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  1. This was rally going to make a splash in Hollywood. It’s that big.
  2. And just making things up that are easily disprovable.
  3. And if he doesn't, you will pull as CSTU and ghost out of here. That's my prediction.
  4. So Ben will put up $10,000 of money that is given to him by somebody else to debate a person who actually has political stake in the outcome, which he doesn't? Why would she do that?
  5. Probably by the Russians hacking into voting machines and changing votes. It's tough to say because the trickle truth the DOJ has been doing so far. First they didnt, then they did, they the looked at data but didn't change anything, then they could have changed things but they it's tough to tell where this ends. My gut tells me the Russians changed votes. But that's just my opinion, not based on the extensive network of fact checkers and legal experts that most FBG employ.
  6. This is what I thought. I pretty much thought it was the photo.
  7. Sure. I'm sure they will get right on that.
  8. I'm not sure at all no votes were changed. I'm even less sure LE would be forthcoming with the public if votes were changed.
  9. Why do you think Sean Stalin Hannity says it?
  10. I have a to go to a birthday party tonight. She's totally all in on Q (at least this week). I'll report back with breadcrumbs.
  11. They have a wine mixer and the raise alpacas.
  12. Look like lovely people in those mugshots. How does one join? Obviously staying out of the sun is a big part of it. Looks like the final table at the Horseshoe in January.
  13. Probably nothing. Just routine computer silliness. You know how computers do what they want and not exactly what you tell them to do?
  14. Has anything like this ever happened before?