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  1. Bell and AB are great players and the Steelers are a better team with their talent. But, the Steelers made the right moves letting Bell and AB go. They offered Bell a great contract and paid AB really well recently. They didn't want to be in Pittsburgh and money wasn't going to solve that problem any longer. There may be serious issues In Pittsburgh with Ben and/or Tomlin. Time will tell.
  2. Warren is going to get a shot but the Raiders will likely draft a RB in the first 3 rounds that becomes the starter. Well, starter in a committee with Richard.
  3. That is how most federal budgets are constructed. They are allotted money for certain items such as new office furniture, phones, or computers. They have to spend the money specifically as the budget is written. If they need a new building surveillance system but are budgeted for office furniture, they cannot shift the money where it is needed. Instead, the money allotted for new office furniture that is not needed is spent anyway so that it looks like their budgets are correctly forecast and so that more money can be obtained in the future. Real estate is another huge issue for the Feds.
  4. Egg whites are a little boring but throw some pepper or hot sauce on them and they work.
  5. Carr's deep ball hasn't looked good. We are going to know exactly how good Carr is after a few games if the Oline holds up. The Oline is a concern.
  6. Sanders looks like a good but not great RB. He would have to end up in a very good situation to stand out.
  7. I'm So Tired isn't really much of a song. If you kick off your segment with that, you won't have anyone listening. It will be nobody reading your write ups all over again. Im in big favor of a Ringo Shocase!
  8. Got promoted in January this year. I work in a different office than my new boss, who was hired 6 months ago. I have not talked to him one on one over the phone yet but We do exchange an email or two each week. And, we did talk face to face this week during a dept meeting at the corporate office. That isn't necessarily bad, even if it is odd. However, what is bad is my boss changes his mind on what he wants from projects continuously. For example, I'm told to write a program containing X and Y. When I finish and present it, he says I should have built it containing X and Z. I revise the program as instructed but when I present it, I am told it should have contained X and Y! I have a few projects going on and each of them is going through this My team and I are getting nothing finished even though we are working tons of hours He does this to everyone that works for him and they are all miserable. He is also rude and yells at some of his people during conference calls. I have never seen a senior leader act so unprofessionally. There is no way he lasts very long so I think that I can outlast him I was promoted when my last boss quit after working for psycho after 3 months. My last boss was a great guy and told me the horror stories about psycho but I didn't think it would be this challenging.
  9. I'm with you. Seems like a decent overpayment for Williams.
  10. Oh, the horror. What a shame we are not going to witness more of her acting.
  11. A few days ago I stated that the Browns are winning the AFC N and I was was pretty confident in my remark. I was told to cool my jets or pump the breaks. Well, guess what? I'm really confident that the Browns are winning the AFC N now. This team is stacked!