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  1. Phew.. so happy to hear he's alive. When they brought out the screens and had the media clear put lane. I definitely feared the worst.
  2. Do you at work brushes not worry about some dude dropping a bomb while your brushing?
  3. Promise them free stuff and say you will punish the rich.... Well at least the other rich .....
  4. Great Job by NBC Red Wings vs Sabres prime time. I blame Bettman for this
  5. Mike Condon along with his 2.4m Cap hit and 3.0m salary, was reassigned yesterday02/05/2020 from the Syracuse Crunch to the Orlando Solar Bears.
  6. JBB Didn't handle the goalie situation very well. And it's yet to be seen if he can continue the streak of cap friendly contracts.
  7. Sunspot hubby sure had a real good time.
  8. I'm still pissed I was never nominated. Just like the rest of my life, I guess I failed to put in the work.