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  1. The final roster is in: Solid at QB, RB, D and K. We'll see if the WRs and TEs are good enough.
  2. Tried that, can't do it. Could be a problem for my last pick too.
  3. My pick is on the comments on mfl. Free agent we Anquan boldin.
  4. My next pick is not in MFL, so I PM'ed RuffRodys05 to make the pick for me as I'm busy all day. Thanks
  5. Thanks. If you want to PM me how to do it in case I mess up again, I'd appreciate knowing how to do so for MFL this year. Can't for the life of me figure out how to switch to commissioner mode. FYI - I also cleaned out my mailbox some.
  6. No idea how to log in as the commish, so someone who knows, please give me CAR DEF. Thanks.
  7. How did I time out? Whatever - give me Carolina defense.
  8. Fair enough question. The Ravens drafted Maxx Williams in Round 2 last year for a reason. They don't really believe Pitta will return, and Ben Watson is a veteran insurance policy - just like Owen Daniels was a few years ago. Ideally they'd love for Maxx to step up and be the top RECEIVING / MOVE tight end and Watson be the glorified extra left/right tackle. Watson is one of those great veterans that can do just about anything they ask of him - but he's getting rather old (drafted in 2004, he's 35 now). He had a career year last year, but that was mostly because no other TE in NO stepped up and the Saints had to throw to somebody at the position. I think Watson coaches up Maxx and gets him to be the starting / move TE that Flacco really wants since the loss of Pitta. Granted it is a speculative thought by me, but it's not that far out of the question. At TE25+, he's more than worth the shot late in a draft like this just because of TE-year-2-upside.
  9. My draft so far: Also checking to see how I can add this to a post... OK, looks decent, nice. So far, so good with two starting QBs and TEs, 4 decent WRs (even if none are Top 10 candidates) and two rock-solid RBs. I'll take it in this wide of a league.
  10. Just in case I fat-finger another pick, how do you make a correction? Commish password?
  11. I just screwed up my pick, sorry. Fat fingered it while I was searching. Will post replacement guy here in a minute, sorry.
  12. Afternoon guys. Been a while. Been busy, but I was able to keep up on the draft. Had to go QB/QB here to lock down starters - especially in an 18 team league. After starting at RB (David Johnson), I couldn't pass up Jamaal Charles where I got him. I rarely - if ever - have started RB/RB in these, but two RB1s secures the RB spot and then I can go after the rest. John Brown and Donte Moncrief are not world beaters, but WRs by committee can work. Ertz was a decent TE option as well, so I think I have a decent start so far. Should be quite interesting with 18 squads here.
  13. Hey - I'm in for SSL.  Haven't been on the forums and been on vacation.

  14. Let the process continue... fix was in against Angie, as she is easily the most marketable and will sail into a career. Kree and Candice need the biggest pushes (and Kree needs the biggest push). Candice has a great voice, but Kree is much more of a niche artist.