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  1. But seriously, if you're not going to read the comic, the next best thing is to watch the Marvel Motion Comic. It's prolly about 6 hours of content but it's free and *totally* worth it. Movie is... fine, I guess, 2.5 hours there.
  2. I found this tweet thread to be clear. Anyone claiming coup want to tell me where it's wrong? @ren hoek?
  3. Highly recommend Vanced as an alternative youtube client.
  4. Anyone for Angel's Envy? I'm more prone to scotch than bourbon but liked that quite a lot.
  5. Yes. Haven't had a frustrated "where did the hour go" like that in a while. Is it normal to be engrossed with what's happening and pouting over the lack of progress being made?
  6. This shifts the distribution of "what John Bolton saw" toward "Trump is ####ed." You don't protect your ambitions from the ineffectual.
  7. My guess is that Bolton's stance is largely principled. The Courts should get involved in exactly this type of dispute. The House Dems may not like their odds in a Supreme Court decision drawing lines between the branches, but it's the right thing to do. This is why the Garland gambit exists and that the Admin was willing to go to the mat for Kavvy (the Kav-ster, Kavarino). One strategic aspect could be Bolton's attorney overstating the relevance of what he'll testify to for enticing the House Dems into Court. But that seems so very very unlikely to be the case given even a conservative estimate of what he's witnessed. More a question of how far he'll go.
  8. Every 14 year old girl at my daughter's middle, er, high school. Boot cut, tho. You can have the loafers, Dad.
  9. Rumor has it Sinn Fein bussed in voters from New Hampshire for this poll.
  10. I think your bet sizing and strat could be better but you lost the minimum. So, slap it high? Generally, when you put in aggressive action on *this board*, your range should be polarized, with either really strong hands or airbluffs. using a large sizing in this situation is generally best because a small sizing doesn't get many extra value calls. There are no draws, lots of second pair and middle pair can't continue, etc. Same goes for the guy with 33. he should be trying to stack you but is so afraid of what you'll fold that he misses value. The strategy for *this board* is to have the right ammt of bluffs and play them with the same large size as your value range. The bottom of your value range will be quite high because people do fold a lot, so you will kc with some fairly strong hands, like A9, TT/JJ that can't win it or get hu pre, etc. But please quit after playing your utg hand. Quitting on the button has to be one of the silliest things I see people do with regularity. you're losing money in the blinds. if you pay them, play the hands in the positions from which you're profitable. That should be all of them, including UTG, because if you weren't then you'd sit those out every time and profit. I'm only 3/4 serious, you should quit when you have a reason to but it looks like it's just your habit and not a specific reason this time.
  11. I know, right? The threat of impeachment has been the scourge of every President ever elected.
  12. In every courtroom, every day, all over the country. That's how it works.