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  1. Survivor style contest - works perfectly for 14 teams. Each week, the lowest scoring team is eliminated, the rest advance. The team that gets all the way to the end without being the lowest scorer (of those left), wins the pot.
  2. I'm trying to remember a more divisive / discussed valuation of a player in the one month after the draft, at least that wasn't off field related. McCaffery maybe?
  3. Supposedly she had given it to a friend a while ago and the friend ended up passing it to the news. Unclear if it was at her request.
  4. Thanks for posting. When did this draft start? Just curious to put the Tyreek Hill 3.11 spot in context.
  5. Anyone hanging onto him for dynasty purposes as a Gordon cuff? He flashed as both a runner and pass catcher at times when Gordon and / or Ekeler was out. Seems to be a better all around back then Ekeler.
  6. FFPC: 2019 2.05, 2020 5th for Baker Mayfield, 2020 4th
  7. How do people think his value is impacted *if* Tyreek is gone. I would think he's still a clear cut notch above the rest of the QBs out there (fantasy wise), but the ceiling has to come down a bit. Chiefs could get another speedster, but would be hard to replace Hill as has been so much more than that.
  8. Robert Kraft publicly denied his involvement of what he’s been accused of- I don’t think anyone believes that. Granted he was formally charged.
  9. Saquon possibly worth both the 1 and 2 dynasty picks now.
  10. Possible it was just fat fingered and reversed for that reason? I don’t see FFPC reversing a lot of trades, especially that quickly.
  11. 2 separate FFPC trades: 1) Mike Williams for Chris Carson 2) 2020 2nd round for Antonio Callaway