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  1. Hi Sig, Need a PPR flex: Hollister, Hollywood (opponent has Lamar) or Laird
  2. Wouldn’t shock me at all if the Pats brought him back if the league allows him to play. They are desperate for a play maker and this might be their last shot at a SB.
  3. Picked up Sam Darnold to replace Goff after this week.
  4. Freddie Kitchens gets bonehead of the year award with the worst challenge in the history of the NFL.
  5. Keep an eye on any Jay Ajayi workouts this week.
  6. That was the worse 500 yard passing game I’ve ever seen.
  7. He’s much better than the CJA types out there. He’s a good RB.
  8. Says he’s ready to play. A team like NYG could be interested?