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  1. Instead of hockenson he wants Singletary. Should I still do it.
  2. No. I’d keep Hopkins. Ekeler value will drop.
  3. I forgot to add there is a flex position.
  4. PPR. Small league. 1qb. 2rb. 2wr. Redraft league My roster is: qb- Rodgers Wentz.....rb- Barkley. Kamara. Fournette. Ingram. Peterson. Singletary. Wr- Julio. Cooper. Cooks. Ty. TE- andrews ive gotten Barkley and Julio thru trades I’m being offered Mahomes. Zeke Elliot. Mike Evans. Tyreke hill For rodgers. Kamara. Julio. Hockenson . Im concerned about kamara losing brees. Mahomes is a monster. Just hate giving julio. Idk. Hockenson just a throw in should I do it? .
  5. Alot depends on johnson. If he has a better season like projected I’ll think you will be there in the end. When green gets close to returning maybe try to trade him for a back?
  6. PPR- redraft- 2rb 2wr 1 te 1flex. Small league team 1 roster- rb’s- zeke, Kamara, Fournette, Ingram, ekeler pollard——-wr- ju ju, b cooks, Diggs, Hilton, locket Team 2 has j white starting and wants to upgrade. He has offered: Barkley, m. Evans, and O.J. howard For Zeke, Fournette, kittle. Should team 1 do the deal?
  7. I actually like B. Michal injury history concerns me. I also think the patriots will have to pass more than in previous years which means a lot of James white. Mixon been injured as well but way less pressure below him. Walker and McDonald a wash. And although I think Golladay will have better numbers than Anderson it will be closer than people think.
  8. Still iffy on jones but I think Carson will have bigger year than most predict. Over all solid team
  9. PPR- 2rb-2wr-1flex small league team a wants to trade his Todd Gurley and Le’veon Bell for my Alvin Kamara and Stephon Diggs i have rb- Kamara, Zeke Elliot, Fournette, Ingram, eckler, pollard Wr- ju ju, branden cooks, Hilton, locket, Diggs. My thoughts are insurance for Zeke holdout. And possibly turning around and packaging a couple rbs for top flight wr. Thoughts?
  10. Edited my post with more info. Thanks for the heads up.