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  1. The Fred Vinson for Ahman Green trade is a highly underrated move Wolf made. Green was the best Packers back of the Favre/Rodgers era by a good margin.
  2. You're right. The NFL seems much more tolerant of abusing women and kids than murdering them.
  3. Didn't this pretty much happen to the lineman last year, I think Dallas took him late or as a UDFA.
  4. After reading this I've changed my mind from my BPA mindset. I want 4 new corners on the squad before Monday morning.
  5. And I think this is how his constituents want it.
  6. I keep reading the title of this thread as: "Greg Allspice. "
  7. You've seen it all too clear.
  8. I'm not sure about any of them! Nobody is a sure thing.
  9. Thread title change? Rise, Fall, and Rise of the Soviet Union?
  10. I like the 30 minutes in the morning that I wake up before everyone else in the house. Every Saturday I get up early. Just to have that little bit of time before my life turns into a drama fest (wife and two daughters).
  11. Frankly, it's the opposite here. Can't even got outside without a winter jacket until May.
  12. I'm generally a BPA guy. So I'll be happy with any player that actually hits. That said .... I'd love some TJ Watt in Green Bay. As the great Ric Flair once said "WOOOOOOOOOO!"