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  1. I need zero from Jordan Matthews.
  2. Is Bennett playing?
  3. Sig, Standard Scoring, Pick three of four RB's" Gordon Booker Ajayi Forte If it matters, my opponent is off to a big start, had Mike Evans and Atlanta Kicker Thursday night, so strong start for sure. Thanks!!!
  4. Which RB to drop, standard scoring
  5. thanks for feedback, I was able to pick up both Ajayi and Allen, dropped Christine Michel (felt good!), and Rashad Jennings.
  6. I have strong starting running backs, and looking to stash several guys who could be huge late in the year. In year's past, there is always someone who comes out of nowhere and is a stud at the end of the season. Please either rank these guys, or call out which ones are worth rostering for the above reason? Thanks in advance! Javorius Allen BAL (I have Forsett) Rashad Jennings NYG Jay Ajayi MIA (I have Miller) Christine Michel DAL Marcel Reece OAK James White NE Brandon Bolden NE Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the replies! I went ahead and picked up Rashad Jennings, and feel good about it. I still have Starks and DWill as potential home runs, but am taking advice of amkoza and trying to package them up to the Lacy/Bell owners to improve other spots.
  8. Thanks for your reply to my post last night, sorry I am just getting to this. Here is my read. TE: Kelce is an upgrade to Graham, but keep in mind Graham is still the big name, so even though you might perceive this, the other side might think they are getting the best of this part of the trade, so you might not have to give up as much elsewhere in the trade. I also still keep waiting for teams to figure out Alex Smith and Kelce, and then for Seahawks to figure out their best weapon (other than Wilson) is Graham... who knows on that..... WR: Mathews is a downgrade for you, and owners are frustrated, so other side might be looking to dump RB: Lewis is the big prize in this trade, neither Duke or Hyde compare, but then again both Duke and Hyde are far better than Blount, but you handcuff NEP running game. Take the RB's out, and it is kind of an even trade. With the Lewis factor, Overall, edge to you. It just depends on why you, and the other owner would want to do it.
  9. Looking for a home run on RB's. I am carrying Starks, De'Angelo Williams and Christine Michael. Non-PPR.... The following guys are on the waiver wire: David Cobb, Tenn Rashad Jennings, NYG Theo Riddick, DET Darren McFadden, DAL Do you guys think any of the guys on the wire are worth picking up and dropping any of the guys I have? I have five solid RB's, so looking for best potential Home Runs. Thanks!!!!
  10. Hi - My 15 year old son is interested in a gaming PC. He is also interested in building his own, but I don't know what he is getting into. I would like to support his desire to build his own, but I also know he is open to a pre-built machine. If anyone knows of any exceptional deals on parts bundles or pre-built machines, that would be awesome. Any and all tips are GREATLY appreciated.
  11. Big week for me Sigmund, thank you! Standard scoring, non-ppr, 1 pt. per 10 yards rushing, 1 pt per 10 yards receiving, 6 for TD. Percy Harvin or Mike Wallace?
  12. What did he really say? ugh....
  13. My two cents, Ball is done. He just missed ~ 6 weeks with a groin injury that he re-injured on his first action back. He was my first round draft pick, and I am dropping him this week.
  14. OK, Agree on AP.... Best of the rest? Carlos Hyde Montee Ball Ka'Deem Carey Legarette Blount Jonas Gray Alfred Blue Chris Polk CJ Anderson Joseph Randle