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  1. Do not miss. This is coming up on Real Sports in a bit.
  2. Bonus clip: On Tuesday, Princeton had absolutely no shot. The next day, they absolutely have a shot. Embarrassing.
  3. Bird on Bird crime.
  4. Some guy squatted on my old account and he's selling boner pills. So there's that.
  5. Ha, I'll give you the short version. The guys on WEEI in Boston in the afternoon love making fun of Francesa, and they use my clips.... just about every day during the Final Drive segment which begins at 5:45 ET. Anyway, they are always cool about giving me a plug, but the old handle was incredibly clumsy to say. "R N s underscore Funhouse". @SportsFunhouse simplified things for them. Easier to remember too.
  6. Yeah, that's my account. I switched it from RN'sFunhouse to SportsFunhouse. I got tired of answering "What does RN stand for?"
  7. I'm not familiar with that word.
  8. Browsed the thread quickly. Very surprised that almost all of you hated the show. It wasn't a masterpiece by any means, but it was enjoyable. I'm pissed there's no season 2. Maybe I liked it because there was a bunch of Sopranos actors in it... the guys who played Coco, Benny, Eugene, Richie, Jason Parisi, Little Paulie and Artie.
  9. Probably my favorite Sammy scene.