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  1. This would be my concern but only if the game is out of hand at the half. Big stage and I'd think he'd want to be out there.
  2. I cancelled 2 days ago- set cancel for 9/17. They called me this morning and offered essentially my current bill of $125 which includes a $55 discount for a year that was expiring on 9/17 plus ST MAX and $200 GC. I tried pressing for a little more to no avail and accepted. I’m good with it. Also NO new contract. Also FWIW- here is the number ‭+1 (410) 919-2969‬ Guy’s name was Justin Piper- claimed he was a supervisor in customer relations. He said to ask for him and specify the Las Cruces location. Apparently calls get routed to a few locations.
  3. Plus 1. 51, lifelong Republican and I am doing the exact same. Also voted Kasich. Fingers crossed....
  4. I called the normal line today - asked to cancel. We had 10 mos. left on a 2 year contract. I tried lying and said that I was told STM was included for two years. The rep very nicely said sorry, no. I said ok and set cancel for next Sunday. She went through what I would have to do as far as returning equipment and how much I owed for cancelling early. I just kept agreeing with her and then she said, "Well, since all you want is ST, I can transfer you to VIP so neither side has to go through the hassle of re-establishing your service." I agreed and after holding for a few minutes, VIP picked up and offered free STM and $53 of our bill for 12 mos. I haven't paid for ST since 2001.
  5. Called 2 days ago. Guy offered $15 off for 10 months but zero on ST. Told me to call back closer to week 1 for a possible discount. My 2-year contract is up next month. Called today and was offered 50% for ST Max if I re-upped for 1 year. I countered with free ST-Max for free if I re-up for 2 yrs and they bit. Also getting Genie and 2 minis with free installation. 45 minutes on the phone but well worth it.
  6. That'd be a snoozer. I don't think I could stomach that much doucebaggery. What's his deal with the clothing line? Does he own part of it, or did he just make a deal to wear "Outlaw" all the time? Oh, and what's the deal with clothing companies that just put out basic mass-produced t-shirts and other items, except all they do is add their own crappy logo to the thing? Lame. The co-owner lives in my neighborhood and drives a giant yellow Hummer H2 - ######## in spades.
  7. Damn. I was hoping another grape Kool-Aid type finale might be possible. These guys make Keystone cops look like geniuses.