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  1. Yikes. That doesn't sound great.
  2. Who said this?
  3. Hmmmm..... That's pretty curious. Coleman actually beat out Freeman last summer before getting hurt and then Freeman went nuts.
  4. Tyrod already broke out, no? I like Benjamin a lot to break out...great call. I don't see Ben busting as long as he has Brown. Benjamin could easily bust.
  5. I was toying with the idea of using an money allocation based on where you finish in a league for instance 10 team league. Finish 10th: you get 100 Finish 9th: you get 90 Finish 8th: you get 80 >>> all the way down the line. Has anyone tried this? Seems like trading cash away instead of draft picks would be problematic. But I was thinking every owner could get 100 flat fee and then add cash according to finish to facilitate trades in-season when we don't know finishing order yet. So you could trade up to 100 away for players in-season. But then there's be an additional boost after the season for that offseason. Thoughts? Crazy? Dumb? If so, why? Seems like an interesting wrinkle.
  6. WHy do you have Watkins 8 spots higher than Evans? These kids seems neck and neck to me.
  7. I bet he smokes.......weeeeeeeeeed!
  8. Update?
  9. How'd he look last night? Early word was he's a more talented Landry. Obviously I wouldn't expect him to usurp Landry just yet but is he looking good?
  10. I moved him in a dynasty the other day for a 2017 1st Rounder that I hope is in the top 5. I was loaded anyway but mainly I'm concerned that he's a square peg in a round hole down in Miami.
  11. I love the Dorsett call as well. All indications are that Indy is going to go 3 wide as a base package. No reason Dorsett can't be as good or better than Hilton.
  12. and that's my thought on Draughn as well. Stat compiler.
  13. Breakout: TJ Yeldon. Chris Ivory has played 16 games exactly once in six seasons. And even if he stays healthy, I still think Yeldon breaks out. I think it's a 1a-1b situation. Heres an interesting stat...Yeldon had 23 more ppr points than David "the Messiah" Johnson (despite losing time for a pulled groin) before having his season cut short by a sprained knee. Yeldon is the goods. Ivory is an aging journeyman. Favorite sleeper is Ellington. No not Andre. Bruce Ellington. It's going to be check down city in San Fran. He's been getting a lot of press too. Bust:. The Messiah, of course. People are talking about taking him number one overall despite the health of André Ellington and Chris Johnson. This isn't a Todd Gurley workhorse situation. And he fumbled the ball about once every 40 touches last year. Yikes. That equates out to about 7 fumbles. That's quite a few.
  14. "Seem" being the operative word here. What do you think they aren't going to be playing 60 minutes a week? They will be playing from behind often. Gabbert is a classic check down type qb. Draug catches no less than 50 passes if he's healthy. Probably more like 60. If Hyde gets hurt again you have the ever elusive 3 down back. Chip Kelly was a genius until he wasn't. I don't think he's as good as we thought at the beginning of last season. Nor do I think he's as bad as we thought at the end of last season. This offense will be up tempo. They will be checking down a lot with the lack of receiver talent. Draughn and Ellington are going to clean up a lot of garbage.