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  1. The fumblerooski is an underrated play that should be used at least twice an inning or once a period.
  2. I do not take med MJ for an illness (or at all for that matter) but could likely get an RX based on the SSRI and Benzo's I currently prescribed. I do not operate machinery or drive a school bus. I sit at a desk do about 15 minutes of data entry and read the FFA the rest of the day,
  3. This has probably been asked and answered but........ How do you balance medical MJ with a job that does random testing?
  4. I enjoy a swig or two straight from the pickle jar a few times a week. Makes the wife mad if I drink to much and drys out the pickles.
  5. i wear a hockey helmet when I'm iracing. It helps with the immersion,
  6. No you didn't. Every person on the planet could live In New Zealand at the same density as Manhattan.
  7. Every person on the planet could live in New Zealand.
  8. BRAT IN! NPA 2016 Never Trumper 2020 Fence sitter Usually vote "R" Yeah, I think it sucks. If their was challenger I liked. I'd switch from NPA to R to vote in the primary.
  9. I got as much use from the Candy-O album cover then I got from the album
  10. I was watching an old Jeff Carisi youtube just last week. He gave a ton of credit to The Cars for helping .38 Special redefine their sound from being just another southern rock band into a 80's hit maker. Simply by copying their simple 1/8 note pattern.
  11. Yea, I was just thinking about this. Over the next 5 years or so, I'm afraid we will saying good bye to a lot of our road companions,