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  1. I want all of them. Not a partial leak from team Trump.
  2. I bet you'd be surprised which way I lean.
  3. What if terrorists attacked, or a there was a flood. Or what about if there was a bear.
  4. Is there anyone who hasn't been shot by the cops?
  5. Same as it ever was. Let the excuses start. My personal favorite is "We don't use injury as an excuse...we need to work harder, implement the game plan, be consistent" - McCarthy every year.
  6. Is this clown still in the NFL?
  7. I get what you are saying. On the other hand, at what point do we stop coddling kids and teach them some real lessons on personal accountability. Should my kid get a free pass for acting like an ### if they didn't know it would get back to me? Good lesson for the kids here in my opinion. Be mindful of what comes out of your mouth. It's a crazy world we live in when a teacher records a bunch of kids talking to illustrate the theme of a classic novel, and pretty soon you are mentioning distributing child porn.
  8. I obviously don't know the guy. However, I understand human nature. He'd be wise to delete it before he or anyone else listened.
  9. Should the teacher not be allowed to stand outside the doorway and listen to the kids either? They said what they said. They weren't tricked. They just dropped the facade of civility towards this adult. They chose to do it. Sucks when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar but they made their bed. As far as the teacher listening. Of course he is going to listen. There will most likely be consequences too. But again, those kids made their bed. As for bathrooms, come on guy. That's totally different.
  10. Why is this not acceptable?
  11. Oh #### dude. Really? Blame the teacher for the kids being ### holes? No wonder kids are such a mess. What if a kid walks past a security camera?
  12. Some articles are so slanted, it's hard to tell anymore. I mean Alex Jones is constantly channeling Matt Foley.