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  1. It’s a panic pick after Elliot went right before them
  2. Zimmer definitely wins for comfiest draft cabin.
  3. Thielen with an ankle injury at today’s practice and listed as limited. Was supposed to speak to the media but did not. Not sure how bad it is, but doesn’t seem like a good thing.
  4. Had Latavius Murray going against Brees and Thomas. Catch for a td. Reversed. Latavius gets his one shot to punch it in. Can’t get a yard. Brees to Thomas DAGGER. 18 point swing in a matchup that I’ll likely lose anyways, but that way the turning point.
  5. Why do the Steelers insist on snell when Conner is running hard?
  6. For a second I thought you were talking Hunter Henry.
  7. I’ve got Latavius as a sneaky start today. Maybe because he’s all I got with Henry sitting. But I could see the Saints leaning on the run game heavily today in a game that the titans have virtually given up on. Fearless prediction. 80 yards rushing. 2 tds. 40 yards receiving.
  8. With Henry sitting in non PPR I have the choice between Latavius Murray and Jamaal Williams for the championship. Both poor options, so I need to get a td. Wire is pretty bare, but guys like Cohen, Gaskin, Scott, Gus Edwards available on the wire. Thanks Bloom. Happy holidays!
  9. Terrible news to hear on championship weekend. He’s been my RB1 all year as my team is built more around WR. Dion Lewis is owned and I don’t have great options between Latavius Murray and Jamaal Williams. The cupboard and the wire is bare.
  10. Im just chiming in to say I was going against Mostert and San Fran defense and feeling oh so good until about 45 seconds ago.
  11. Start 3/4 if Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, Keenan Allen, Perriman. Keenan Allen or Perriman is the true choice it seems... Non PPR. Starting Jameis At QBand without a good performance from him my team is likely going down as an underdog. So leaning Perriman but could use an expert opinion.
  12. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen so much excitement over a 3rd string running back. Wouldn’t you think a fantasy championship team likely has a couple of backs better than this guy? You would think that. And if you were looking at my team, you’d be wrong.
  13. I’m pretty much forced to start him either way as I don’t have a better option. So he’s in my lineup for championship weekend. But do we think Conner will get some more carries this week after getting through last game unscathed? He seemed to A) start out hot on the ground with a few good runs and then they rotated in the other guys B) looked good in the passing game on that td C) was virtually nowhere to be seen when the Steelers were trying to come from behind He was a shining spot of both the start of the first half and the start of the second, but then he was replaced by the committee it seemed. Any Steelers fans have a read on how he might be used? This is a must win for Pitt.
  14. Oh yeah baby! Tennis Balls! We all saw how that worked out last week.
  15. Won by .4 and noticed that Ryan Griffen took 4 kneel downs for Winston at the end of the game. Now that’s fantasy. Offensive Stat corrections seem pretty sparse these days.
  16. Through the same age (25), Brees 56 TD passes, Jameis 118 with 2 games to go.
  17. I had 59 yards to give to Cook and survived. Second half shutout baby!
  18. He’ll be a tough start with no Evans and no Godwin. But I’m not even sure what’s left on the wire.
  19. Wonder if Brees went in and tossed that to Thomas just to break it. 29/30
  20. As expected. Not on the inactive list. Good luck to Cook owners.
  21. I’ll be watching from behind my couch just like that smiley I think he’s fine. The communication chain has been a bit cryptic in that he’s “expected to play” but I think that’s just us jaded fantasy owners reading through the tea leaves But I still find it odd that I never saw any factual news that he cleared concussion protocol. I read and re read the protocol today and you technically can practice in full without taking hits and still be in the protocol. But I think again it’s just wishful thinking going against him in a close matchup. I did Pick up Josh Hill just in case.