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  1. Totally normal for a world leader to accuse the opposing party of being traitors.
  2. Of course not. But that's why the way they sold the tax cuts was so disingenuous. Of course the billionaires are going to just stick in their accounts forever.
  3. And also believe he's the Messiah in the flesh too. Also has bungalows.
  4. Now who is using fancy stats? It is lower right now today than it was one year ago.
  5. One thing I learned working for tips was that rich people are poor tippers. That's because they keep their money.
  6. What's crazy to me is that the Stock market just stopped growing immediately after Trump's Billionaire tax cuts started. Just stopped it in it's tracks. Hasn't really moved since.
  7. I’m not trying to say I speak for the public. Just my humble opinion and the reason I won’t vote for him in the primaries.
  8. What doesn't hold up? I'm sure I've read where he was asked to run against Trump last time. He chose not to do it. I don't know, that matters to me. I understand that as a father, he did what he had to do in the moment. But how many people have suffered because of Trump. Do you think we have as many deaths of detainees if Biden is President? We don't have Brett ####### Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice if Biden is President. That's for damn sure. We also don't have Gorsuch. So while I sympathize with him, and empathize with him, I felt he had his shot and chose not to take it. And thus, we have the Devil's Triangle guy on our Supreme Court for life. I wish he would have sucked it up and challenged Hillary.
  9. Save your shaming, seriously. Biden has his shot and passed.
  10. Favre played the day after his dad died. Same type of thing. The country really needed him. He chose himself and his family over the nation. It doesn't make him an awful person, just not the right person. I don't hate him for it or anything but on the other hand, he's a big part of the mess we are in. There are better options than a 70+ guy who inspired McConnell to screw Merrick Garland out of a justice seat. No thanks. Hard Pass. He couldn't muster the strength when needed. I know that sounds heartless, but it's just a fact.
  11. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. And the wheels on the bus go round and round. #### Biden. He had his chance and he turned his back on the country. He's literally the only person in the nation who the DNC would have allowed to be the candidate besides Hillary. And he chose not to do it. Bob Mueller should run.