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  1. I am L5UT1ger, and I am over my depression of what could have been in 2011 and what could have been if Nick Saban hadn't left on December 25, 2004. This is the apex of my college football fandom. I hope my kids can remember this season. I love each and every one of you!
  2. Confession: I let out a way-too-loud, spontaneous "Amen" when that happened. Im not one to make any noise at a movie.
  3. I agree. No clue why he wouldnt start at a mid level p5 with upside. Seems like he has the qualifications.
  4. Was the first half of the big ten champ game not charactistic of him? I thought the dude looked pretty good. I am admittedly ignorant on him.
  5. Only if he brought a binder to the interview. Its how Ed O got his job, after all, that super impressive binder. I have to wonder if Joe Alleva, who i loathed as A.D., isnt throwing up the middle finger to lots of folks in Baton Rouge these days.
  6. He did. Still, in Smart's defense, he doesnt have the built up credibility of Saban nor the championships in the bank. UGA is still hearing 1980 every year. UGA was super fired up to have the success they were having and only wanted to get over that little tiny hump. I can see being conservative there. Alabama had to win it all or it was a "bad" year. Its not a fair comparison.
  7. Cool site that ranks teams based on whatever you value.
  8. Assuming normal scores in games, If Georgia wins a close one: 1-Ohio state 2-Clemson 3-Georgia 4-Oklahoma, if they win 5-LSU 6-Utah 7-Baylor, if they win. If LSU loses big: 1-Ohio state 2-georgia 3-Clemson 4-Oklahoma, if they win 5-Utah 6-baylor if they win 7-LSU In my opinion, LSU has to win to get in unless Baylor and Utah win by a normal amount, and the LSU loss is close. OU is in if they win. Names on jerseys matter to the committee. I’m not comparing how i believe the committee will treat the names on front of OU and LSU. I’m comparing names of Baylor and Utah v. LSU and OU. OU v LSU with one loss: OU conference championship. OU winning last few games OU has name recognition. OU has a few top 25 wins OU beat Texas by a comparable amount. It avoids controversy as far as inclusion. It values conference championships Sure, LSU would have better wins and loss, but when has that not mattered as much to the committee? When it’s a blue blood with the inferior resume. OU is a blue blood. The resume will matter if it’s LSU v Baylor or Utah. It’s how they work. They find the result they want then change the criteria to justify the result and tout that as what matters this week. You don’t even have to look very hard to see the committee choosing which factors matter more based on their desired outcome: Why was Ohio state ahead of LSU last week? Because the committee thought Ohio state was better and wanted them at 1. Therefore, eye test / complete team became more important than resume. Now, after this week, the resumes are pretty much the same. Why was Alabama at 5 with no quality wins versus Minnesota and Baylor? Because the committee wanted them ahead. The resume only matters of it favors who they think is better.
  9. And have a ho-hum program guy as your backup, some 4 star that didnt pan out or a project guy.
  10. It sure seems that way, unless you are so much better than other teams its crazy. I find the defenses today, especially those from teams with dominate offenses, worry more about creating turnovers than 3 and outs. Thus, they take risks. This makes sense to me to play that style of defense coupled with a dominate offense. If you have a dominate offense, the worst thing for your defense to be would be a bend but dont break style because you end up gassed and useless by the 4th. Plus, if you have a lead and a dominate offense, the other team will have to take more risks on Offense. Thinking Saints 2006. etc. There has to be a mental element to it as well. Regardless, I hate the way LSU is playing defense. A radio host in BR who is generally an idiot said something funny this week: "Things i never thought i'd see in my lifetime" Homecoming Kings A plant based whopper sandwich A white boy rushing for 200 on the tigers