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  1. The final roster is in: Solid at QB, RB, D and K. We'll see if the WRs and TEs are good enough.
  2. Tried that, can't do it. Could be a problem for my last pick too.
  3. My pick is on the comments on mfl. Free agent we Anquan boldin.
  4. My next pick is not in MFL, so I PM'ed RuffRodys05 to make the pick for me as I'm busy all day. Thanks
  5. Thanks. If you want to PM me how to do it in case I mess up again, I'd appreciate knowing how to do so for MFL this year. Can't for the life of me figure out how to switch to commissioner mode. FYI - I also cleaned out my mailbox some.
  6. No idea how to log in as the commish, so someone who knows, please give me CAR DEF. Thanks.
  7. How did I time out? Whatever - give me Carolina defense.
  8. Fair enough question. The Ravens drafted Maxx Williams in Round 2 last year for a reason. They don't really believe Pitta will return, and Ben Watson is a veteran insurance policy - just like Owen Daniels was a few years ago. Ideally they'd love for Maxx to step up and be the top RECEIVING / MOVE tight end and Watson be the glorified extra left/right tackle. Watson is one of those great veterans that can do just about anything they ask of him - but he's getting rather old (drafted in 2004, he's 35 now). He had a career year last year, but that was mostly because no other TE in NO stepped up and the Saints had to throw to somebody at the position. I think Watson coaches up Maxx and gets him to be the starting / move TE that Flacco really wants since the loss of Pitta. Granted it is a speculative thought by me, but it's not that far out of the question. At TE25+, he's more than worth the shot late in a draft like this just because of TE-year-2-upside.
  9. My draft so far: Also checking to see how I can add this to a post... OK, looks decent, nice. So far, so good with two starting QBs and TEs, 4 decent WRs (even if none are Top 10 candidates) and two rock-solid RBs. I'll take it in this wide of a league.
  10. Just in case I fat-finger another pick, how do you make a correction? Commish password?
  11. I just screwed up my pick, sorry. Fat fingered it while I was searching. Will post replacement guy here in a minute, sorry.
  12. Afternoon guys. Been a while. Been busy, but I was able to keep up on the draft. Had to go QB/QB here to lock down starters - especially in an 18 team league. After starting at RB (David Johnson), I couldn't pass up Jamaal Charles where I got him. I rarely - if ever - have started RB/RB in these, but two RB1s secures the RB spot and then I can go after the rest. John Brown and Donte Moncrief are not world beaters, but WRs by committee can work. Ertz was a decent TE option as well, so I think I have a decent start so far. Should be quite interesting with 18 squads here.
  13. Hey - I'm in for SSL.  Haven't been on the forums and been on vacation.