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  1. Maybe, but Spiller will be lined in the slot when Fred is in the backfield, and will see screen passes, dump offs, and the motion hand off play.
  2. Fitzpatrick is the only reason they've been competitive in games. I can't possibly imagine the Bills are dumb enough to sit a guy that's performing as well as any QB in the league right now.If he isn't the long term answer, then I don't mind it. Who cares if the Bills are 3-13 or 0-16. I'm sick og going 7-9 or 6-10 and blowing the first round pick on some position we don't need. I like Fitz, but is it a coincidence he hasn't held down a starting spot in the league until 3 weeks ago? If he was really that super special, would Trent Edwards have beat him out. Of course, that was the coaches decision, or so we've been told.Anyways, I still would like to see Brohm, because of the accuracy and arm issue.