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  1. Good morning Sig, I am struggling with Hyde sit/start decision for my Flex. Standard scoring. We have to set lineup at kickoff of early games (Noon). I don't have great options. Gore, Moncrief, Alex Collins, DeAndre Washington. Another data point, I am off to a good start, having started Rodgers and Mason Crosby Thursday night. We give six for passing TD. Not sure if you would take this into consideration for Hyde versus other options. Thanks!
  2. Jayded, thank you for your thoughtful reply in my post! It looks like you have already come to your conclusion, but this is not a good trade for you. I did catch myself being biased for Luck, as I really like him as a player. I do however believe, that there is more to Wilson than we are seeing early in the season, and I would start Stafford over Luck or Wilson right now anyway. I like Hill over Garcon, and Garcon already played this week. Carson and Crowell, I like the upside of Carson.
  3. no brainer, yes
  4. Maybe the newer interface is tripping me up, but this year, I am started my post by hitting "start a new topic" in what I thought was the Assistant Coach sub-forum, as the big yellow button that says "Start New Topic" is within the area that shows Assistant Coach subforum. I wasn't doing it intentionally, just confused by the interface.
  5. Hello, standard scoring league, we start 3 WR/TE. WR/TE is the weak part of my team. I start Kelce, Tyrek Hill, and Ertz. Not awful. I am currently carrying Amendola. He was dropped after his week one injury, and I picked him up last week. Our waiver wire is thin, and my question is would you keep Amendola, or drop him for one of the following WR/TE: Witten Hurns HIggins Delanie Walker Kearse Stills Agholor Evan Engram Fleener K. Rudolph Please leave a link, and I will reply to yours!
  6. Standard scoring league, I have three good starting Running Backs, and this cast of characters for depth (Gore), and lottery tickets (Conner, C. West). I am also listing the RB's available on the Wire, and am seeking opinion if anyone would DROP one of my RB's, and pickup up one the RB's available on the Wire. The waiver wire is blind bid, so there is no limit or priority pick I have to give up to make a transaction. Guys I have: Conner, Forte, Gore, DeAndre Washington (OAK), C West, Jamall Williams. Guys on the wire: C. Thompson, DOnta Foreman, Chris Johnson, Alex Collins, Breida, Dion Lewis, McFadden, Alfred Morris Thanks, please leave a link, and I will respond to yours.
  7. In Standard Scoring League, I have three roster spots of RB's, and some interesting options are on the wire. I will list all the RB's in consideration (those I own, plus those on waiver), and ask which three would you prefer to have? I already have a good core of starting RB's, so I would be apt to want players who might be huge difference makers at some point in season, as I don't need production now. Here is the list: T. Cohen M. Forte Kerwynn Williams Javoris Allen Wendell Smallwood C. Carson Jamaal Williams Mike Tolbert A. Kamara
  8. Cut Perine if you have to drop one.
  9. I need zero from Jordan Matthews.
  10. Is Bennett playing?
  11. Sig, Standard Scoring, Pick three of four RB's" Gordon Booker Ajayi Forte If it matters, my opponent is off to a big start, had Mike Evans and Atlanta Kicker Thursday night, so strong start for sure. Thanks!!!
  12. Which RB to drop, standard scoring
  13. thanks for feedback, I was able to pick up both Ajayi and Allen, dropped Christine Michel (felt good!), and Rashad Jennings.
  14. I have strong starting running backs, and looking to stash several guys who could be huge late in the year. In year's past, there is always someone who comes out of nowhere and is a stud at the end of the season. Please either rank these guys, or call out which ones are worth rostering for the above reason? Thanks in advance! Javorius Allen BAL (I have Forsett) Rashad Jennings NYG Jay Ajayi MIA (I have Miller) Christine Michel DAL Marcel Reece OAK James White NE Brandon Bolden NE Thanks!