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  1. Bloom likes Brady over Ben as well. I’ve been rolling Ben all year and he’s the reason many weeks I got here. But I do tend to use Blooms rankings as a tie breaker and have been rolling with his rankings for the most part all year as they tend to be high risk high reward at times.
  2. My championship opponent dropped Tom Brady to the wire. I have Big Ben but he is starting Antonio and Samuels so I’ve gotta think about that hard. I feel like he’s asking me to start him.
  3. Could have swore they said Sutton walked to the sideline right after that. maybe they just meant it as in changing the play package for short yardage.?
  4. Did they say something about him going to the sideline? I’m watching on mobile and thought I heard that but can’t rewind.
  5. That’s the exact game I needed and expected from him. Needed him to fall into the end zone and he did. I didn’t come into the game expecting a world beater, but he did what he needed to do.... stayed on his feet at the 3 yard line and let his linemen pile him into the end zone.
  6. This was my thought process last Thursday with Henry. Just hoping for a TD and him to fall into the end zone once.
  7. With Connor questionable it’s looking like McGuire will get plugged into my flex spot. I haven’t watched one Jets snap this year and the first time I’ve owned anyone other than Crowell who has sat on my bench all year. What can we expect from Elijah?
  8. This is tough with all these Saturday games if you don’t own Samuel... me. I only have Ian Thomas as an even dart throw behind Connor in my flex. I have a few RB2/3 options today but none offer the upside of Connor. Wish they’d just declare him out.
  9. Find a Penny, pick it up, in the playoffs you’ll have good luck.
  10. I’ve got Green Bay this week, which scares me a bit, and am pairing them with New England for a playoff run.
  11. Benched him both big games as well. Starting both tonight without confidence. Going against Brees as well, so could just be me hoping for a big rushing day from both and limited Brees scoring.
  12. Starting over D Cook, T Boyd, J Howard. Also own Kamara. Every time I’ve sat Ingram he’s exploded. Can’t afford that tonight.
  13. Picked up Engram last week as Bloom him rated high off the wire. Didn’t even play. Not blaming Bloom, just basking in the glory of what is the sinkhole of my tight end position this year. Graham was dropped in one league. Currently have him and Burton and not a clue what to do.