird crime.