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  1. I forgot to add this part: Who am I racist against? The human race? I can't use the word subhuman because they Nazi's used it???? You are so ####### nuts. I'll go back to what I've said before. We put the rational people on one side and you and your buddies on the other side a wall and you are mad max within a month.
  2. As we get closer and more of these losers riot, it will suck votes from your old bag and send more votes to Trump. They are actually helping his numbers....which is great because you love them.
  3. Trump really needs to win so we can go out and crush these losers burning American flags. I'm talking clubbing these rioters right over the head, throwing them in a bus and driving them to the US-Mex border. These low IQ sub-humans used to burn American Flags outside the US. Now we have allowed it inside.
  4. These are your people. Fortunately they are helping others (watching them act like idiots) make their decision and that is to vote against them (meaning vote against Hillary). We thank the low IQ loser protesters. They are helping Trump and hurting Hillary.
  5. Um...we don't care. Probably gained 2-3 points in the next poll.
  6. We need to crush these rioting protesters. They are just losers.
  7. Whether the market a short covering rally or a breakout to new highs, it is an impressive run.
  8. Here's mine. 'Oh well, at least the stock market will continue to go up and increase my wealth.'
  9. Lots of low IQ, Hillary supporters being arrested outside a Trump rally. What a surprise. Throwing rocks. Such losers.
  10. Stevie has never been so insulted in her life. Hillary is Susan Boyle.
  11. You'll need a 50 cal to start with then when we get closer, pull out the ar-15, then when we get closer, maybe a Glock and finally some sort of knife but keep a derringer handy to finish yourself off when the rest of us roll right over you.
  12. We don't care. We are coming for ya. Run and hide. We got the lead in the latest polls. Time to stock up on depends because you are going to be ####ting your pants soon.
  13. So what country do you guys move to when the Trump Train rolls over ya?