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  1. Is that a Maga hat or something?
  2. And right now obstructionism and conspiracy theories are. Ruling the voting blocks.
  3. No. That's both sides. But the Republicans have really taken it to another level on allowing just absolutely anything goes with Trump. Any moral high capital they had has been spent. I mean Mar A Lago alone is something Alex Jones would have had a coronary over.
  4. Republicans don't care about anything as long as they win. And whine incessantly when the don't. Kind of like children that way.
  5. I pretty much watch the Packers. That's about it.
  6. What's wrong with Al Franken?
  7. Agreed. They are poison to the DNC.
  8. Gotta place it somewhere.
  9. Do people not see the distinction between taxes and forced payment to a private company? I thought you guys were all about the free market? Making people pay insurance is anything but free market.
  10. I think her meddling with the primaries simply confirmed how corrupt (which it was) the DNC was under her watch. Did that push people to the right? I bet it did. Who knows? Maybe Bernie beats Donald. But DWS made sure that didn't happen. So yeah I think her being a Hillary flunky had a lot to do with it.
  11. Meh, still highway robbery. You don't get to use your streets that you pay for in your town with your vehicle unless you pay Flo over here.
  12. My point is near the end, they were ordering test after test for no reason that had to do with her state. They were running up the score.
  13. Where's the cutoff for acceptability? 1000? 12500?
  14. How about purchasing a firearm? Should I need to pay to do that too?