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  1. Put them all under oath. Donnie Two Scoop included. That's where this ends. Let's just get it over with.
  2. Cast them all down with the sodomites!
  3. I agree. And let's also do the same for the Trump accusers. Lets get Donnie Two Scoops and the 16 women all under oath and see what's what.
  4. Mueller is everything Trump isn't, and that's why they hate him. He's the Aragorn to Trump's Denethor.
  5. I agree . The level of rhetoric against Mueller is definitely increasing. Fever pitch almost.
  6. Another person who feels the need to let us know they are from Boston.
  7. So I wonder if Roy Moore's lawyer ..... who is a Jeeeeeewwwwww, is going to help him get a recount.
  8. All the traitorous acts, collusion, loss of worldwide status as a leader, increase in mass shootings, all of it is worth it just so we don't have to be so politically correct.
  9. Right. They love those teacher sex scandals too. Creepy that those are what speaks to their demographic.
  10. Oddly enough you have to scroll down on Fox News to find any information on Doug Jones. Plenty of coverage of a teacher sex scandal and Omarossa though. Lol. Just a total propoganda machine at this point. They are basically an extension of Brietbart.
  11. He is now. That's Trump's boy he's talking about there. Countdown to Trump meldown 3,2,1...
  12. There might be something to it. We shall see but I highly doubt a bunch of testosterone filled maniacs keep their hands to themselves all the time. All it takes is one wrong move on a girl who isn't interested.
  13. How long until this makes it down to the players? Not long, I'd think.