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  1. There was a piece from a 1-on-1 interview with Kelly last night on CSN where they asked him how he planned on using the RBs, the rotation,e tc. He said the playbook was pretty deep, and there are plenty of snaps/touches for everyone. He also said there will be many times when all three RBs are on the field at the same time, creating match-up problems all over the field for slow-footed LBs. So Murray lined-up as a RB, Matthews split out, and Sproles in motion? I literally can't wait to see this shake out.
  2. Trying to emulate the pats often sounds better than it works What I meant by that was when was the last time you saw the Pats buy big on a RB? They never do. They keep winning. I think Tom Brady has more to do with that than the philosophy itself.
  3. I saw a few Tweets today saying there would be some bent-over Cowboys fans trying to justify the reaming they just took by saying they won't miss Murray, that their OL is the reason Murray ran well, and that Philly is foolish for paying him top-5 money. Cowboyz1, your palms must be on the floor
  4. Good the Eagles will suck even more and won't have the cap to spend to get better. Yet another bad team getting worse. I am so glad the Cowboys brass seems to be getting smarter. The young Jones is taking over and it's showing. Good luck having teams respect the run.
  5. I don't think anyone was down on McCoy because of his age. People were down on him because of his ridiculous much so that had someone not been dumb enough to take him, he would have been cut.
  6. It will take Mariotta a couple years to learn the pro offense, especially since he has only been groomed to run Kelly's offense. By the time Mariotta is ready to win, Marshall will be long gone. That's what they said about Cam Newton. 400 yards passing first two games. Mariota might never be an all-time great, but there is a TON of precedent of young, mobile QBs having success. How much precedent is there for a QB with experience running a very unique offense to learn to run a completely different offense over the course of one training camp, and then be ready to start Week 1 of the NFL season?
  7. Wouldn't having a run-heavy coach actually make it easier to pass, since defenses were obviously playing to stop the run, leaving WRs in man coverage>
  8. It will take Mariotta a couple years to learn the pro offense, especially since he has only been groomed to run Kelly's offense. By the time Mariotta is ready to win, Marshall will be long gone. Me thinks they end up with Foles after a draft-day trade with the Eagles for their #6 overall pick.
  9. Why? Is a good QB going to magically appear or do you think Gino can make a big jump? Nick Foles seems like a likely candidate in a draft day trade for the Jets #6 overall pick.
  10. In on Page 1 of this thread, for the sole purpose of telling my grandkids "I knew this guy was gonna be good".
  11. Only thing I can assume he meant is law of averages? Yep. this is actually the gamblers fallacy Call it what you want but I am loving the fact that he zeroed out this week. Better than going 8-150 and 2 TDs. Yeah, why have solid, consistent production (like Demaryius, Antonio, Jordy, Gronk, etc) when you can hope for lightnin-in-a-bottle production?
  12. Not much. Needed to sell high on him. With Carolina, Chicago and Atlanta on deck for Weeks 14-16??? Today would be a great day to buy lower than what you would have spent yesterday.
  13. Debating on Sjax (with no Smith), Crowell, or Golden in my flex. The news of Golden drawing Revis this Sunday makes me think its between the two RBs.
  14. I think they are going to clinch early. CAR and ATL are horrible and NOR has a bunch of home games left. Those last few weeks might see him dialed back to 15. Huh? They have two tough home games against the Bengals and Ravens, then play three of their last five outdoors in December. I doubt they are pass-heavy in Week 13 at Pittsburgh or Week 15 at Chicago, two places were running the ball in December is a way of life.