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  1. Tough news. Get well soon Chris. You have a ton of people saying a prayer.
  2. You build your team around your strengths. They may have been run dominant with Lynch, but he's gone. They proved last year what they are capable of when they let Wilson loose. Rawls may have a role...but...I don't think they will revert back to a run heavy offense.
  3. So...this week?
  4. Adams playing?
  5. Is Kerley active?
  6. Need to see time stamps so you know if there is new content.
  7. Jonas Gray redemption game.
  8. Who will have the most RB touches...Ivory, Ridley or other?
  9. Give me Cowboys (1) and Chargers(2).
  10. I can't believe that didn't work. It would have worked if he was being pursued by the Predator.
  11. Well...as a Hillman 2013 owner, I won't believe Miller is the starter until the Dolphins break huddle in game one.
  12. I'm just glad we can finally stop debating who starts. Now...on to who get's the most touches.
  13. I know the hillman haters will throw rocks at this...but, it's possible that Fox wanted to get him a few carries to help get the yips out of Ronnies head. I think he was in there for only 3 plays...and his 2nd carry was an ankle tackle away from a long td. If nothing else, I think Hillman may have replinished a small amount of confidence.
  14. Tracy Scroggins and Dana Stubblefield disagree.Not at all.Tracy and Dana are unisex names. Lynn Swann Rosey Grier Dick Butkus Harry Colon