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  1. Sure.
  2. I sure hope so. Electing Hillary is not a good thing. I blame the Republicans for being weak and confused.
  3. I wish Green Bay would call him.
  4. Is there a good way to play this remotely that anyone has actually used? I am thinking of starting a game up with a couple of my younger brothers like when we were teenagers but one lives in Colorado and the rest of us are in Michigan.
  5. I thought you wrote actor there, not anchor. Pretty much the same thing nowadays.
  6. We know how he feels about the Eagles.
  7. I guessed wrong. He's still not a very good player. Maybe I was wrong to question his character to that extent. However he does not show much courage on the field. Doesn't mean he's a faker I guess.
  8. I think he needs to do it, but if that's all he does, teams will solve it. I think this offense needs all hands on deck. I think that backs besides Montgomery need to deliver. We need contribution from Davis and whoever else they have. Jared Cooks and James Starks most likely won't be back until maybe the Redskins game. So they've got the Falcons, Colts, and Titans in the next three weeks. The Falcons are a tough test. They need to figure out what San Diego did in the third and fourth quarters and duplicate that. Julio could be in for a huge game. Freeman could hurt them as well but Coleman was the bigger concern. He most likely isn't playing. I think the Packers D can handle Freeman. Most likely they will use safeties to defend Julio and let the pass rush deal with Matt Ryan. I like that. Bosa had a nice game against them. I'm not worried about Indy really. They just don't scare me. I think that's a win. Tennessee should be a win as well. I would be nice to be sitting at 6-3 or even 7-2 after this stretch. I'd have a hard time thinking they miss the playoff if they finish the first 8 games with a 6-2 record. So this is a big game. Both in terms of standings, but also to see what the heck this Packers team really is this year.
  9. Many people are telling me this.
  10. Yes. Here's hoping he continues to play to the offenses strengths.
  11. Right, it's basic football 101. Draw the defense up by hitting them with jabs over and over, then bam!
  12. Season ending I assume.
  13. This was one of those "all hands on deck" performances where they responded well. Atlanta is going to be a hige challenge. I hope they can limit Julio ala Beckham and Alshon. Any word on Shields or -gulp- Randall?
  14. Packers record ROS? 6-4 or 5-5 I'd guess.