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  1. I could start Lamar Miller vs. CIN tonight, or Bolden vs. PIT sunday. .5ppr I got Miller penciled in right now although I don't like the matchup or usage of him. Bolden has been serviceable but you never know with Belichek's game plan what his plans are for players on game day. Not pretty choices but could use every point I could get this week. Thanks
  2. Noticing that too. has it at 2 rec. -9 yds after his fumble
  3. 12 team .5ppr league. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE QB-Ryan RB-Forte, Miller, Mendenhall, Snelling, Mcgahee, Bolden WR- AJ Green, Colston, James Jones, Hopkins, Marlon Brown, Harvin TE-Finley, Fleener Only thing holding me back is the offense James Jones is in. I know he's the 4th option, but the 4th option is that offense can be great...but can also disappear some games. Could really use some input from people on the outside looking in, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Micheal Bennett, DLineman...neck injury
  5. Hate to break it to you but the Dbacks organization isn't the epitome of classy either Maybe they should try filling the stadium with their own fans.
  6. Just stumbled upon this thread. First off, T&P as you go through this. My father had Lymphoma. Been in remission for the last 6, almost 7 years. He's a bit older so some health issues arose after his chemo and radiation (RLS) but other than that lives a pretty normal life, healthy life. Wishing you the best
  7. Why is no one tending to that guy? As described on Reddit, when there is a disaster, a triage is set-up. Usually they catergorize the people in 3 ways 1. Those injured who don't have life threatening injuries 2.Those seriously injured who will survive with the help of medical attention 3. Those who probably cannot survive even with help of medical attention So basically disregard 1&3 until 2 is getting proper medical treatment I'm assuming thats what is going on. Hope he pulls through
  8. I wish I knew more about the electronics of USB. I remember hearing the Iken vendor had ruined his PC using passthrough and I've not ventured beyond regular carts. I've also wondered whether you could fry the chip in a car. I also heard stories about them ruining PCs. I have one I got with my starter kit a long time ago but haven't used it for that reason
  9. SPM is what I look at when comparing player skill. I'm glad that has been implemented as it makes all players worry about things that help the team and not just kills.I agree. Most of us could have a 5+ k/d if We wanted but our SPM would be low 200.I disagree somewhat. I think its really important but it also says something about the average connection and game type that you play in. I've probably played 75% of my games with either a Primetime or Smoke/Cardfan party leader and there is just no way I can play balls out and be effective in that set-up. Also, anyone who plays groundwar often is gonna have a higher SPM than someone who never goes there.League play will boost your SPM.
  10. Think you're talking about Hardpoint. The locations on the map are the same each time. Really fast-paced game type
  11. I think the math is all f'd up. I'm at 347 on Elite, 325 on the game. Cardfan and Whitem0nkey rave about the FAL on select fire, but I'm hearing it has a pretty low fire it horribly disadvataged in CQ fights?I haven't been on Elite yet but I don't think the in game stats update every game like Blops 1. It had me at like 345 SPM but my emblem was still at prestige 1 emblem in the barracks when I was on prestige 2
  12. Yeah, those guys had crappy KD's but had that map slums locked down. Shock charges and gaurdians completely eliminated some routes to the B flag. Very annoying to play against but I gotta hand it to them...great tactic to win
  13. It was not last night.Yeah, its still showing 100 when I kill someone.It will still show the normal score in the game. After the game is when they will double your score. They did this because of the scorestreak system in blops 2 or else everyone would be getting their score streak super fast if it gave them double xp in game