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  1. Sorry for your loss Sho. And very good advice. Things can go downhill fast. Lost my mom last year. Two years ago she was healthy as a horse. Cancer. Bam bam bam. Gone.
  2. Thus shrinking his penis and hands. Make a lot of sense now.
  3. I wonder who first noticed it. Bannon probably. Christ guys....I just got those, they were for a party I'm throwing at the Kremlin next month.
  4. Russian flags in the CPAC. FBI not playing ball and Trump throwing a twitter fit. Trump still Bannon's beee hotch.
  5. I thought we were just trying to make the side opposed to us look like absolute morons as often and cleverly as possible.
  6. He's like Eddie Murphy's dad from Delirous. I'll kick him. Then I giggle my mother ####### ### off.
  7. People don't even know their own flag from the Russian flag. Many of these people at CPAC? Or maybe they knew. Not sure which is worse.
  8. Putin and his ilk must be absolutely giddy right now.