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  1. He'd rule the Smurfs, but they would not be nearly as happy and carefree. And they'd wash everyone's feet.
  2. (your facts are incorrect, btw) I thought of this thread today after watching the Baltimore game. My line of thinking heading over here was "I bet the thread is dead. There can't really be any argument against him anymore, can there?". I'm flabbergasted there is. People say he wasn't the best WR in the league, and then use his stats when he was on the worst passing team (attempts) in the league, or the year he missed two games and still ravaged DBs to put up top stats. Here's a secret: he was still the best WR when on bad teams. In fact, he was historically good for being on those teams. Another of my favorite WRs, Fitz, is in a similar boat - but Fitz is well liked, built like a stud WR and a hell of a representation of what a WR should be marketing wise - and the NFL (and media) has taken advantage of that. Good for Fitz. I love the guy. Smith is not that guy, but has done strikingly similar work on the field with, at times, less. Give me some time to round up Smith's work. His all time ranking, not just in stats overall, but stats within dismal offeneses, is amazing.
  3. Yes, it is. Any stat that indicates Smith might be the greatest pound for pound WR of his era is not just great - it's a fantastic fact!
  4. Good stuff. Thanks. I'll be watching the next few weeks with interest. Short WRs have more of a chance these days with contact rules for defenses and they way offenses are run. I pay attention to small guys more than I did in the past.
  5. For those that didn't see the game: Taylor Gabriel Highlights I read somewhere that the Falcons made a decision to use him more as a regular WR this week instead of just a deep threat. This kid is explosive. I don't see how they won't use him as much or more every week. I show him 5th on the depth chart in Atlanta. Is that right? After this week he's gotta be considered the 3 after Julio and Sanu, no matter the chart. For Dynasty guys, could he eventually take the 2 spot in the future? I haven't watched too much of this guy. What are his flaws? How's his route running? Hands, etc?
  6. I like the fact that Collins is playing for a contract next year. Double barrel motivation: Prove the Pats wrong and get "Von money". Let's go, Collins.
  7. Hoss Style

    Vonn Bell

    Good stuff. I'm gonna be sure to catch all his games this year, and see if his effort is there. I've heard good stuff about him so far this year, but it's nice to hear the other side, as well.
  9. Yeah, WTF was that? I know he can throw it that far, right? I'm watching the replay right now, and it's almost exactly 50 yards in the air (from the other 45(ish) to the 5). Maybe he was throwing it short on purpose for the tip? Either way, it was crap, and his entire game, pretty much, was crap too.
  10. You know it's not a good performance by your team when everyone watching the game was counting on the Charger's penchant for choking to win us the game. We'd given up on our offense doing anything at any point to give us a chance. Everyone watching the game with me, though, still had real hope. San Diego breaks down in Romo-esque proportions on the regular. I was pissed after this game. We couldn't cover a damn TE to save our life, and our offense didn't seem to have any big play ability (because of the players, and the coach's calls, in my opinion). Just a very disheartening game to watch. Plus I hate Rivers' beady little face.
  11. Yeah, he deserves a thread. I watched the game today, and the kid was non stop when on the field. Never stopped pursuing.
  12. Hoss Style

    Vonn Bell

    Vonn Bell could be the next young stud at S. The Saints are often playing 3 safeties on the field at the same time. Vonn seems to play a lot close to the line from what I've seen. I'm still a bit nervous because the Saints like all 3 of their safeties, but I saw a quote where Bell is forcing the coaches to use him more because he's playing so well. The last game the Saints played (Week 4 before their Week 5 Bye) they switched up their base Safety package and started Vaccaro and Bell - swapping Bell for the usual starter in Byrd. Byrd became the 3rd safety that came in for for those sets. Another possible knock against Byrd is that when CB Delvin Breaux returns soon, it will allow them to use 3 CBs in nickle instead of 3 safeties (like they have been). It looks like Bell has taken that starting safety position and will run with it, so Byrd should be the odd man out - not Bell. Many of you probably know this already, but since I was scouring past games and stats looking for young Safeties these past few days, I figured I'd share a bit on the guy I targeted and eventually traded for. I'm not a Saints homer, though, so I could be off on some of my assumptions, but I feel good about Bell's future in this defense.
  13. I had him on my bench behind Compton. I wasn't completely sold on him as the better option. I just watched the game. I'm sold. Wish I'd been "sold" before this game...
  14. Hilton's a go, right? I can't find anything saying yes or no on the guy. Listed as questionable.
  15. Yes. Was a great back up in case we needed it. We all knew that if Brock stayed, though, that it wasn't going to be "break the bank" money, and it would be an open competition in camp. They've liked Siemian since they signed him, which is why they kept him around.