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  1. With this news I gotta decide him or David Johnson in 2 leagues ppr , leaning Samuels choo choo!
  2. Does this slow down the Conner hype?
  3. I'm very nervous also they're probably gonna miss Frederick all yr , Martin banged up and starting a rookie guard so their interior oline very suspect I'm contemplating Barkley over Zeke in ppr
  4. Well Sharks with the news from Dallas about Travis Frederick and his rare disease and Zach Martin banged up are we sure Elliot belongs in the "Big 4" especially in ppr ? Shouldn't he be in the next tier with Barkley and Kamara? Tell me your thoughts
  5. I understand but u also said what I'm thinking Saquon is going top 8 in ppr so taking him at 4 isn't going to far plus I seen today on that Fredrick the key center for Dallas oline gonna see Dr. ANDREWS now him and the best guard in game Martin banged up too
  6. I got #4 pick in ppr with Dallas oline banged up and below average weapons on outside I'm going Saquon over Elliott!!! Am I crazy guys?
  7. I traded away Stafford and Tyler gabriel for marriota and cooper!! Feel like I stole candy from a baby
  8. I gotta start him thiscweek @ browns feel fairly confident 12 for 45 4 rec 26 yds with decent chance for td
  9. I picked 9 yesterday 12 team league I started Beckham, jordy ppr league pretty happy
  10. Im in 12 team ppr league I pick9 then 16, 33 I really want this kid but I know he won't be there at 33 so im taking jordy at 9 thinking about taking mccaffrey at 16 cause im targeting keenan or pryor at 33 am I crazy?
  11. I got pick 9 im going jordy or AJ at 16 I know all top 8 rbs will be gone if Thomas gone im going dalvin cook or mccaffrey then coming back with wr I know both might be gone by the time I pick 33 and im targeting pryor or keenan rd 3 what u guys think?
  12. Probably 3rd rd but if its a 2 Qb or Superflex league possibly 1st definitely 2nd rd
  13. Thinking about starting him or spiller can't decide