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  1. This is the band that I was surprised wasn’t represented yet many, many pages ago. Surprised that this is the album chosen.
  2. My acoustic duo does Fade into you. There actually a lot of songs on our set list from this list which makes sense since we are trying to play popular songs. There are a few songs though that I wouldn’t have ever thought about covering and this is one of them. The first obstacle is that I’m a dude singing the song. Honestly, I only vaguely remembered it from back in the day but it’s amazing how many people seem to know the song. That is one cool woman though. I love cool women.
  3. No kidding. I definitely can’t get stuff done and sleep and keep up. I missed the dang Slap Shot discussion?! Love the Hanson brothers. Just put an offer on another house, going to help my dad plant his garden and then help a bud with some electrical work. Then I will need to read pages of this thread to catch up. Ugh. You guys are exhausting. The great music is worth every minute.
  4. Wow. Never expected this to show up on here. This is definitely NOT for everyone. It is brutal doom and gloom which is probably why I love Type O. I was hooked as soon as I heard this album on the radio. I caught them just as they were getting airplay and starting to break. I was living in south FL at the time and drug my girlfriend to this small, dark, bar to see them. It was hotter than hell and I’m pretty sure she felt that was right where she was. She was miserable. She didn’t make the cut. The band was scary. The crowd was scarier. Steele was a really tall dude and looked like all limbs and hair. This is my favorite Type O album but of the 6 albums that I own, it’s probably only third best. I can’t imagine anyone is going to draft any more from this artist but I won’t say anymore.
  5. Nice to see the Blue album and White Stripes taken back to back. Those are on my list of 30 albums.. My vote from the peanut gallery for Weezer songs: Say it ain’t so - enjoy the melodic solo over the messy riff My name is Jonas - it rocks
  6. The egos on some of these musicians is annoying and hilarious. It’s well known that Vinnie was a huge jerk and impossible to deal with. Dudes that could shred were dime a dozen in the 80s. He’s lucky to get as far as he did.
  7. Jimmi, the second Salty singer, ran sound for my crappy cover band in the early 2000s. He was always a nice guy but seemed pretty burnt. No idea what happened to him after that since I left that scene a few years later. I still listen to Slaughter, VVI, Dirty Looks, etc. The first Looks album is actually quite good if you are into 80s hard rock.
  8. At least both Chargers games each season will continue to be home games.
  9. You beat me to this. And another poster beat me to saying that. Maiden is incredible live. I was blown away in the mid 80s and every time that I saw them after. I grew up with Live after Death but Rock in Rio is even better. Fear of the Dark is a better live song than studio song. The energy of the show makes that song soar.
  10. Let me rephrase that. The songs are good on the albums but better live. I didn’t get Alice until I saw him live. Last time I saw him, he opened for Crue. Cooper made the trip to the show worthwhile.
  11. Ever catch him live? Great performer and always has a great band. The studio isn’t where he shines.