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  1. I've heard good things.
  2. I'm always here in spirit. Hope everyone is having a profitable season.
  3. CAL's defense is stellar.
  4. Rosen's got the Heisman locked down.
  5. Can't believe how much I look forward to this show every Sunday. I hope they don't blow it.
  6. Sucks. Seemed like a very decent man. RIP.
  7. Chris Sale thinks Janice Soprano is hot.
  8. Just when you thought being a White Sox fan couldn't get more embarrassing.
  9. The motherload of streams. Choose your game on the sidebar, or go to the homepage and all of them will load. ETA: I strongly advise a pop-up blocker.
  10. Thanks pal. I'll be around to post the Sharps report and to steal plays from those who are good at gambling.
  11. Sorry for the intrusion. You can't go home again. Be well, all.