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  1. What about Elliott vs Bell?
  2. I stopped reading when I saw Lamar Miller ranked below Matt Forte.
  3. Disagree on Hill in standard. I like him as a RB3 for the right price.
  4. Elliott Bell Ingram Lacy Freeman Charles
  5. Who are your week one targets?
  6. I use a cheat sheet based on my scoring system and a rankings sheet with ADP for each position. I have all my targets highlighted in green and my players to avoid in yellow.
  7. I'm only interested in PPR, the guy just doesn't score enough in standard.
  8. What about Tyler Gaffney? JAG?
  9. Is Bell a late first now in standard leagues with the reduced suspension?
  10. I agree with almost all of those.
  11. I'm cool with it, I mean when was the last time a player listed as probable didn't play?
  12. Outside the top 3 WR I like RB/RB in standard. WR is pretty deep in the 8-25 range. RB seems to fall off the cliff after the top 12 or so. If you can get 2 out of the top 10 RB and still land a WR like Hilton, Watkins, or D. Thomas as your #1 you should be in good shape.
  13. I have a feeling his ADP will be early second round next weekend when many drafts start.
  14. If the Matt Jones injury is serious can Thompson carry the load?