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  1. I have mixed feelings about this, I'm in two playoff games. One game I started Rawls and one game I'm facing him. Very dissapointing performance.
  2. This guy is saving me taking over for Lamar Miller as my RB1 heading into the playoffs.
  3. Losing AJ certainly hurts, but I think I can weather the storm in the playoffs. I can slot Tyrell Williams in my lineup and upgrading Crowell with Rawls helps offset the scoring drop.
  4. With CMike gone, Prosise out at least a month, and Seattle suddenly firing on all cylinders, Rawls is a stud RB1. He's gonna win a lot of championships, especially paired with a DJ, EE, or Bell.
  5. Bell is saving me this week so far. Need a good game from Brady also.
  6. 40 over cutoff with Bell playing and no QB points yet (Brady) Walker and Diggs were huge today
  7. 15 over the cut with no QB points yet (Taylor) and CMike tonight. I think week 10 is when I got bounced last year.
  8. Definitely worth a bench stash in PPR, could prove to be a very useful asset down the stretch.
  9. Got him out of all my lineups. Way too much risk.
  10. Davis is a career backup and terrible at pass pro. He might vulture some goal line stuff but I don't think he affects Ty's touches
  11. In this thread we can tell who missed out on TyMo.
  12. Knile looked slow AF on his few runs so I think Monty is safe
  13. As a Lacy owner that cut him for Montgomery I'm feeling pretty good now.