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  1. Yup. This is what the right is completely missing in their frenzied jubilation. They are going to squeal if and when the show is on the other foot. On the other hand, universal healthcare will be only one signature away from being a reality.
  2. She's 86. Meaning she was 74 when Obama took office. Which is Trump's age. Not saying I disagree with you.
  3. Would it? Seriously do you want a single party country? I never understood the right's fascination with totalitarianism. I certainly lean left, but I certainly don't want only one voice to dictate politics or to obliterate the other side. Seems rather Maoist to me.
  4. FWIW, I think Bloomberg wins the whole thing. And I like that. I love how his sarcastic "little brother" approach to Trump. He just laugh "who is the other billionaire?" "I hired him to run my golf course." Gold, Jerry!
  5. It's going to come down to the last team to have the ball winning. Just like in football many times, as it were.
  6. No I'm in the rural UP. It was a situation where I bought it for 30k because the money was all going to be surrendered to a nursing home and the sellers knew it. (Yay capitalistic healthcare). It was a sad situation but I was the only offer and the nursing home agreed to the liquidation of the asset. So I was patient. Gave them my number and walked away. They scoffed, waited another month and then called me back. On the buy side, this is people who are currently renting and buying their first home. They are totally pumped so that's pretty rewarding too. I bought for a song, and I'm selling at market value. So I guess, in a is Trump's policy of for-profit healthcare, driving yet another family into the poor house, that started this process. Thanks Don.
  7. The returns are largely a function of my strategy and basically work in a poor or good economy. When I got started in 2008, the economy was in the toilet. There were tons of foreclosures but people with good credit could still buy. So I just had to be picky about which houses I flipped. Now in 2020, the economy is great which means there are more buyers. What does that mean for me? Well, I have to be picky about which houses I flip. Same deal. Less supply (by far) on the buy side. But much bigger pool of buyers on the sell side. Basically as long as I'm buying right, I do ok. I did my previous best on a house in 2010 I believe. Which netted me about $25k for very little work.
  8. Hey, we agree on something. That's what happens when you steal a Supreme Court seat. It's called precedent. Mitch and Donald don't seem to grasp the concept. Pandora's box is open now. It will only get worse. No Supreme court seat will ever be filled again while the President and Senate belong to different parties. Sad really.
  9. It's going to be razor thin and if the Democrats win, it will be challenged all the way to the SCOTUS ala 2000. And even then Trump may refuse to leave office. Lol.
  10. Do you think them picking up almost 50 House seats was a clerical error? Do you think Hillary is locked up? Do you think Obama is locked up? Do you think Mexico paid for the wall that isn't there?