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  1. Impressive memory. And I'd like to subscribe to his newsletter.
  2. Disc golfers are dreamers. It's part of the charm.
  3. I envision a world when disc golf will just be 'golf', and those snobs will be forced to refer to their past time as 'ball golf'.
  4. Course variety is definitely one of the attractions of this for sure. Where I live, we have 3 very strong courses within about a 15 min drive of my house, with a spattering of 4-5 more which are okay 9-hole tracks, sufficient for a quick afternoon run. Really looking forward to hitting some things farther away once we return to something akin to normal times. Courses north of Milwaukee look like they provide some challenges for sure, and I can't wait to get to Dellwood (southwest Chicago suburb) soon.
  5. Been playing since mid-July, and my only regret is I didn't discover this sport until I was 47 years old. One of the unexpected perks is I now buy a new disc each time my wife brings home yet another effing throw pillow. Nice to have a counter punch after all these years.
  6. It is great. One of those things you can learn pretty quickly and be decent, while still knowing there is still a huge amount of improvement to be made. I'm trying to get my son to be more interested, we'll see. That is surprising about no local courses. There are tons of them across my area, and before I started playing I had no idea. There is a great app called Udisc which makes it easy to find them. Another great feature: it's free to play at virtually all courses as well.
  7. So the Covid era has led me to the disc golf world, and I have to say it's been a great outlet in so many ways. Great exercise and a perfect way to get outside while social distancing. The people I've interacted with so far have been fantastic. There is a definite sub-culture of disc golfers who are 99% welcoming and chill about the sport. Demographically it definitely skews young, but feeling like the old man on the course hasn't dampened my enthusiasm at all. I play probably 5 times a week beginning in mid-July. I've become more and more interested in the sport as the months progress, from the history of it to the current tour and prominent players. I find myself watching YouTube videos constantly, both instructional and recordings of tour events. I also have visited about a dozen courses in my immediate area and am excited to visit courses farther afield at the first opportunity. I was stunned to not find a disc golf thread on these forums. Any other enthusiasts from the FBG realm? What do you throw? Where do you play?
  8. In many parts of the country, we did take decent measures for a few weeks. In other parts, we didn't. The virus has returned in both types of places, both in the U.S. and internationally. I don't think even with a Wuhan-style lockdown it would have made a difference over a few weeks.
  9. That's interesting. I've read that delayed cancer diagnoses and treatments are a global problem, perphaps that's not true. Question: to what do we attribute the greatest increases in excess deaths in the 25-44 age range? Per the CDC, that cohort has the largest increase.
  10. I look at Sweden as a viable comparison because I'm interested in what needs to be down now for the best path forward. Obviously N. Zealand, Australia, Japan, etc have better aggregate numbers. They did things right from the get go. But they aren't useful to compare to the U.S. because we have huge spread already, and they do not.
  11. Countries across the EU have had varying levels of restrictions since March, no question. And I'm sure neighbors eased things after the numbers went down, of course they did. But, Sweden relaxed them first, and in fact didn't enact many of those same restrictions at all. I simply don't understand when it's argued that 'Sweden is doing terribly'. They aren't. I'll agree they did terribly in the initial phase, because they didn't protect care homes, etc. Perhaps they didn't forsee just how massive this would be, much like NYC, who knows? Tegnell and others have admitted they made mistakes early on. But, I don't see how it's productive to say their method is wrong. You can't amend what has already happened, and the fact is throughout May, June, even July critics were saying they were headed for a new sh!tshow that simply never materialized. Things could change going forward, but I don't see how any person could say with a straight face the authorities in Sweden should have done anything different from mid-April through September. That's 5-6 mos of time their populace carried on in a less restrictive manner, and if they feel they have to enact harsher restrictions through the winter months, they are likely in a better position to do so.
  12. Agreed. Their deaths per million number hasn't really moved since June. They've admitted their approach right out of the gate was faulty. However, they've had the lighter restrictions for basically 6 months now and it's been fine. Cases are rising again, true. Obviously there is some seasonality involved here. Hopefully it won't become a massive issue. Perhaps they'll make localized changes if the data merits, but doesn't the 5 month stretch of good data prove, at least to some degree, they were correct in not enacting draconian measures?