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  1. Waller has been slipping of late as Carr has been spreading the ball around only 14 targets the last thee week, and Andrews has a higher floor as the Baltimore passing game runs through the TEs,. Andrews is the #1 target for Lamar Jackson with 19 more then the next closest receiver... But yeah this IDP forum you should try it...
  2. suspended indefinitely, or until Ohio State plays Penn State and Michigan
  3. umjaker

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Jerome Baker had another solid game last night and was not properly credited with a strip sack fumble, not bad for LB3-4
  4. umjaker

    Box Safeties

    Tony Jefferson IR'd
  5. credit Todd Bowles, they released Noah Spence who most projected to be the sack leader in TB
  6. umjaker

    2019 3-Down LBs

    you Buckeye fans are so spoiled, I remember him making some pivotal plays in "The Game." The offense is horrid, if he stays healthy he is on track for 160 tackles, w/ Alonso gone, there is no real replacement. Baker is solid start for IDP all season long, he might not be viable long term in dynasty, but this year he is going to be on he field a lot.
  7. umjaker

    FBG IDP Content

    Even the Guru has some slippage, "The Chiefs stayed with their nickel base scheme for the entire game, which had Hitchens and Damien Williams at linebacker" Larkin thinks JBC still in Detroit:" One would assume Jim Bob Cooter will not have the same leeway when it comes to timeouts this week, and likely going forward."
  8. umjaker

    2019 3-Down LBs

    He ended up with 2-6-0 stat line, I agree with the opportunity of Baltimore being a heavy run team it was disappointing.
  9. Footballguys provides snap counts here:
  10. I am in the championship going against the defending champ who is on a 18 game win streak. Who should be my flex option of the players below? Corey Davis WR TEN vs WAS Damien Williams RB KCC @ SEA Kenyan Drake RB MIA vs JAX Dede Westbrook WR JAX @ MIA
  11. think he has more range then davis and the LB situation in Pittsburgh is less than ideal
  12. Hopefully, Jadaveon Clowney, he is a free agent I believe
  13. umjaker

    Vic Beasley

    He was graded the worst Falcons defender this last week, 57.4, he had 3 hurries, but didn't do well when in coverage per PFF Falcons twitter. he may turn it around, but I have to hold until Bosa returns
  14. Kwon is out for the season, is his replacement Kendall Beckwith or Adarius Taylor, I am hedging on Beckwith although he has not practiced and may not be ready for this week. thoughts?