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  1. 12 minutes ago, egofailure said:

    Trying to nab 2 of the following 3 in a perpetual keeper league (Non-PPR):

    Parris Campbell

    Brandon Aiyuk

    Laviska Shenault Jr.


    Tempted to rank them as such. Any thoughts? I'm set at WR, this is simply for depth/ceiling. 

    I drafted Laviska and picked up Parris.  As I've previously stated Laviska is a gamer and can be used in many different ways.  Hopefully (and it appears they might try) JAX lines him up in the Wildcat, etc.

    Full disclosure - CU Buffs fan so the Laviska love is biased.

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  2. 2 hours ago, JamieMurphy said:

    Been watching a few of the high stakes drafts and can't help but notice Laviska Shenault creeping up the boards. Went ahead of Aiyuk last night.

    Loved watching Laviska at Univ of Colorado.  Hes a gamer and his teammates will love him.  Wouldn't be surprised if he puts up some nice number this year.


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  3. Bloom - I'm in a bad spot.  Looking for WW WR's.  12 team 1 pt PPR.  Lost (4) WR's to injuries. Currently starting Doctson and Funchess.

    Available are -- Hurns; Moncrief; Lee; Sanu; Anderson; etc.

    Do any of these guys float your boat? 

    Is Mike Williams (LAC) going to do anything this year?