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  1. Well, you are assuming it was a building negotiation for one.
  2. Like Trump ran with the birther stuff? Why do you insist the Democrats fight clean but not the Republicans?
  3. Well that doesn't stop the Daily Caller or Infowars? What the hell kind of a propaganda site are they if they are worried about trifles like verification?
  4. Nope. Your not being honest here. There is a lot of evidence. Mueller job isn't to know things. His job is to follow the investigation where it leads. You honestly think he came off the bench to hold the country hostage for 4 years? The country's civic well being was severely damaged when this happened...and half the people shrugged it off. So quit clutching your pearls. This is what a fight looks like. If you don't have the stomach for it, turn on a ball game. It's good to see the Dems have finally stopped pulling punches and are hitting back (and they don't need to make up birther conspiracies to do it). This is what happens when you perform a coup de etat on the Supreme court. The other side fights back (finally).
  5. All they know is hate and jealousy. That's all they got. Sad really.
  6. Weird that this shutdown is happening right when Cohen is squeeling. It's almost like Agent Orange is trying a distraction tactic.
  7. "Lying isn't perjury" - Rudi Guiliani probably today.
  8. It's gone from no evidence, to everybody does it, to it's not a crime. Why do you think that Rudi has been out there peddling his nonsensicle theories? It's pretty obvious to most that he's trying to poison the wells. So the question I have is this - can Paul Manafort be convicted of collusion? Can Flynn? Can McConnell? No, I don't think so. The main actor here is Trump. He and Putin are the beneficiaries. He's the common denominator. So until he's actually convicted you can pay attention to, or ignore everyone else. It's not that Michael Flynn being guilty of something means Trump is guilty. Flynn and Manafort are being used to lay the groundwork for Trump. The limits of our legal system are going to be tested here like they haven't been in a long long time. There's wiggle room on either side to believe whatever they want until that happens.
  9. Sabertooth

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Totally normal guys....
  10. Just talking with a guy today and he says Trump's only concern with Mueller is the cost to the taxpayers. SMDH. Guy just so happens to be a gun nut, but I'm sure he's giving this a lot of rational objective thought.
  11. Maybe we need to look at the max here then. Go to 500k per day or something.