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  1. There, finally caught what I was talking about on video. Gutless. Always was.
  2. We are going to attack them, just until we get everything figured out.
  3. Hit was a bit late and he did the "dead fish" thing at the end to land on Rodgers as hard as he could. A little dirty.
  4. So when do you guys figure Mueller will come forth with what he's found? Seems like he should have a lot of information by now.
  5. And Capers is STILL there somehow. Talk about unprepared.
  6. Dang and it felt like this team had the juice. Oh well, back to McCarthy saying we don’t is injuries as an excuse while using injuries as an excuse.
  7. Why isn’t Trump prosecuting Clinton I wonder.
  8. All time yes Today, no...because he’s hurt.
  9. Well, he does not like to be upstaged.
  10. I love this kind of thing.
  11. I'm STRONG! GRRRRRR....
  12. This thing certainly turns a lot of theory on their heads. Weird all the way around. And terribly sad.