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  1. I drafted Laviska and picked up Parris. As I've previously stated Laviska is a gamer and can be used in many different ways. Hopefully (and it appears they might try) JAX lines him up in the Wildcat, etc. Full disclosure - CU Buffs fan so the Laviska love is biased.
  2. Loved watching Laviska at Univ of Colorado. Hes a gamer and his teammates will love him. Wouldn't be surprised if he puts up some nice number this year.
  3. 12 team .5 PPR Matty Ice D Henry, Ingram, Ekeler, Royce, Chase, Peyton B OBJ, D Adams, A Rob, Golden Tate, John Brown, Diontae Johnson Kelce, Hunter H Gay Eagles
  4. Yes - Straight up. I've been doing a little research mostly picking favorites. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Looking for a game predictor for college football bowl games. Is there anything like that out there. Looking to win straight up games (no spread) in the office pool.
  6. He can. But give me Gurley or Gordon in 1 pt PPR. Granted top notch!
  7. For whats its worth - Just traded P Rivers & Ingram - Already have Brady, Gronk, Melvin, Cook, Connor and now Fournette. Really needed another WR to go with TY and Stills. for Fournette & Diggs He badly needs a QB and I'm just adding depth. Standard - Non PPR- 10 team league
  8. As somewhat of a joke I offered D Thomas and he rejected. Would possibly add Connor, but he didn't even counter.
  9. Looking at Hogan in 6 or 7. Seems like TB is all over him in PS. I'm hearing Ridley is having a hard time catching the ball. Correct ATL?
  10. Really wanted Drake and wasn't going to drop Kamara or Zeke. Short bench league where can only keep 3 RB's. Have a feeling that SD is going to be tough on Hunt. After this week it's Kamara and Zeke together in the lineup.