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  1. I can spot talent.
  2. Checkmate. If you don't want to take it from me, take it from Troy Aikman.
  3. This guy is trash.
  4. Watch out, guys. That Hankmoody fella is gonna yell at you for being so negative. Could you imagine next week in New England? My God, it would be 77-0. GREAT step forward this year... get Carr healthy and big things will come in '17.
  5. Denial. It's over.
  6. Would you guys rather talk about Rusty?
  7. My only wish at this point is for a quick, painless, not-too-humiliating defeat in Houston next week. The heart and soul has been ripped out of this team.
  8. I intercepted Randall Cunningham.
  9. Nothing I love more in CFB than seeing little Bobby getting humiliated. Maybe he'll walk out on Louisville too.
  10. Lots of thick bums there.
  11. Hottest chick ever on BB. Gotta be Walt's principal Carmen, no?
  12. Wolverine Nation got a hold of this and now it's catching fire on the Tweeter machine... LOL. I love stirring #### up.