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  1. Because he knew it wouldn’t be a political winner. He punted because he doesn’t know how to lead. Gutless.
  2. Putin playbook. Trump ain’t smart enough.
  3. To be honest, I’d expect nothing other than this from the right. They’ve shown long ago they will not be playing with any sense of tradition or honor. They play to win, period.
  4. So we finally learn who "a lot of people" are. I was wondering if he'd reveal his sources.
  5. This is a particularly patronizing response. I personally wouldn't be cool with my president making fun of handicapped reporters or bragging of grabbing women in the ##### without their consent. So don't paint this with some type of false equivalency. It's not the same on both sides at this point. You know it's not.
  6. Biden should throw "Suckers and Losers" into every other response.
  7. If Biden doesn’t challenge Trump point blank to push-up contest I’m going to be very disappointed.
  8. Exactly. If anything this will embolden Trump. And Biden will mop the floor with him in any kind of policy debate.
  9. Oh I didn’t know. We are almost done with season one on amazon. ive been suspended for the better part of the last year so I am not up on most threads anymore.