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  1. No Ansah or Levy for Detroit today. No reason not to hang some serious points on them.
  2. I'd like to see McCarthy and Ha Ha have a great game today. Maybe Rodgers too.
  3. I truly look forward to Adrian's retirement. I can't wait to watch the 30 for 30 movie of him being bankrupt.
  4. It's not me you want to put on ignore. It's yourself and the fact that you rationalize worshiping a child abuser. I just hold up the mirror.
  5. Nice that he'll now have some time to spend with his kids.
  6. They could use the speed on offense. They need a shot in the arm. I'd rather not use Cobb between the tackles anymore. And Spiller just might be better than Lacy on sweeps and tosses.
  7. Well it's hard to say. Can home improve? Yes obviously he can. Will he? Who knows. Is he good enough for now? No. His problems lie between his ears and inside his rib cage. I hope he can solve them. He he made a great play on 4th down vs the Jags. What a weird play call that was by them.
  8. Watch what I mean about Randall's body language. :42 he gets torched. Sits up and looks at the safety. :50 Randall just lets Diggs run down the field. Never touches him, let's somebody else tackle him. This is how he played on Thanksgiving. Gutless. 1:02 Diggs scores the touchdown over (guess who?) Randall. Randall was manned up, and what does he do? He rolls over, gestures WTF? and sulks again. IT WAS YOUR GUY DUMB ###! He also held Diggs on the play which didn't get called, but even committing a penalty didn't have a prayer.
  9. The question isn't whether he was as or wasn't worth the 7M. The Packers had plenty of money to pay him. His contract was 6.5M in 2015. They had over 9M in space. Davon House was roughly the same (6M). Had they chosen to do so, they could have kept one or both of them. Even one would have alleviated the need to reach for a CB. Also you are comparing a rookie Randall (bleck!) to veterans in House and Williams. They probably don't #### the bed vs. Fitz and they sure as hell don't play like they want to keep their jersey clean for the Thanksgiving (Favre/Starr) game. Seriously, if you have the means, watch Randall's body language last week. Every time he gets beat, he jumps up and starts looking around as if it was somebody else's fault. Maybe not every time but he did it more than once. Further, neither House nor Williams (as rookies House was a 4th rounder and Williams was Undrafted) had the opportunity cost of Randall. I think 4 of the next 5 players taken after Randall were All-Rookie team members. Ted wasn't passing on good prospects to take them. He was throwing darts and happened to hit them. Ted needs to get back to BPA. I hope he did this season with Clark. I'm encouraged that 4 defensive linemen went off the board within 6 picks after Clark. That tells us that Ted had others close and got the guy he wanted. He got his guy. But he really needs to do better.
  10. Check over the last 5 years. Not sure what the metrics are, but if you have access to data, I'd love to see it. Would be very interesting to see him alongside Belichick, Elway, and Newsome.
  11. McCarthy has his weaknesses for sure as you outlined. Mostly stubbornness in terms of hiring and firing assistants, sticking with plays that don't work..etc. Ted was fantastic when he got to Green Bay because he made the ultimate BPA move in selecting Rodgers over Roddy White for instance. Quarterback was obviously not a need. But since 2009 or so he's been selecting for need (much like Mike Sherman before him). You talk about ex-packers playing for other teams. Davin House is z great example. They let House and Tramon Williams walk away. Then piss their first rounder away on an inferior player in Randall. Then compound that issue with Rollins. So now we have youngsters who may or may not be even adequate replacing veterans who are at least adequate. How'd that workout? Ask Larry Fitgerald and Stefan Diggs. You keep House and Tramon and all of a sudden you are looking at selecting a guy like Stephone Anthony or Kendricks or even Maxx Williams. All positions are I play because you don't have a gaping hole at corner. Now maybe Randall was truly the BPA and by a wide margin....but somehow I doubt it. Because he sucks.
  12. The real problem is Ted and Mike. They haven't supplied the team with fresh talent. The receivers are below average. Ted has been lackluster in the first round pick since Matthews. Randall - bust Ha Ha - pretty good Datone - reach Perry - meh Sherrod - bust Bulaga - decent Leaving DeAndre Hopkins and Harrison Smith on the board to reach for Datone Jones and Nick Perry respectively is the kind of thing that holds this team back.
  13. Especially when you leave the tying kick on the bench.
  14. We'll get that fixed.
  15. Yeah that was terrible.