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  1. This is one of the songs that I was going to offer in my three song contribution. I love the guitar solo. It isn't pretty but rather fits the song well with its angry frantic style. Great choice for the list.
  2. This is just a good, fun song that still holds up well to me.
  3. This. I didn't like young Tiger but am so glad that older Tiger won today. He has battled back from a lot, even if some of thos battles were his own doing. It's great TV when he is in the hunt. Hope his back holds up so we can continue enjoy watching greatness
  4. Can we get back to the nutty waitress? I would have gone back in to the restaurant and laid into the manager for doing such a poor job at running the restaurant. Everyone needs to speak up and report crappy service in an attempt to get it stopped. Seems like it gets worse every year.
  5. I guess it's because of when Sugarhill was introduced to me, but I love Apache and Sugarhill Gang. It makes no sense to me but I just go with it.
  6. Of course this 80s metal head still loves this song. And as already pointed out, the vocal range is damn impressive
  7. This is a great song. It still pops in my head and I find myself walking around my house singing "our house..."
  8. I will watch a little bit this weekend as my schedule allows. It is shaping up to be a beautiful day outside so I won't be watching much TV. When I do find some time to watch TV, I will watch the Masters over anything else though.
  9. The correct answer to the question is Dirty Harry. But, I prefer Clint in a few of the cowboy movies much, much more.
  10. Some of us will never forget. Montrose was ahead of their time with their straight ahead classic rock that stands up well decades later.
  11. Big fan of Ratt mostly due to DeMartini. Ratt's songs are cookie cutter hair metal with little to no substance (not that I'm complaining) but DeMartini has a very distinct guitar sound and style that I still love. I'm getting ready to work out. It's time to ratt and roll this evening.
  12. Highway to Hell is my favorite AC/DC album. It is packed full of classic songs and the songs that haven't been overplayed are the stars.
  13. I have never been into rap but this is still a really cool song and part of a fantastic album. I think I was 13 or 14 when this came out and this young metal head was blown away.
  14. I'm still playing along with my slow loss plan. Started at 205 and have been hovering around 200 for the past 2 weeks. Need to lose a couple of pounds this month to stay on track to get down to 195 by June 1.
  15. Love these threads but work is really busy and it is tough to catch up and enjoy the songs. Hopefully I can listen to some and find some new music to enjoy Carry on.
  16. It was a very entertaining thread even though it feels like a OHW list that was made by my father. Shoukd have just started a 60s and 70s OHW list since that is the obvious love.