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  1. That's not even close. Early Journey is still fantastic. Schon's guitar work is outstanding even when Journey went too close to cheesy.
  2. Went with Long Long Way but have never liked Foreigner. As the list shows, they put out a decent amount of rememberable songs but they all sound very similar to me. I get bored with their songs quickly and its tough to make it though one song.
  3. Eating breakfast with daughter and getting ready to hit the gym.
  4. What was the purpose of this pairing? Why Anna vs. Brit? Why not stick to pop star vs. pop star such as Brit vs. Katy Perry or to try to keep the match closer in era, such as Brit vs. Jessica Simpson? Im a big fan of Jessica.
  5. Your plan is working for you. But, you are dedicated and have made a life change to diet and exercise. Most people go on a diet thinking short-term and don't think about changing their eating/drinking habits forever.
  6. Someone wants some time away. The answer is Anna and it's not close. Brit is attractive but Anna is actually hot. Very hot.
  7. Weight training can beat up the body. It's good to take time off from the weights every 6-8 weeks to let your body heal
  8. Hanging with my daughter In the living room as we wake up. She is on her iPad playing a game similar to Frogger. Reminds that Frogger was a simple yet fun game. I'm going to eat a healthy breakfast in a few minutes and then head to my folks to pressure wash their house.
  9. We are back to complaining about the new board and how the old board was better. The old board was more fun and interesting but it's gone. This is the new PC era and it's tough to get used after all the years of talking freely. Eventually, the new board will feel normal.
  10. It would take a lot for me to uproot my family. Essentially, I would need a job to uproot my family. In your scenario, I voted for 40% with the assumption that you are making at least $100k. I would at least kick it around for that increase.
  11. This a valid question but I assume that the OP is trying to help. What does she want to do? What interests her? Once you two figure out what she wants to do, you may want to work together to form a plan that includes some school or formal training.