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  1. I love following threads like this. Below are some under the radar prospects that have an excellent shot to be returners: Chris Williams - 4.28 speed that Trestman poached off the Saints PS late last season. Was a CFL star who took 6 returns for TD's one season including 2 against Trestman in one game. Trestman lured him from the Saints to the tune of a 100k signing bonus. Has added value as an accomplished slot receiver. His highlights are impressive..... Michael Ford, a 2nd year RB from LSU, is another impressive physical specimen that will compete at RB. If I had to guess, Williams will be the PR with Ford returning kickoffs. Alan Bonner - Late round pick by the Texans in 2013 who spent his rookie year on IR. Has slot skills as well, and the Keshawn Martin experiment has been a disappointment. People close to the team reported that Bonner has impressed O'Brien all off-season. Explosive with the ball in his hands. Kealoha Pilares - The Panthers KR two season ago. Was on IR last season with ACL plus Ginn took the job. Former 5th rounder with elite physical metrics. Won't be surprised if he spends a lot of time at WR either. Easily the most athletic / explosive WR currently on the roster. Will likely compete with Barner for the KR job. Potential to pull double duty at KR and PR. (at WR) Josh Boyce Bernard Reedy (explosive PR that has to make Falcons roster first) Albert Wilson (Chiefs UDFA)
  2. It happens often. "Similar" H/W/S guys with limited production, for one reason or another, don't make it every year. From a similar production standpoint, Marcus Davis and Mark Harrison from last year come to mind, but they weren't even selected. Josh Morgan, Jerry Porter, Will Franklin and Kelley Washington are others that I recall that were drafted fairly high. Though not as explosive, Nick Toon is another higher profile guy that hasn't made much noise with similar production and physical metrics to Moncrief. On the flip side, there have been a ton of guys with a similar athletic profile and crazy NCAA production that didn't make it either.....Kelley Washington, Greg Little, Jon Baldwin, Johnnie Morant, Stephen Hill, Tyrone Calico, Justin McCareins, Dez White, Chad Jackson and DHB were all drafted early.
  3. Finished cutting up 4 more of his games from 2013: vs Washington State vs Utah vs San Diego State vs USC
  4. Just took my first stab at doing a video cut-up. I'll do an updated version as soon as I buy the license....the ad shows at times during the video. I'm going to do a few more before I purchase it to see if I can get faster and improve my editing. The first player I did was WR Antwan Goodley of Baylor. Antwan Goodley vs Iowa State (2013)
  5. I just finished our yearly one round Devy Draft in one of my leagues. I thought some folks might find the results interesting: 1 - Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin (Me) 2 - Mike Davis, RB, South Carolina 3 - Nelson Agholor, WR, USC 4 - Ezekiel Elliot, RB, Ohio State 5 - Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss 6 - Duke Johnson, RB, Miami 7 - Karlos Williams, RB, Florida State 8 - Jalen Strong, WR, Arizona State 9 - Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State 10 - Thomas Tyner, RB, Oregon 11 - Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU 12 - Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama 13 - Marquez North, WR, Tennessee 14 - Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland (Me) Already on rosters from previous years: Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama T.J. Yeldon, RB, Alabama Braxton Miller, QB, Ohio State Michael Dyer, RB, Louisville Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Missouri Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia 5 of the 14 picks won't be eligible for the draft for at least 2 years. In a fairly shallow league (25), that's a long time to wait for a return. I'm not versed on the incoming or 1-year guys like I should be, but it was the first time I'd ever heard of Ezekiel Elliot. I'm still not completely sold on Diggs, but I thought he offered good value where I got him. With my eye on getting something next year, it came down to Diggs and Ajayi. Since I'm already loaded at RB, I went WR. I'm sure it'll end up biting me.
  6. It's not current and the data isn't up to date, but I posted a really simple WR study last year. Matthews was included in the elite category. I've modified this A LOT since it was posted, but I haven't finished preparing it to reflect the changes.
  7. I posted this in the IDP thread but some may have an interest in it since it combine related. Keep in mind that I'm a complete amateur but I just finished my first part of a Pass Rusher study that is completely driven by non-subjective metrics. Once the combine wraps up, I'm going to include this year's guys in it and see where they stand.....looking for the next great pass rusher.
  8. Tulsa WR Keyarris Garrett developing well. He's a true Soph.
  9. My first year participating, and it was a lot of fun. Like most others, I'll need a lot of luck. Tom Brady $30 Andrew Luck $11 Doug Martin $21 Stevan Ridley $16 Ben Tate $12 Robert Turbin $6 Bernard Scott $4 Jonathan Dwyer $4 Cedric Benson $3 Justin Forsett $2 Taiwan Jones $2 Julio Jones $23 Brandon Lloyd $18 Torrey Smith $16 Pierre Garcon $14 Kendall Wright $6 Donald Jones $4 Louis Murphy $2 Ryan Broyles $2 Aaron Hernandez $23 Kyle Rudolph $11 Dwayne Allen $2 Alex Henery $4 Greg Zuerlein $3 Philadelphia Eagles $6 New England Patriots $5
  10. From Evan Silva of Rotoworld: "Panthers wide receiver David Gettis Brandon LaFell is often talked up as a 2012 breakout candidate, but it was 2010 sixth-round pick David Gettis playing ahead of LaFell two years ago, when both were rookies. (LaFell was drafted three rounds before Gettis.) Gettis opened 2011 training camp as the Panthers' starter opposite Steve Smith. Unfortunately, Gettis tore his left ACL on August 10 and missed the entire season. Gettis turned in a pair of 90-plus yard performances as a rookie, amid oft-horrific quarterback play in Carolina. (Read: Jimmy Clausen.) For game review, I chose Gettis' season-best effort -- Week 7 versus San Francisco -- and an eight-target affair in the regular season finale against Atlanta. Before we hit re-watching in full stride, it should be noted that Gettis was a three-time California high school state champ in the 400 meters. He can get it going for a big dude. Gettis stands 6-foot-3, 217, and ran 4.43 at the 2010 Combine. He bettered that with a 4.39 at Baylor's Pro Day. Gettis played Z and slot in the 49ers game. He moved to X at Atlanta with Steve Smith (calf) out. Gettis isn't a natural, quick-twitch slot guy -- we'll get to his skill set in a bit -- but I always like it when young players know multiple receiver positions. Remember, Gettis was a late-round rookie. Watching him play, it doesn't take long to notice that Gettis is a tenacious, physical blocker. He is an impact player in the running game, and I thought that was an especially promising trait for a supposed "track guy." Those types are not always considered physical. Gettis loves mixing it up. The best Gettis block I saw came in the third quarter of the Falcons game. He locked onto CB Dunta Robinson and drove him 12 yards downfield to spring LaFell for 64 yards on an end around. Gettis showed toughness as a pass catcher on an early second-quarter slot route against San Francisco, running right around CB Shawntae Spencer's man coverage off the line of scrimmage and securing Matt Moore's pass for 20 yards with S Reggie Smith draped all over him. Gettis absorbed a blow during the reception, but held on tight and popped right back up after the whistle. The then 23-year-old caught his first NFL touchdown pass on an out-and-up double move in the red zone, juking Nate Clements to the point that the veteran cornerback literally fell down. Gettis comfortably hauled in Moore's 18-yard scoring strike. Gettis' long catch of the 49ers game came on second-and-ten in the fourth quarter. Lined up in the slot, Gettis ran a deep corner route down the right sideline and tracked the ball fabulously in the air, sitting in a soft spot to execute the 39-yard connection over the top of Clements' coverage. Gettis showed some resiliency late in the game. He had a brutal fourth-quarter drop of a would-be touchdown just a few snaps after the 39-yard gain, letting Moore's perfectly-placed pass bounce off his chest. Gathering himself, Gettis atoned on the next possession by blowing past Spencer's off coverage to pull in a diving 21-yard touchdown. The score tied the ballgame 20-20 with under two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, and John Kasay later banged home the game-winner. Though less productive at Atlanta -- Jimmy Clausen was typically abysmal -- Gettis got open fairly consistently against Brent Grimes, more than holding his own versus the Falcons' top cornerback. Gettis is a lanky, leggy long strider. He's not quick in a short area, but flashes ability to contort his body and secure errant throws. And he flies downfield. Gettis' explosion off the line is subpar, but he reaches top speed quickly enough to create separation in the intermediate and deep sections. I think Gettis could max out as a Braylon Edwards type; along the lines of his 2010 season with the Jets. Assuming Gettis bounces back from the ACL, his floor may be in the Michael Jenkins range. Gettis isn't worth drafting in 2012 fantasy leagues, but he's a player to monitor closely as a vertical threat in a vertical offense. And he has a history of beating out the commonly higher-rated LaFell. At the very least, I think Gettis is capable of bringing a new dimension to Carolina's pass attack."
  11. It's going to be interesting to see how Gettis looks. Since he had more production than LaFell as rookies, I went back and watched a few games where Gettis put up some stats. Before, I was under the impression he was nothing more than a vertical / RZ guy. It's my opinion, but I was actually surprised not to mention impressed at his ability to run an effective route. Against the 49ers and with the exception of one ugly drop in the endzone, he made their CBs look foolish. If he's healthy, it should be an interesting camp battle. I'd like to see Pilares do something as well.
  12. Hiya BSS. :)Dunno, honestly. Their rankings are just a few apart. I know SJax will be a workhorse the next 2 years with Fisher as HC, and I don't know what we'll get the next 2 years with Beanie (R Williams) or Spiller (F Jackson). Do I create a team to win now, and trust my ability to find what I need the next few years to replace SJax, or do I create a team with timeshare guys and not win because of that, and by the time their situations become clearer maybe they'll never be studs? Youth is great if the production is going to be there but my confidence in that is iffy with both those guys.To me players like Gore,Sjax, Turner, they are toast. I expect Stl to draft a replacement this year or next. Gore's replacement is there in Hunter.Yeah they are all aging Running backs, but i don't think you can really lump the three together. Turner may be toast, but gore still has something left and sjax even more so.I've always struggled ranking the aging guys (Turner, Gore, etc) for dynasty purposes. I just put them in a separate tier I call "Rentals." Seems like they flow a little better. Regardless, it's a terrific list.
  13. It's probably been mentioned, but Trailer Park Boys is a must see. Start with Season 1.
  14. Living in Utah, I watched quite a bit of him. It is hard for me to write off his value, because he was a monster against other college players. I liked him more than Luke Staley (another BYU RB), who won the Doak Walker award. That said, I don't have any hope for the guy, in the NFL. He just doesn't have enough burst to get anything beyond the initial hole, if there. Even big guys like Brandon Jacobs need burst, and we are seeing what happens when it starts to fade. The one positive is that the Bears liked him enough to use a pretty good draft pick on him - a 4th if I remember correctly. He is big, strong, and can catch. Bun in the NFL, every one is big and strong. As for any info regarding his impression on the Bears, I don't have anything to offer. I haven't heard a peep since the injury.Thanks for the help. I didn't watch him much at BYU, but I do recall him being a good all-purpose back. I like his size and hands, but I'm concerned about his burst too. If Taylor leaves for one reason or another after the season, it might be interesting to see if he develops.