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  1. this guy might be the first guy coming off a fantasy MVP season that you can get at a discount the next year. I totally understand why so many people are saying they are going to pass on him, but at some point there will be value
  2. why would Gio be better in a PPR? they seem to catch the same amount of passes. it seems to be some weird idea floating around that Gio is a better receiving back than Hill, I guess because he is smaller? Hill looks much more powerful to me, but I agree some of the Silva stuff goes overboard. Bernard is a good back, and while I think Hill should certainly lead the backfield (as he has gotten plenty of the BJGE carries as well and wound up with 150+ yards in those games) they shouldn't wear Hill down
  3. don't understand this. why would you have played him here and won't play him next week? He just destroyed KC on 4 carries and then gets them again in the playoffs, that could be a huge game. I think the eye test on those 2 TDs and the runs the week before show this guy could be something special. you should hold on
  4. this can't be serious? you could have traded Josh Gordon for DeMarco Murray and said no? you are assuming Gordon will be better than someone having the best fantasy season in the last two seasons?
  5. Manning has never had anyone near those levels of Gronk and Moss. Harrison/Wayne/Garcon/DT are all good WRs that Peyton has made look elite. Clark/Collie/Sanders/Stokley/Tamme etc are all basically average or below average guys who were lucky to play with Peyton
  6. it does make Peyton read the defense differently as he is deciding which play to run or whether to change the routes/protections. I think that having someone on the field who is better at making these changes is valuable. to state that Brady does just as much as Manning at the line shows someone who doesn't comprehend just how much Peyton does more than a regular QB
  7. obviously they will go back to some sort of a committee, every team does it to some extent and certainly almost every coach pays lip service to it. Ingram got a little over 50% of the carries early in the season and will almost certainly see that jump up to 60-65% now plus the team is running the ball more now. say they run it 27-29 times a game, Ingram will be getting 15-19 carries still. throw in a catch or two and almost a TD a game and you are looking at 15-18 PPG still. guy is a borderline RB1 right now and you might be able to get him for cheaper than that.
  8. the offense looks powerful which means there should be plenty of TDs for Lacy. I don't think he will rack up big yardage but will still be a weekly top 12 option
  9. IMO he has a pretty low floor and only moderately high ceiling right now. He's playing really, really well, and they're still only giving him 12 carries per game. What's going to happen if he only has a 2 ypc on his first 5 carries of a game? What if he fumbles, drops a pass, or Robinson or Thomas gets hot? well he has scored 37 points in 2 weeks if that's what a moderately high ceiling is. he is going to be in the top 5 for RBs so clearly he is startable in almost any league
  10. You ignoring receptions? receptions don't count in yards per carry
  11. In this type of senario, if Gordon gets a 6-8 or 10 game suspension and you dont have bench room or cant navigate the bye weeks etc, you trade Gordon. You get more if he is back after 6 games and you get less if he is back after 10 games. if its just 6 games you can get a #1 WR for him. or 2 really good players and if its 10 games you can get a really good WR2 or RB2 . But thats a good plan if the suspension (if there is one) is not feasable for a team. I mean if its a 6 game suspension you can probally get a Dez Bryant or B marshall for him . lol I assume this is satire?
  12. Until the next injury. Tate has succumb to more injuries on his 480-ish touches than a lot of RBs in the league. He's essentially in Chris Ivory territory but Ivory is still upright after week 1, so he wins this round. that's what they say about everyone until they stay healthy. unless he has some structural issue he is more likely to play say 9 of the remaining 10 games than to simply be out of the picture entirely. if you are guessing fantasy points rest of season, Tate has to be #1 among Browns RBs
  13. this is blinding yourself to the situation. it sounds like a 2-4 week injury after which Tate will be back. when he comes back he takes the job back or at least most of the job back