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  1. If that's what giving you the benefit of the doubt and asking a question is, so be it.
  2. Do you think that's not going to be apparent if you read/watch from the Equal Opportunity website?
  3. What will the AI do for MLB in Florida? For Nets games? For Islanders games?
  5. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  6. Thinking of Jack and family!
  7. Thumb knuckle during freshman football had to have been broken but never got it x-rayed. Compression fracture of the L1 vertebrae at 19. Collarbone at 24 mountain biking. I had a whiteout just after crashing (concussion? pain?) and I knew it was messed up but the shock didn't let the pain kick in until I was actually diagnosed. Various fingers and toes are likely but never diagnosed.
  8. McClure's Barbecue shirt spotted in... downtown Provincetown, MA. For those not aware, it's the very tip of Cape Cod. Between the fact that I don't know @tipsy mcstagger real name, the whole "I'm Mr. Pickles from the Internet," thing and other potential awkwardness, I didn't strike up a conversation. But thought I'd report in here that the guerilla marketing is on track and spreading far.
  9. Bought Dad glasses for about 10 years. Then went to a high end shop with some HSA money burning a hole in my pocket and was told roughly, "nobody looks any *younger* in those glasses." Thanks, guy. Oh, and I'll buy what you choose. Currently wearing Blackfin Seascale. Like em a lot.
  10. It's not that crazy, depending. The pay jumps at the main event final table are some of the biggest ever and maybe the short stack was somehow at risk (raising or in the bb). I will look for a description of it.