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  1. The Raiders never learn. This went south sooner than I thought though. I thought Brown would last a few weeks and go off the rails around week four or five when the Raiders are winless and Brown is without a touchdown still. I still don't understand how a team that is building for the future thought this was a good idea. This is why some teams are good most seasons and others always struggle. It's all about management.
  2. It's preseason and our team is going to finish third at best in the AFC W. Sorry, it's tough to get excited. I still get irritated when there is talk about the lack of pass rush. We traded away the pass rush! Ferrell was a desperate move that is going to look worse as the season progresses.
  3. Garbage time will be great for Murray and possibly DJ. I have no plans to draft Murray this year but the sky is not falling.
  4. Amazing how Howard has stuck with many of us.
  5. Godwin is primed to have a great year. He is talented and moved up a couple of spots in the pecking order. Consider me part of the hype machine.
  6. We're all with you. Please start a new journey. The last one was over before it even started. I think that was potatoes a few weeks ago. Try something crazy. How about bread and water or salads and beer? Maybe just cereal or only fried chicken? Or, you could walk for 30-60 minutes a day and eat smaller meal portions while cutting out almost all booze and junk food. That seems boring and too simple to actually work though. We need a fad diet for the win.
  7. I don't know the reason either. And, I guess it doesn't matter. What matters is the actual injury and recovery time.
  8. Cooper has always been a hard worker even when he was unhappy in Oakland. I doubt he showed up to camp out of shape.
  9. This may be the beginnings of Oat's latest diet craze:. The Impossible Diet.
  10. I have been working from home for the last few years when I'm not traveling and I love it. I wish I had started doing it years earlier.
  11. I wasn't a big caffiene drinker so it wasn't horrible. I drank two cups of coffee/day and a coke or Pepsi every day. I cut out the soda without any problem. Since stopping all caffiene at once can result in headaches, I cut the coffee back slowly. I was tired for a few weeks in the morning but it went away and I feel great all day. I will never go back.
  12. Just flew through Orlando in June. Wasn't bad at all compared to many other airports.
  13. I will elaborate. It was an extremely masculine skip. You probably cannot imagine the skip so don't bother trying. Most men run into their homes if they spot me skipping.
  14. Hang in there. We all go through tough times in life.
  15. I gave up caffeine about 5 years ago. That helped my BP and sleep. I have cut way back on alcohol in the last couple of years. Most weeks, I don't drink and if I do drink, it's only one. On special occasions every few months, I may have 3 drinks. My sleep improved and I dropped a couple of pounds. I walk the dog about one mile almost every morning. It's not much exercise but it's relaxing to be outside strolling. I only skip if it's raining, below 15 degrees, or I'm out of town for work. The dog won't let me skip easily at this point.
  16. Not sure that it matters. He doesn't seem elite or great but is a solid RB that should get a fair amount of touches. Those touches are important in today's RBBC NFL. In PPR leagues, he should be a low end RB1
  17. Putting important changes off until tomorrow is a huge mistake that many of us make. I have been very disciplined my entire life but I put improving my diet off until tomorrow for 6 months this year. Once you put that change off for one day, it is easy to put it off another day. It gets easier and easier to keep repeating until that day turns into weeks and months. We don't mean for it to happen but life is busy and the time just flies by. The point is to make the change immediately to avoid the tomorrow trap.
  18. Spending a ton of money on weddings is stupid. It's another racket. Why do wedding flowers cost so much? Why does a photographer get paid so much to shoot a wedding? This isn't complicated stuff. Suckers have fallen for over priced wedding stuff for many years and will continue because that is what is normal.
  19. Maybe "Wasting Money on Weddings Thread" would be more accurate.