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  1. Got him out of all my lineups. Way too much risk.
  2. Davis is a career backup and terrible at pass pro. He might vulture some goal line stuff but I don't think he affects Ty's touches
  3. In this thread we can tell who missed out on TyMo.
  4. Knile looked slow AF on his few runs so I think Monty is safe
  5. As a Lacy owner that cut him for Montgomery I'm feeling pretty good now.
  6. Happy I started him
  7. Looks like he's a lock to touch the ball 10 times in this game hopefully he breaks one
  8. Screw it, he's in. I'm tired of getting 4 points from Maclin and Baldwin every week.
  9. Don't start him! 4 catches for 36 yards.
  10. Knile Davis is terrible in pass pro.
  11. Picked him up as Jordan Reed insurance. Hope I don't need him more than a week.
  12. I believe that about as much as this election being rigged.