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  1. True. But we are where we are now. I think Obamacare was simply the precursor to socialized medicine. I don't recall any countries moving to socialize medicine and then moving back. We are not so different than every other country in terms of health care. So I think eventually we end up there. I think it's manifest destiny. And I think that's a good thing. I could see the Republicans continuing their ineptitude at trying to stem the flow left on medicine. I don't see how they can do it. They are fighting to save buggy whip manufacturers here. Medicine is so different than it was in 1970. It's moved forward and the cost is simply out of control. I think they continue to have no answers (because there aren't any answers that move this back to the right) and now they've taken ownership. You can't save money at this point without dropping a ton of people. They are going to really give some big segments of people the shaft to save money. And it won't work. Insurance will exploit it. They won't allow you to save money. They will go after every penny...always. I think this singular issue will hurt Republicans to the point where we see a Democrat controlled Congress and Presidency in 2020 or 2024. At that point, I'd imagine we will move towards a system similar to Canada. What does 25 million fewer people with insurance mean over a 4 year or 8 year span. It's not the hill to die on for Republicans. I bet the minute they won everything they were like "oh crap." No way to hide and criticize anymore. Now they have the tiger by the tail. Now what? Well, you are seeing now what. It's a political nightmare.
  2. All that was Happening well before Obamacare.
  3. WHo do you book through? Is that including air-fare?
  4. I really think the main reason many people hate it so much is because it's called Obamacare. 8 years of right wing propoganda has led many people instantly reject anything with the name Obama in it. It's very base and primal. It's literally something you could teach to Pavlov's dog. It's like his very name instigates a physical reaction. It's a scary phenomenon.
  5. I agree. There are people with no moral compass serving hamburgers, selling crack, living on welfare, living in mansions, running churches, breaking legs for the mob, building casinos, selling real estate, fixing cars, practicing medicine, you name it. My point agreed with yours. Not all cops are bad. Not all anything are anything. Painting with a broad brush is often very stupid. But I do think the police need bodycams to keep the honest guys honest. I guess if they are being paid by my taxes to protect me, I'd like them to be accountable and have my best interests in mind. What they do on their own time is on them. But what they do on my time, I'd like to know what I'm paying for. I also think politicians should wear them.
  6. You really think he has any qualms about putting his hand to God and lying? I don't. He will mysteriously die ala Kenneth Lay.
  7. I'm shocked I tell you. Shocked that bad people can become police officers.
  8. Cancer is the suck.
  9. Crap. Thoughts and prayers go out to him. A true American Hero.
  10. I said many. Not everyone. He asked where it started. That's where it started.
  11. God's honest truth? Barack Obama being black is at the root of it. Many people simply couldn't deal with it.
  12. I am so over left and right talking points. People are more important than talking points. ####! What is wrong with this country. When did we become....this whatever this is. It's gross.
  13. And the Republicans are going to take the blame. As they should. They had 8 years to come up with a replacement. They have nothing. It was all just political rhetoric.