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  1. Anyone know of any fantasy websites that would not count the Wed game towards Week 12???
  2. great list, thanks! Despite the injuries, don’t see how Saquon falls out of top 5 next year. Perhaps by some rankings, but ADP unless something big changes he’s gonna be way up there?
  3. Great point, and actually even more important because Bills/Dolphins and Colts/Titans are guaranteed two of the spots. Could take 11 wins.
  4. Tough loss being such a tight game the whole time. But you gotta be 98% perfect to beat KC and Raiders were only 85-90% after a few big missed opportunities (the first FG that should have been an opportunity to punch it in from the 1 and then the tough, but makeable Agholor drop) It did feel like KC O was just toying around at points today. They knew they could dink and dunk their way down the field, but didn't feel like they ever really went for the home run. Not sure if that was by design or the Raiders D game plan.