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  1. Oof. Talk about some rotten eggs. Except for Julio. But for a guy that had like 85 yards in the first quarter he had a quiet night.
  2. I’ll one up it. I’m starting Ryan, Julio AND Ridley tonight in the same lineup. (And DJ Moore) I have a lot of eggs in one thursday basket. Let’s make some omelets.
  3. Wouldn’t you like to know weather boy.
  4. Perfect timing for those (me) that need him (Hasty) next week due to byes. If he performs well this week on my bench and then Coleman comes back I’ll be confused. Unless someone pops on waivers next week I’m looking forced to start him anyways.
  5. Random question, as I don’t play Independent Defensive Player leagues. DK Metcalf play as an example. When a turnover occurs does an offensive player get credit for a tackle?
  6. I’m suddenly stuck with a plethora of viable fantasy WRs. I’d love to trade DJ Moore before tonight but having a hard time finding someone willing to offer much of value. Redraft. If not, He’s a solid start for me tonight with what I’m hoping is a high scoring game.
  7. Yes, I think it’s time to worry about his lack of touches.
  8. I want to rage drop Fant for Goedert. Talk me off the ledge. If he can’t go this week I just start some other dude off the wire to get me 30 yards.
  9. Did he? I didn’t get to watch the game. Yahoos blurb from rotoworld states he was not 100% and visually hobbling around. Reading just that, I was thinking of pivoting back to Jared Cook or try and see what Gesicki holds with Tua. I really suck at TE this year.
  10. The Drake owner in my league traded drake, then dropped Edmonds for Akers. Oof. Hes a pretty solid fantasy player, but I guess sometimes some see more value in your own handcuff than others. 5 man benches. Hindsight is 20/20 but still the wrong call with Akers getting no carries last week.
  11. I don’t even know what that phrase means... BUT I LIKE IT!!! 🎄
  12. I mean, technically he “touched” the ball, but he didn’t get an official carry in the game.
  13. I want to trade for Lamar! Mainly because my team stinks and I’m desperate for some ember to kickstart it. Not even sure it’s a good move.