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  1. Got a situation here, gotta pick three of these dudes to play this sunday in ppr Gio- i'm a little nervous about the emergence of hill and that they may ease him back in Lafell- he has Brady and that's good new but the Lions d is BAD NEWS Jordan Mattews- he has really been my sexy boy as of late, thinking about sticking with um Desean Jackson- boom or bust type of bro but you don't wanna miss the showstopper Alfred Blue- only if Foster doesn't suit up of course, i like me some oh oh hoo Alfred Blue but he may be makin wishes that never come true Input is greatly appreciated
  2. Karma is a ##### Karma is a ##### where's that f'in waitress i will give here a hundred bucks to remove her gypsy curse from my dawg
  3. don't even try to reason with um man they're straight delusional, "but what if" is their whole story and the constant, "he has the talent to do it" blah blah blah, how long people how long can you keep doing this. never own a panther rb never and that means never my goodness do it for your sanity.
  4. ppr, I can only start two of four, Andre Johnson, Chris Johnson, Denarius Moore and Steve Smith. I'm basically eliminating Smith because of Cams struggles and Rob Ryan's Defenses ability to shut down the opposing teams top wideout. I'm feeling Andre and Denarius, but Chris looked like he was trying last week and has had a mini bye week to prepare for the Bills who have a terrible run d thus far. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.