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  1. Sony will be a first round pick in fantasy this year.
  2. Did you guys get paid? I never got any communication:(
  3. I never got an email or mail to claim my prize. Who should I contact?
  4. Had a disappointing week 16 but still finished 21st overall.
  5. Had Allen but fortunately dropped Butker for Maher. Have McGuire as my flex but may change him to a higher ceiling player.
  6. My only player last night was Mike Williams. Good start!
  7. Some talk coming out (Tweets) that Gordon may go
  8. Depends on the offensive lines and the offenses as a whole heading into next year. Zeke’s game log has been first pick worthy since they acquired Cooper.
  9. Unless you’re at the end of round 1 with potential land mines at RB.