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  1. Not sure if it impacts anything, but Demarcus Robinson re-signed today for a year
  2. Anyone aware of a specific date that any potential cut or restructure would need to take place?
  3. Maybe the info is out there somewhere on why they don't, but would it make more sense for many of the combine drills to be done in pads? Not that there's direct correlation in general from the drills, but seems like it might provide more useful results for actual game performance.
  4. Fair, but what about contacts or goggles / glasses?
  5. This sounds so crazy to me. A #1 overall pick who has thrown countless bad interceptions. The team has known he has eyesight problems and they never forced the issue for corrective lenses?
  6. This went down in FFPC: Terry McLaurin, Ronald Jones, 2021 2nd for Melvin Gordon Hard to place a value on Gordon these days
  7. Some odd comments on “chilling out” & possible retirement. Not sure if it’s just some weird contract posturing or what. Probably doesn’t matter much anyways, likely cut. Can’t envision anywhere where his value would actually improve?
  8. Kind of crazy, he gets so few YAC and had a bunch on that play getting behind the D. Then poof, hammy.
  9. Anyone downgrading stream ability based on NY area weather today?
  10. Looking like it could potentially be wet and a little windy in NJ today.
  11. Dang, Arden Key likely out for the season with foot injury.
  12. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ESPN: Raiders LT Trent Brown accused of domestic violence
  13. Looks like a big redistribution in snap counts to be essentially an even split with Edwards this past week. Was there an injury that kept him off the field, game flow, something else?
  14. A hobbled Mahomes can be beat, outside of the Pats the AFC is inconsistent across the board. No need to get crazy expectations, but let's go week by week!