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  1. Pretty good day to be a Yankees fan! Great win last night! Nova looked like a Major League starter again. All things considered, the pitching has been fantastic this year and is THE reason this team is 8 games over .500 at this point in the season. This team is using it's backup first baseman, backup LF, 3rd string 3B, and 5th string SS and the lesser offensive half of their catching platoon. The Captain is finally beginning his rehab tonight and ARod (while I can't stand him, he should be better offensively than what's been there all year) and Nunez are on their way back. Granderson should be back in another month, just in time to catch the Sox. If Pineda can give them anything, this team will make a serious run. If all Brian Cashman does is lock up Cano long term in the second half, I will be very happy. I understand he's no Rickie Weeks, but he just might be the best 2nd baseman in baseball!
  2. tiny correction, Ben has been to 3.Sorry. He played so poorly in that first one, I forgot. That and I try to forget that SB since the Steelers were appointed Champions that year.
  3. well the main reason in the AFC is: NE Pit Indy one of these 3 teams pretty much go to the Superbowl every year recently. SD hasnt made the playoffs in 2 seasons because AJ smith has had some downright terrible drafts and the Defense is putrid.Understandable, but I am pretty sure Eli beat the Nearly Perfect Patriots.Plus, the Giants went through 2 really tough NFC teams in the Packers and Niners this year. I think those teams whould be on par with Pitt and Indy teams of the past.
  4. While I think Norv Turner is the #1 reason the Chargers have not reached the Super Bowl, Phillip Rivers has to be a disappointment by now, no? We heard for years how Eli was not as good as Rivers, the Giants gave up too much, blah, blah, blah...but what has Rivers done? They have had a good enough defense. They have good weapons on offense. It's a mystery. Ben has been to 2. Eli is in his 2nd.
  5. He's no Eli Manning, but he's a pretty good QB. The 2nd INT was awful, especially deep in his own zone, but if Kaeding can make 2 average FG's (I'll let him slide on the 57 yarder), I think the outcome is different. I'd like to see Rivers without Norv Turner as his coach.
  6. bumpbumpAww ####, I'll bite on this.Black people feel the police treat them unfairly because a lot of times they do. Is there such thing as racial profiling? Yes. Is it right? No. Is this incident an example of racial profiling? No. Thanks. I'm personally torn on the issue and undecided, although I do think race played a factor, how much I do not know. I know Gates could have diffused the situation if he behaved differently. But so could have the cop, and it the cop's responsibility to manage the situation, which he clearly did poorly.How do we know this?
  7. Take the heat off of his "friend" Obama in his time of need?
  8. For one of the most liberal cities in America, Boston sure is a city full of discrimination.
  9. Another race baiting reference.pretty clear, even by the professor's own account, that that's what was going on here. So in your mind Gates was looking to what spark a race war? Get beaten so he could sue the city? Or just looking for trouble with with cops he happens to come across?When did Crowley beat him?
  10. No, but I'm listening to Russo & he's already put his foot in his mouth about 20 times in two days. I've always thought he's entertaining, but I can see how he drives people crazy.What exactly is Mike saying? I'll let Mushnick tell you. He heard the show too. Mike took a shot at the printed press several times this week. Nothing to see here.
  11. There is no way this is true. Dog is awful and knows nothing about anything. Mike is awful, but at least he knows something.
  12. Good Riddance. Mike and Commericals is really getting boring. Can't wait for the Jets fans to call in to complain about Franceser not talking about their team. Maybe we'll get a little more hockey on now too!
  13. Sorry you couldn't finish, but this was certainly the thread of the year! Somewhere, General Malaise sits with an unused straw and weeps.