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  1. "You're black!" I love him not making eye contact after pointing out that it's difficult for him.
  2. Without a doubt he did. He was sitting on it.
  3. Best call in a long time.
  4. If anyone didn't like the episode tonight, then just move on to another show. This was brilliant. Larry driving past the school bus with "Blow Me" on his window... I nearly passed out.
  5. Damn you. Bumping this thread is the only reason I came here today.
  6. Nice. I just made them last weekend. I really gotta be motivated to make them. Tons of work and a lot of cleanup. I've also been using the "meatloaf mix" lately (beef/pork/veal) for the meatballs instead of just beef. Both ways are good.
  7. She's been far less annoying than she used to be. Gotta be fair.
  8. No chance. He's too big to take a radio gig. And he'd have to move to NY.
  9. Don't worry, they'll find 5 or 6 backs off the street to play ahead of Mack.
  10. I would think it's Chud's call.
  11. Needed 3 points from this stiff to win. Got 1.8. Right back to waivers.
  12. Yes, I wanted to get rid of CC three years ago. This rebirth is hard to believe. Guess it takes time to learn how to pitch instead of just blowing hitters away
  13. Thanks, but my playing days are behind me.
  14. That entire courtroom scene was LOL funny.
  15. My favorite part was Larry counting the steps he took vs. the steps Richard Lewis took.