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  1. Shady's two fumbles might have realistically cost KC two games in the win column.
  2. Unfortunately Cooper can not throw the ball to himself.
  3. usain bolt is not a human. No human can be that fast.
  4. I totally agree. Very good reading.
  5. Watched the entire game. Bridgewater sure helped his cause. He looked great. Darnold looked very relaxed. Got rid of the ball quickly and was aware of his reads. For his first action I think the Jets are very pleased with their draft selection.
  6. I agree with TRIP. I don't think there is any way Fitz is not drafted by the 4th round of any draft. I drafted him last year in the 5th round and it was a steal. He ended up the 4th WR in our league. Bradford and Rosen both excel throwing quick underneath patterns. That is Fitz's strength.
  7. Would you start Powell VS the Jags or CJ2K against the Niners. I am leaning CJ2K.
  8. Would you start Powell against the Jags or CJ2K against the Niners. I am leaning CJ2K.
  9. Hawkeye that is pretty much his only option the way i see it. Everyone should get a shot the season is over. Too Bad after the Cubs did so great.
  10. I am just curious who Cutler will lock onto now. About the only healthy guy he even knows a bit is Meredith. Royal is always hurt. Any guesses. Someone has to catch the bad passes he throws.
  11. I own Kelce and I think he benefits as well. Smith is a game manager. Foles is a QB.
  12. With Foles Maclin will be much better.