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  1. Yeah, I'm a no go until I know another book is coming. I did finally pick up Dunk and Egg. So far it's a decent story.
  2. Was I missed? Lack of TB hockey and the tight regulations have cut my time here.
  3. There were Icy Pots, chicks with stashes, amoeba art. And, well snatches still had hair on them.
  4. Was he enjoying a Pina Colada at Trader Vicks?
  5. I can sleep till noon, take a nap at 4:00 and go to bed at 9:30-10:00
  6. I read the first three then listened to 4 and 5. I thought they were okay. The material itself was kind of a let letdown a after the first three. Also, I was caught up on the books/audio before I watched a single episode on HBO. so I had nothing to compare it to.
  7. Well the late 19th century was a special time with large economic growth, and it lead to many of the "tycoon families" However the wages of the workers rose as well. Wilki puts it at like 60% The gap closed the late 20's with the depression. 40's to the 70's was strong period for the unions in steel and the auto industries. The late 70's early 80's saw the unions collapse under their own weight and greed as plants closed do to high labor costs and cheap imports. Sky high inflation and interest rates.
  8. As someone who has also worked and saved for 35+ years and has a substantially lower net worth then you. Lets just say I'm not jealous of your situation, either good or bad.
  9. And I would. and I'd guess I'm considered wealthy to the guy making 16k a year. It's such a sliding scale. So again who gets to decide? Wealth confiscation and redistribution is a dangerous thing, because it leads to an authoritarian type of government that hides behind words like "Direct Democracy" and "Social Justice" to gain power and ultimately decides. In the end when there is no more money to confiscate is when inequality is achieved and you have Venezuela.
  10. LoL I didn't even know who he was before reading this thread.