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  1. You build your team around your strengths. They may have been run dominant with Lynch, but he's gone. They proved last year what they are capable of when they let Wilson loose. Rawls may have a role...but...I don't think they will revert back to a run heavy offense.
  2. Who will have the most RB touches...Ivory, Ridley or other?
  3. a Hillman 2013 owner, I won't believe Miller is the starter until the Dolphins break huddle in game one.
  4. I'm curious as to how McGahee is being viewed in terms of dynasty value. Does he move to a new team in 2009? How likely is it that he's ever going to see production like 2007...300 carries, 40 receptions, 1400 yards, 8 touchdowns?
  5. I've got the Larry Johnson 2005 highlights posted. Larry Johnson is coming....and he's not happy!