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  1. Wilhoite takes an everydown role, I always thought Skov would come through, but Bethea and Tartt are the benefactors
  2. Clowney I have been waiting all season for the MFL update, but never happened
  3. Think he got chopped block and was evaluated for a few series, before coming back in later in the game and make a stat line of 1-1-0
  4. Burfict on the road against the Steelers who likely will be dominating time of possession
  5. Addae is the safety that is more likely in the box against the run and defending the TE, I see more opportunities for him to make plays
  6. I did a twitter poll for these four LBs: DeVondre Campbell 0% Darron Lee 26% Donta Hightower 26% JaDaveon Clowney 48% Right now I am sticking with Lee and Hightower, I also have Cushing and DeAndre Levy who is going to sit again this week, I am already starting Von Miller and Kiko Alonso, I just have a hard time believing Clowney is going to get to Rodgers after he couldn't get to Rivers last week at home, and the Packers O line did not give up a sack against the Eagles
  7. Bellore, Collins w/ a new team may limit him
  8. bump still looking
  9. bump- redraft looking for one owner.
  10. IDP redraft $100 entry fee, plus $25 optional picks/ survivior contest leaguesafe software, very competitive, draft is long but full roster IDP league please contact with interest. Thanks, Jake
  11. I just picked him on flier, don't expect much since his knee injury
  12. Mike Catapano is someone who I have seen be mentioned for a DL sleeper.
  13. I run a 14 team league and the top LB and DL usually go 1st and 2nd round, QBS are the highest scoring players, but last year DeAndre Levy finished #28 and JJ Watt finished #25 in overall scoring.
  14. Telvin had a sack, forced fumble, and an interception, he will likely be the LB to pick up off of waivers
  15. While I agree with his inconsistency and missed assignments, think he has potential for 90+ tackles this season.