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  1. I'm thinking of trying to move Zeke for DJ. I have in my league a Cowboys homer who has been sitting on DJ. What say you?
  2. Lacy is on the wire in 1 pt ppr. Would you guys drop A Collins, Buck Allen or D'O Foreman for him?
  3. Henry owner here. No - I wouldn't take J Howard for D Henry
  4. I'd hoped to trade for the same, but last years ghost still haunts. Might just have to ride this out with a chaser of D Henry.
  5. This is what I've found. In my 10 team, and 14 I've drafted Zeke both times early. 10 team was 1.03 and 14 team was 1.04. When you draft him this high everybody's board "####s the bed" and you can pickup the pieces. Note - Both of these drafts were timed 60 sec and 90 sec (respectfully) so it gets chaotic. Chaos creates profit! The funny this is that this draft feels like straight by the book. Who wins that way? If you take Zeke early, the board opens up. Perfect time to go Big or go Home.
  6. I took Zeke at 1.4 in a 14 team PPR short bench. Picked Gronk, TY, then Hunt. Note - Start 1 RB, 1 WR, (1) RB/WR. Due to the small rosters there is some able backs on the wire. Note - Guy behind me at 1.5 said he was also looking at him.
  7. He accepted. I give D Book and Dion. Accept S Ware. I was pushing to have H Hunter added in, but it didn't work. So I accepted a 2 for 1.
  8. Real close to moving D Booker and Dion for Ware. Any thoughts?
  9. Was thinking of dropping Dion Lewis for this guy in 1pt PPR? Thoughts?
  10. Threw every thing and the kitchen sink in for this guy. Owner still pondering. Cam; CJ; Booker and J Reed. Note - he is a Redskins fan and likes CJ. Note - I could afford this move. Probably wont happen. He's 1-5 and I'm 5-1.
  11. Got him for R Jennings a week ago. Guy picked him off of the wire the week before. He saw it as a drafted guy for a WW guy. His thinking appears to be flawed to my advantage.
  12. Elway drafted him ahead of R Wilson. That was a mistake.
  13. He is just as likely to score as many TDs as Cam. NAMES DO NOT WIN GAMES, POINTS DO! They do in my league, but then again I play in a $4,000 entry, Super-WCOFF, triple-reverse, double down, mirror league with a modified PPFDR base 8 scoring system along with CSTU & Philo. My car has a 350 - 30 over with a Muncie Rock Crusher (for those that still like to shift) and a 12 bolt with a blonde with double d's in the front seat. 10 5's at 5280.
  14. Is DeSean a sell high? His FF totals can't continue, can they? I believe that his value is tied to Vick and I dont see Vick holding up throughout the year. What say you guys?