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  1. id go starks, martin worries me and you never know whats going on in new england see mine broski
  2. Calvin, Fitz, Diggs and Crabtree Calvin has a damn ankle issue and i'm afraid of the decoy horsefeathers Fitz is playing the vaunted Seahawk pass d and im hearing 30 mph winds in the minn@oak game riddles from the dark, what do you guys think
  3. alrite so i lied, that's what gamblers do but this is the final chapter Brees(9) Flacco Charles(1) Mccoy(3) Martin(5) Knile(12) Sims, Hayne Edelman(4) John Brown(6) Martavis(7) Funchess(8) Lockett (11) Green Beckham, Harvin, Philly Brown Graham(2) Gates(10) Bailey Eagles
  4. 8 spot, final chapter Brees(8) Cutler Hill(2) Ingram(4) list of a 1,000 jamooks (Helu, A.Williams, Oliver, Chris Johnson, Dunbar, West) Dez(1) Evans(3) ARob(5) John Brown (6) Djax(7) Tyler Lockett(12) Miller(9) Gates(10) Parkey Rams
  5. Why do you have so many TE's? Didn't need to...could have gotten another QB. But regarding the full evaluation of the team, what is your opinion and explain your intelligence and thinking behind your evaluation. I'm ok...if you think my team sucks [i'm honestly ok with it] ....I just like people to share their insights/intelligence of what shapped their opinon. Thanks DBN35 your second wr spot is on the ropes if ag doesnt show up big time and your two flex plays are pretty lack luster. I like Bennett but its looks like taking him mite have crushed your upside a bit
  6. from the 7 hole, take your zero rb strategy and stick it baby you stick it Rodgers(3) Flacco, Winston Lacy(1) Hill(2) Crowell(11) A. Wiilliams, CJ?k, Dunbar Sanders(4) Edelman (5) Downtown John Brown (6) Martavis Bryant(7) Wheaton(8) R. White (10) Gates (9) J Thomas (12) Watson (14) STL D Gostkowski
  7. Nice team here, you really had some value fall to you in this draft, especially in the even rounds... Green and Kelce are great where you got them.. You should be really strong i couldn't believe kelce fell to me in the late 4th and watkins in the 6th even thou i am not in love with him every wr taken after him was no where near as sexy. also aj in the late 2nd im down
  8. From the three hole QB- P. Manning-7th RB- Lacy-1st RB- D. Martin-5th WR- A.J. Green-2nd WR- D. Hopkins-3rd Flex- Watkins-6th Flex- S. Smith-8th TE- Kelce-4th K- Hauschska DEF- HOU RB-Sankey, A Williams, Hillman, Langford, K Williams WR-Coleman,Funchess TE- L. Green
  9. I dunno thou boys gio is playing the desolation row bucs I mean they're selling postcards at the hanging out there. I think you gotta at least run him out there he catches balls and it's not like Ingram isn't in a timeshare too. Djax scares me a bit but all he has to do is hit one big sexy and it's all gravy. Now I'm talking myself into going gio and djax. Am I losing it out there does anyone have that same vibe.
  10. alrite boys im back at it over here, i got Gio, Ingram and the Djax pick two Thinking i should prolly go with the two backs but i like the Colt Mccoy start and figure the Redshins will be mostly playing from behind in that game. If i were to start Djax i would prolly bench Ingram for him because the Steelers run D is fairly stout and Pierre was cutting in quite a bit last week and i expect the Saints to be playing from behind in the Steel City. what say you
  11. Got a situation here, gotta pick three of these dudes to play this sunday in ppr Gio- i'm a little nervous about the emergence of hill and that they may ease him back in Lafell- he has Brady and that's good new but the Lions d is BAD NEWS Jordan Mattews- he has really been my sexy boy as of late, thinking about sticking with um Desean Jackson- boom or bust type of bro but you don't wanna miss the showstopper Alfred Blue- only if Foster doesn't suit up of course, i like me some oh oh hoo Alfred Blue but he may be makin wishes that never come true Input is greatly appreciated
  12. You didn't even answer it babe
  13. if sanders plays you must play him no questions asked but i do love watkins do you have anyone you could take out
  14. i would go fleener all day i've been riding him in a league where i've had te problems for the last month and he has had solid ppr production
  15. i'm thinking you gotta bro cooks is prolly out for the remainder of the regular season and i just see the redskins going farther into the depths out there. Garcon has been down rite garbage and at least stills has Brees i mean that's down.