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  1. They did not trail until the 3rd quarter and even then only be 7. Trailing shouldn’t mean don’t run.
  2. Owning Breida and Coleman on a team leading the NFL doesn’t feel great. Just turns into your own internal WDIS battle every week.
  3. Traded him away in redraft. Mainly because I’m tired of reading this thread.
  4. Guy in the nfl #1 rushing offense that nobody is talking about. Coleman. Have to start him due to injury now. Looked great last week and surprised how many carries he got after Breida’s hot start. Not sure what to expect tomorrow.
  5. Reading some of these quote it may be up to Gurley to decide if he can play. What do Gurley owners do if he plays? Start him business as usual?
  6. This is really frustrating as a Gurley owner who has been holding Brown all year. Dropped him Tuesday on waivers for Edmonds. Don’t need to get into arguing if that was a good or bad call, but I definitely would have held if I knew this info.
  7. I’m an Edmonds and Gurley owner who just dropped Brown Tuesday for Edmonds. This was right before it was announced that Gurley wasn’t practicing. Not sure who I’d rather own. People are so frustrated with the Rams rushing offense even with Gurley, maybe I like Edmonds more. If Brown is still sitting their in free agency tomorrow it will be a tough decision.
  8. Gurley owner with everything going wrong for my point to the shirt team in 2019. Just dropped Malcolm Brown, so knowing that, this is serious. Honestly though, I follow the guy on Instagram and he was out reading with kids all day for charity. I know that doesn’t help with injury report but maybe he got a day off? He’s a good follow on Instagram. Seems like a pretty humble and legit dude compared to some players out there.
  9. McCoy has been a tough cookie to own. I have 3 decent running backs in front of him so he’s been hard to start based on both gut and rankings, although at times he’s put up more points a few weeks than some of my backs. But, he’s also been impossible to trade. Even for WR2. This last game doesn’t help that. But I think everyone is having a tough time seeing starting RB value out of him.
  10. Thanks. Yeah. My mahomes owner is dangerously thin at RB with Michel, James White and D Montgomery as his only RBs. Ive offered Wentz and Gurley to radio silence. Still feels like a lowball to me knowing what mahomes can do, but I’m not sure I have any more pieces to give up to just eradicate my team. I also own Tyreek and my team is hurting so I salivate if I get him and Hill comes back to do what he does best. Hard to call Mahomes a buy low candidate, but with two mediocre games the window to buy could be now or never because another blow up game and he’s back to being untouchable. With my luck this year, I’ll get him and he’ll die and Gurley and Wentz will take off into RB#1 and QB#1 status.
  11. What did it take to get him? I just made an offer as well, but anything I piece together feels like a lowball offer due to what everyone knows mahomes can do.
  12. I also faced Watson and Fuller combo, but he had McCaffrey as well. It was over before it started.
  13. 5 TD Hot Sauce Time! @Hot Sauce Guy
  14. Healthy fresh Alshon. Does he show up today? Rated fairly high in many rankings as an end of the pack WR2 play... which is about what I expect for him. Have a few swing for the fences guys behind him. Like Alshon’s targets but I have yet to see Wentz look right for a whole game, coupled with Alshon dropping a few easy balls.