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  1. I'm ranked 61st this week, my TE trio of Ertz/Henry/Engram killed it along with Saints DST.
  2. Beat to the punch, huh?
  3. He’s not playing. Thank God I grabbed Hunter Henry.
  4. Falcons signed a kicker today and announced Bryant has a back injury lol
  5. Agreed, he could really emerge as a weekly TE option if Hogan plays well.
  6. Picked him up as Kelce insurance
  7. As someone who drafted Martin in all three of my money leagues in the 5th round or after, I'm thrilled with what I saw. This was exactly what I was hoping. Desperately need him in the league I had Dalvin Cook, and as a Crowell replacement in another.
  8. Dexter McCluster 2.0?
  9. Yep, he was too juiced up for this game. Biggest home game for the Bucs in a long time.
  10. Winston needs a good QB coach/mentor. He leaves the pocket way too early. I think he can still be a very good QB but man he looked erratic last night.
  11. This guy is a top 10 fantasy WR, period. He's basically Jordy Nelson on the Pats. Hopefully he will start getting the credit he deserves now in fantasy circles.
  12. Philly is a good play but they are already owned in most leagues
  13. No Bell? lol