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  1. ABORT!
  3. Man, I don't know how you can eat the Blazin' sauce. I had the 2nd-hottest sauce and I was dying. Just smelling it clears out your sinuses.
  4. I was going to debate you on this, but the period convinced me.
  5. I don't understand. Mine wasn't well done at all. I still would have told them to take it off of the bill. Don't pay for something you hated.
  6. That's not a food problem. That's a cook problem. Why not send it back?
  7. Their fries were shockingly good. Crisp, flavorful and piping hot. 3 for 3. It seems hard to screw that up, but so many places do.
  8. For example, the smoked brown sugar wings at Smokey Bones are a billion times better. Those are perfection, as far as chain food goes.
  9. I suppose the quality varies from location to location, but they were just... wings. I was underwhelmed.
  10. Yeah, they paid me big bucks to say their wings suck.
  11. I was pretty drunk, so my rating system may be skewed a bit, but it was a friggin great burger. Thick, cooked perfectly, pickles onions, lettuce, pepper jack cheese and a buttered, grilled roll. Going back again just for that. And because the bartender was an absolute smokeshow.
  12. We had our draft at BWW the other night. I had never been there before. No lie... maybe the best burger + fries combo I've ever had. Oddly enough, their wings sucked.
  13. John 'Fantasy Guru' Hansen was on the Dan Patrick show today. Guess who his "Sleeper WR of the Year" is?
  14. Robbie Hummel. 11 years at Purdue.