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  1. The longer Charles sits out the better chance Ware entrenches himself as the guy to own.
  2. Exactly. I can't see exactly what happens. An owner drops Rawls for a scrub like Fozzy Whitaker. Another owner scoops up Rawls and stashes him in the bench. Later in the season when Rawls gets healthy and CMike starts to wear down or be ineffective, Rawls comes in and helps teams win in the fantasy playoffs.
  3. So what is the chance be becomes a bell cow back at some point? Or will Caldwell hold him back?
  4. At this point he's a stash and hope for the second half.
  5. If Cousins is available he's #1, right?
  6. After the Dolphins debacle last week I'm done playing rent-a-defense. I was able to grab NE in one league I was streaming and I'm sticking with them ROS.
  7. I saw what the Denver defense did to Andre Luck two weeks ago and that alone is enough to for me to sit Winston.
  8. I really need this guy to come back in a big way and help my 1-2 team with Julio.
  9. Sitting him for Cousins this week.
  10. Agreed, people's perception of Crowell is very meh
  11. Do any of these "buy low sell high" actually work out? My league mates hardly ever trade.
  12. I beat the cutoff by 1.9 points, lol. (Had no TE since Walker/Gates were out) But I do have Bell coming back this week and Brady/Gordon the week after.
  13. I'm going to lose because I sat the Vikings D for Miami. I'm going to use this loss a learning experience that I am never going to stream again! I'm just picking the best defense I can and rolling with them.