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  1. Pretty sure that wouldn't be the game plan in a closer game. Not that it makes sense to run into a wall over and over and over.
  2. A healthy Nelson had potential but those injuries must be taking a toll since Ateman has never really looked special to me. But, I love the youth movement.
  3. I was concerned when I saw the thread title but now I see there is nothing to worry about.
  4. Please don't get our hopes up. I have to start Howard this week. I'm hoping for anything above a goose egg.
  5. The NFL had enough of Burfict and made sure they had evidence to get him off the field. While he deserved his punishment, the bigger issue is the lack of flags for similar hits and lack of additional punishment for similar hits. We want consistency and when that doesn't happen, we feel as though the Raiders were singled out. But, the lack consistency in the NFL is all over the place, not just unnecessary roughness calls. The PI calls and reviews are a total joke. The NFL somehow made the horrible PI call situation from the Saints game last year worse.
  6. He was way off but let's see how Jones looks after a couple of weeks. The Raiders need a decent WR and deserve a break after the personnel issues so far this season.
  7. I don't know that Green is done but he makes more sense than crazy AB ever did. Not sure what Green would cost and I'm a bigger fan of draft picks than older players for this young team.
  8. MFP works well for total calories taken in each day. I have found MFP to be the easiest way to track calories. The macros are included in most of the entries but for most of us, the macros don't matter. We need to eat less and move more.
  9. Still a talented team. Not sure what happened to the D but the O needs to continue to have everything flow through Chubb. Targeting OBJ 8 times/game should be mandatory. He is a great WR. Use him.
  10. We are grabbing Duke? Isn't he the number 3 WR in Buffalo?
  11. This is the kind of move I really like. The Raider WR Corp has been thin all season and thinner since Williams went down. Jones is young and worth the roll of the dice with a 5th round pick.