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  1. The city took it out and has control over who is allowed to use it.
  2. As we learned when it was rising, the president controls it. And only the president.
  3. I don’t know how I can stay in a house I can’t sleep in.
  4. Can I get a quick rundown? I’ve been driving all day.
  5. If Trumps economy takes a real ####, the Russian party is going to get destroyed in November.
  6. So reverse condemnation is basically suing the municipality if they make your home unusable by you. Correct?
  7. Those are fancy words. What is that?
  8. Rallying them is not as easy as you’d think.
  9. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  10. Sorry to hear that. You figure he voted for Trump?
  11. So we are still on course for impeachment in 2020 after he arrests the Supreme Court and murders the entire Senate? I highly doubt this ever comes to a head as it should...ending with Trump wearing and orange jumpsuit.
  12. It registered at 85 Decibels in the parking lot. Actually enough to startled you. I've convinced the city manager to stop over and listen for himself. I don't believe he's ever heard it before. BTW there were indeed seagulls on the building.
  13. I like it. I'm going to head over at lunch with my camera and my decibel meter.
  14. Meanwhile all the things he does that are illegal, they just say "We won mother####er! Wooo hoooo #MAGA"