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  1. Carr should be a low end WR1 against a soft Browns pass D. One negative could be windy, cold, and rainy weather.
  2. It’s been a rough season for injuries. Every RB and WR on my roster has missed games and we are only at the season midpoint. I don’t ever recall that happening in my 20 years playing this miserably game. Every team is going through it so you must work the WW every week. Never be content with your roster. If you have a chance to upgrade your WR5, do it since he could be in your lineup as your WR3 next week.
  3. Pretty bad limp leaving the field. Can’t imagine he’s back tonight. Hope it’s just a mild sprain and he only misses a game or two.
  4. Too high. No thanks. We need D line help but you can’t throw give up that much. This is a young team on its way up but not in the upper tier. Build it up wisely.
  5. Seems like Johnson is going to be iffy to play most weeks if not every week. There are many of those players and many of us have a few of them on our rosters. Makes setting line ups just a bit more challenging.
  6. Agreed. I’m trading Stafford in this week. Detroit will not unleash Stafford so why not roll the dice on Tua. Be patient though. He may not throw for 300 yards his first game.
  7. That’s still impressive considering the state of the Oline and WRs. I can’t bring myself to roster him because I don’t know how is actually putting up numbers. However, Fulgham, the WR that stumbled into the starting role looks to be legit. Other weapons are returning. Maybe he is a buy low candidate for a couple of weeks down the road.
  8. I thought it was a close contest when games matter but Foles isn’t going to carry a team to the games that matter. Wentz is playing very well with very little help. I’m not sure it’s sustainable but Wentz is carrying that O.
  9. I’m having the same thoughts. I really thought Jeudy was going to be the rookie WR that made the earliest impact in the NFL. I was wrong and it’s time to move on. Denver doesn’t have a QB. I’m in a small league with short benches but I’m looking at Aiyuk, Higgins, Sheperd, And A.J. Green. That is my order at the moment.
  10. That is a boring O being wasted by a great D. Not sure of the problem on O but lack of talent is a big part. The lucky wins hid the big faults but if the losses pile up, the coaching staff will be in the cross hairs.
  11. I hope AB goes across the middle and gets blasted out of his cleats. I don’t want to be injured permanently or anything but hope it is enough for him to want to stay off the field forever.