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  1. How do we know they won't ease him into the starting role? I don't think he's a lock to be a bell cow early on. And rookies can struggle despite being a hot prospect out of college. I would much rather take a WR like Hopkins over Elliot around the middle first round. Early second? Sure I'll take him.
  2. Elliot #4? lol
  3. What a POS
  4. Yeah, no thanks on Elliot in the first. The key to winning a championship these days are to load up on top WR early and gamble on mid round RB that vastly outperform their ADP.
  5. In early rankings. WHY? I understand he's running behind a great offensive line but that doesn't mean you can pencil him in for 1,200/10. This guy has a huge bust potential. I would much rather take a top tier WR. Thoughts?
  6. Keyshawn Martin blows
  7. Keyshawn Martin blows
  8. Pats blow without Gronk. Like really bad.
  9. Pats look like ####
  10. I'm out. Farthest I've ever made it. Good luck guys. ETA: I might have a chance with Watson (Gronk out)
  11. Looks like a RB1 heading into the playoffs. Perfect timing.
  12. Out for season
  13. I have winning records and I'm still done playing seasonal after this year.
  14. I'll be done next week. Only have Ben Watson left.
  15. Out for season