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  1. PPR league Jack Doyle vs Bal Greg Olson vs TB Who should I start?
  2. PPR league, need to start 3, who do you bench? Laveon Bell Kareem Hunt Ezekial Elliot Christian McCaffery
  3. Don’t overthink this one, go with Mariota
  4. Gio and Drake for first one Gio and Hunt did second Tate on third
  5. Gio vs Bears, he will be a work horse vs a very beat up Bears D Diggs vs Car, simply because it is a PPR and you can’t count on Jamal Williams getting another long TD
  6. Big Bears fan here, they are very beat up on defense and I can see the Bengals getting a lead early in this game. While there is a good chance Washington is playing from behind the entire game. I would go with Gio
  7. 4 points per Pass TD, 1 pt every 25 yards passing. Newton vs Minnesota Big Ben vs Baltimore who do you like?
  8. I got him 5.6 in a 12 team PPR league. I got multiple comments after that pick that we was the next persons target. I think early to mid 5th is where you need to grab him. If you have a late 5th pick you are probably screwed because early 4th is to early to grab him
  9. Was offered $25 bucks off per month and free Redzone only channel. I Declined and moved on to Comcast. DTV called me about 5 times over the last two weeks to earn back my biz, but I was not interested. They have been getting pretty bad in my area for signal strength. Just a light drizzle will knock the satellite out. Figured I would try the evil corp of Comcast to see what they are all about and if they are as evil as everyone says they are.