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  1. IFTTT is a fabulous rec. Feedly is another news resource I've personally found useful.
  2. Here is a rather large list for the NFL and CFB on a Google sheet: Haven't checked them all but a few links may be broken. They are broken down by team.
  3. It wasn't that long ago the Colts picked up another touted UDFA after the draft. Tyler Varga was a Harvard boy that shined in camp and earned a spot on the Week 1 roster as the starting kick returner. I think he even got a few carries and caught some balls that week. He was headed towards a larger role, but a concussion put him on IR. He retired after the season. It's probably a bad decision to immediately dismiss Crossan.
  4. Awesome! Especially the Dyer vid. I keep watching game cutups and updating my elusiveness stats spreadsheet. Hoping that the kindly people of the internet will provide more games of Dyer, Tevin Coleman, Josh Robinson, Cameron Artis-Payne, Jeremy Langford, Kenneth Dixon, Matt Jones, and David Johnson. Your spreadsheets are awesome. I'm trying to find the NC State game for Dyer, but I don't have it yet. I'm sure I'll do several of the guys you listed. I don' t think Dixon is coming out, but I may have missed him announcing otherwise. I did come across some other David Johnson cut-ups. They were made just a day or so ago so you may not have seen them yet. They are: vs Illinois State vs Missouri State vs North Dakota State Hope this helps.
  5. Started cutting up some games: Michael Dyer vs Florida State Brandon Wegher vs Nebraska Wesleyan one for the Devy crowd..... Nick Chubb vs Louisville (Belk Bowl) I plan on knocking out a lot more between now and May.
  6. Read in the IndyStar yesterday that he ran a 10.5 100 meters and jumped over 24 feet in the long jump during HS. I'm on your side.
  7. Zach Zenner is a guy I think will get a chance at the next level. Unfortunately, I recently read he's more interested in going to medical school. I'd like to see him put it on hold because I think he could find success on the big stage. I cut one of him games against NAU a couple of months ago: I finally got my hands on the Nebraska game. He was taken out with 10 minutes to go, but he absolutely shredded the Cornhuster D to the tune of 200+ yards. He flashes speed, explosiveness and agility. Also, there wasn't any tape of Shock Linwood floating around so I cut his Texas Tech game for anyone interested:
  8. FWIW, I cut his Old Dominion game from last year before he broke his leg.
  9. I love following threads like this. Below are some under the radar prospects that have an excellent shot to be returners: Chris Williams - 4.28 speed that Trestman poached off the Saints PS late last season. Was a CFL star who took 6 returns for TD's one season including 2 against Trestman in one game. Trestman lured him from the Saints to the tune of a 100k signing bonus. Has added value as an accomplished slot receiver. His highlights are impressive..... Michael Ford, a 2nd year RB from LSU, is another impressive physical specimen that will compete at RB. If I had to guess, Williams will be the PR with Ford returning kickoffs. Alan Bonner - Late round pick by the Texans in 2013 who spent his rookie year on IR. Has slot skills as well, and the Keshawn Martin experiment has been a disappointment. People close to the team reported that Bonner has impressed O'Brien all off-season. Explosive with the ball in his hands. Kealoha Pilares - The Panthers KR two season ago. Was on IR last season with ACL plus Ginn took the job. Former 5th rounder with elite physical metrics. Won't be surprised if he spends a lot of time at WR either. Easily the most athletic / explosive WR currently on the roster. Will likely compete with Barner for the KR job. Potential to pull double duty at KR and PR. (at WR) Josh Boyce Bernard Reedy (explosive PR that has to make Falcons roster first) Albert Wilson (Chiefs UDFA)
  10. I am in a Google spreadsheet. I'm still far from finished, but I'm using numbers provided by difference one's already mentioned, prospects that may have participated in a Nike SPARQ event, NFLDS etc etc. I still have a lot more to enter, but I'll get there. Stupid me forgot to share the link....
  11. I am in a Google spreadsheet. I'm still far from finished, but I'm using numbers provided by difference one's already mentioned, prospects that may have participated in a Nike SPARQ event, NFLDS etc etc. I still have a lot more to enter, but I'll get there.
  12. Just to update: Ran a 20.57 200m to come in 5th a couple of days ago at the NCAA Indoor Championship
  13. It happens often. "Similar" H/W/S guys with limited production, for one reason or another, don't make it every year. From a similar production standpoint, Marcus Davis and Mark Harrison from last year come to mind, but they weren't even selected. Josh Morgan, Jerry Porter, Will Franklin and Kelley Washington are others that I recall that were drafted fairly high. Though not as explosive, Nick Toon is another higher profile guy that hasn't made much noise with similar production and physical metrics to Moncrief. On the flip side, there have been a ton of guys with a similar athletic profile and crazy NCAA production that didn't make it either.....Kelley Washington, Greg Little, Jon Baldwin, Johnnie Morant, Stephen Hill, Tyrone Calico, Justin McCareins, Dez White, Chad Jackson and DHB were all drafted early.
  14. Finished cutting up 4 more of his games from 2013: vs Washington State vs Utah vs San Diego State vs USC
  15. Just took my first stab at doing a video cut-up. I'll do an updated version as soon as I buy the license....the ad shows at times during the video. I'm going to do a few more before I purchase it to see if I can get faster and improve my editing. The first player I did was WR Antwan Goodley of Baylor. Antwan Goodley vs Iowa State (2013)