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  1. I got a late start fro Florida Cukes, and have never had good luck with them. Any tips from you southern growers on the best methods? Vertical or horizontal vines Raised Bed or container Regular Container or self watering?
  2. And I'm sure you have done more research then me. I suppose I could change my mind if I was in your shoes. Best of luck to you and your family
  3. Personally I would not do the hormone thing on a 16 year old. Love your children as best you can,
  4. My Shepard could not sit down without doing a 360 circle first, RIP Ziggy
  5. Here's an old thread that had a lot of good information in it. Most of the links are probably dead by now, but I learned a lot about container growing back then. I stopped growing everything but herbs for a few years, but just bought a new home with a big back yard last year and have tried getting back into it. I currently have about 5 or six tomato plants. One really nice Romo that I'm cloning. I also took an old pallet. Filled it with dirt and planted corn seed. I have 20 stalks that are doing really well and if I can keep the ants off them, We'll be having corn on the cob for the 4th of July.
  6. I slept for 14 hours last night/today
  7. I heard a lot of the cruise lines are anchored off egmont and bringing in tons of bait fish around them. You could probably find black fin and king fish tearing them up.
  8. Geez it's been so long ago I'm not sure. I'm thinking 50. 00 maybe 60.00. But yeah they had to take the neck off and reset it. Definitely not a job just anyone can do.
  9. I bought a Stagg about 10 years ago. I immediately had the action lowered, and It played like an electric. It obviously doesn't have the tone as a $1500.00 axe, but it's a great guitar for a couple hundred bucks. Stagg Guitars