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  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ESPN: Raiders LT Trent Brown accused of domestic violence
  2. Looks like a big redistribution in snap counts to be essentially an even split with Edwards this past week. Was there an injury that kept him off the field, game flow, something else?
  3. A hobbled Mahomes can be beat, outside of the Pats the AFC is inconsistent across the board. No need to get crazy expectations, but let's go week by week!
  4. I hate to bring it up, but from a dynasty perspective, this is the RB world we live in - risk for holdout next offseason? Carolina owner Tepper is a shrewd hedge fund guy who presumably moved to Florida to save on taxes. I assume they'll exercise the 5th year option, but if he has an MVP like season and is locked in on a rookie contract for 2 more years...
  5. Good win. Ugly Burfict situation. Currently sitting in a wild card spot!
  6. Saw this go down in an FFPC league: Aaron Rodgers & 2020 2nd for Miles Sanders New Rodgers owner lost Brees. Old Rodgers owner also has Ryan.
  7. Was only able to really catch the highlights. Seems like a lot of the big Chiefs plays came on 3rd down, and specifically in the big 2nd quarter they were 3rd and longs.
  8. Ugh. Abram shoulder injury. Josina Anderson reporting possibility of IR
  9. Decent game Sunday. 3rd in the DAL WR group assuming Gallup continues to perform. Still, Cowboys offense was opened up, and Beasley I believe had some good games in the slot there for Dak, anyone buying?
  10. Thinking this will come down to Gruden - would think he wants to find a way to keep him, and he's the one ultimately with power over Mayock, right? Implicit if not explicit.
  11. Any reason to still hang on here? Kind of a bust of a preseason after the hype above. Apparently on the active roster, not IR.
  12. I know the McVay is sitting pretty much all meaningful skill position players all preseason games. How about the O-line? Have the 1s been out there?
  13. Big positive for Chubb and potential receiving work?