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  1. Why is no one tending to that guy? As described on Reddit, when there is a disaster, a triage is set-up. Usually they catergorize the people in 3 ways 1. Those injured who don't have life threatening injuries 2.Those seriously injured who will survive with the help of medical attention 3. Those who probably cannot survive even with help of medical attention So basically disregard 1&3 until 2 is getting proper medical treatment I'm assuming thats what is going on. Hope he pulls through
  2. I wish I knew more about the electronics of USB. I remember hearing the Iken vendor had ruined his PC using passthrough and I've not ventured beyond regular carts. I've also wondered whether you could fry the chip in a car. I also heard stories about them ruining PCs. I have one I got with my starter kit a long time ago but haven't used it for that reason
  3. SPM is what I look at when comparing player skill. I'm glad that has been implemented as it makes all players worry about things that help the team and not just kills.I agree. Most of us could have a 5+ k/d if We wanted but our SPM would be low 200.I disagree somewhat. I think its really important but it also says something about the average connection and game type that you play in. I've probably played 75% of my games with either a Primetime or Smoke/Cardfan party leader and there is just no way I can play balls out and be effective in that set-up. Also, anyone who plays groundwar often is gonna have a higher SPM than someone who never goes there.League play will boost your SPM.
  4. Think you're talking about Hardpoint. The locations on the map are the same each time. Really fast-paced game type
  5. I think the math is all f'd up. I'm at 347 on Elite, 325 on the game. Cardfan and Whitem0nkey rave about the FAL on select fire, but I'm hearing it has a pretty low fire it horribly disadvataged in CQ fights?I haven't been on Elite yet but I don't think the in game stats update every game like Blops 1. It had me at like 345 SPM but my emblem was still at prestige 1 emblem in the barracks when I was on prestige 2
  6. Yeah, those guys had crappy KD's but had that map slums locked down. Shock charges and gaurdians completely eliminated some routes to the B flag. Very annoying to play against but I gotta hand it to them...great tactic to win
  7. It was not last night.Yeah, its still showing 100 when I kill someone.It will still show the normal score in the game. After the game is when they will double your score. They did this because of the scorestreak system in blops 2 or else everyone would be getting their score streak super fast if it gave them double xp in game
  8. Double XP starts today for people who pre-ordered the game Just redeem the codes for nuketown2025 that came with the game and you should be good to go
  9. So, give me some good juice recommendations. The last couple times I've been ordering from Mister E-liquid. My favorite place to get my juice...but then again I've only tried a couple places since I started vaping. I'll recommend Mister E-Liquid's "Grey Matter". Can't quite put my finger on the flavors and the description of it keeps you guessing also. It is very good though. Good throat hit, vapor and flavor. Also "Green Dragon" is good as well. I just ordered these two flavors today. The first time I ordered little bottles as testers and immediately wish I ordered the bigger bottles. I've also tried their "bubblegum" flavor. Did taste about as close to bubblegum as a juice can get and it was pretty good but got tired of it and didn't re-order it. "Green Van"- good flavor of wintergreen and Vanilla, hence the name. More wintergreen than vanilla. All the juice I got was 18mg nicotine and 33% VG custom blend I'm looking for a good coffee flavor. If any of you have a favorite let me know
  10. Wondering if I should stash him until rosters expand or pick up Brett Anderson? Thoughts?
  11. I recently got these which were a big improvement over the first generation. They don't leak a drop and you can buy replacement atomizers for like $1.50 instead of replacing the whole clearomizer.And kudos to whoever first recommended the Twist. Finally got me off V4L and I couldn't be happier. Works great and not nearly as expensive as most of the other mods. Vape on dudes! That would be trogg and DesertDawg I believe. Thanks for this link. My clearomizer burnt out pretty quick, and I went by to see about replacing it but the person I work with wasn't there so I'm using the old tanks in the meantime. Battery's a definite winner though. Turned a friend of mine onto the new system and she's finally quit!! I was really bummed when my clearomizer burned out so quick but hers is holding well heading into week 4 right now and she's at the "Gotta Quit" point so it's good we've got a local dealer for immediate repairs if necessary. This system gives a better throat hit which I think I was missing before--but I think the liquids I like are also milder than others and partly to blame for that. If you're ever stuck without a fresh tank a simple cleaning is all it takes to tide you over until your new supplies come in the mail, or you may even find you can hold off all together ordering new clearomizers. It's pretty much like a fresh clearomizer. Not sure how many times you could do this but you can save a few bucks here and there with this method. I tried this method and I couldn't tell the difference between a brand new one and the old one I cleaned. I even used different juice flavor.
  12. Since he wasn't on the 40 man roster to begin he won't be available until after his first start I've been reading. Just like Matt Harvey. Now I'm not sure if he'll be available once his games starts or sometime after the game finishes
  13. Picking up Cain is a good idea, dropping Bryce is not.It's a non-keeper league. There is just a lot more production sitting on the waiver wire compared to his .260 BA I feel but you may be right. Just hard to watch the recent 1-5 and 0-4 nights.
  14. Very tempted to drop Harper and pick up Cain or somebody of the like
  15. just click X on the ad boxes Heres the channel for prelims Prelims Thanks. Any links for the PPV fights?same site. Might be a different channel though not sure. The home page is pretty easy to navigate and find what you're looking for