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  1. Both are still far off in the future, but I'm looking forward to both Diablo III and the new Star Wars Old Republic MMO. A good friend of mine is on the develpoment team for the Old Republic MMO and he's already promised me he's going to get me into the Beta as soon as they can start inviting friends. So I'm pretty jazzed up about that. Other than those, I'm still dinking around in WoW with what little gaming time I've got... waiting for the new expansion to come out there too.
  2. The other day I got home from work and I was in my bedroom changing out of my work clothes. My 5 year old daughter came in the room and asked: Daughter: "Why do you and Mommy get the biggest room in the house?" Rhino: "Well, the biggest room is called the 'master bedroom' and who is the master of our house?" Daughter: "God is." Rhino: " Errrr... Umm... well yeah, but God doesn't need a bedroom, so Mommy and Daddy get it." Gotta hand it to her - she almost stumped me, but I was very happy that was her immediate response without any hesitation.
  3. They did play that song a couple of months ago, as I recall.Didn't know that - this is the first time I heard it on 103. I don't normally listen to them in the morning (usually listen to Bob & Tom...) but my radio was on 103 when I turned on the car and Brady was playing so I stayed on the station. They were laughing like it was the first time they had heard it... but maybe it was a taped replay of the first time they aired it.
  4. A little behind the mainstream, but then Indy always is... "Brady" made it to the Indy airwaves this morning on X103
  5. haterNo, I hate things I have strong negative reactions to. This schtick is a complete zero. I don't dislike it enough to hate it, I'm simply stunned that so many people whose opinions I generally trust think this is great. Either you're laughing AT the guy for being mildly mentally ######ed, or you're laughing with him for reading the newspaper. Either way, I don't get the attraction, and am asking to be educated.No worries, Genedoc... you're not the only one.
  6. 38 Special as sung by my 10 year old daughter: "Hold on, Lucy... and don't let go..."
  7. Bored To Tears - Black Label Society Simple Design - Breaking Benjamin Lone Justice - Anthrax Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin Revelations - Iron Maiden I'll Wait - Van Halen Mr. Brownstone - Guns & Roses Parasite - Kiss Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5 45 - Shinedown
  8. "You knock your monkey down with the sickness" Disturbed - "Down with the Sickness"
  9. A friend of mine when we were kids always thought Van Halen's song said "Runnin' thru the Ghetto"
  10. Roses are Red Violets are Blue Some poems rhyme But this one doesn't
  11. My uncle has a case of the gay too. My dad told me he used to play with barbies and hide them under his bed when he was like 14. I absolutely love my uncle, he's probably my favorite uncle. He's very private about his gayness and never brings any men around the family. I don't know if it's denial, or he's afraid some of them won't be able to handle it. It's funny - I have a gay uncle as well and he's pretty much the exact opposite. He has a partner he's been with for over 20 years, they live together, he has done just about everything he possibly can to be as open and honest about his life and yet NO ONE in the family will acknowledge it. It's actually extremely hilarious to see everyone act as if nothing's out of the ordinary.Of course I've talked openly to him about it and he knows I'm cool with it all. But my grandparents - they might possibly die at the dinner table if anyone mentioned it. It's high comedy at family get-togethers.
  12. Dear Work-a-holic Project Manager, I'm not impressed by the fact that you sent me an e-mail last night at 8:30pm. I know the Directors and the Practice Leaders are, and you're practically untouchable in this company because everyone admires your dedication and devotion. But I have a family, a life, and other things I enjoy doing outside work. I don't live for my job. Incidentally, I've figured out why you work 16 hours a day - because you're so slow it takes you that long to get done what most people can do in 8 hours. When I ask a question please don't go on a 15 minute tangent about something complete irrelevant to the question I asked. THIS is why you have to work 16 hours a day - you piss half of it away on stuff that doesn't matter. Ironically, I'm surfing a message board right now instead of working on the next site BEACUSE I'm waiting for you to get your #### together and give me what I need to do my job. And then you have the stones to send an e-mail to the team and ask "If you can work this weekend please do..." Work THIS weekend? You do realize it's a fraking Holiday?!? Ever hear of EASTER? I'm not the most church-going, God-fearing man in the world, but this is kinda an important weekend to spend with your family... "Yeah, sorry kids - I can't take you to the egg hunt on Sunday, Daddy has to work for the idiot that feels like the only thing that matters in life is his job." No, sorry, I won't be working this weekend, Ed. Stuff it. Love, Rhino
  13. She works at your company now? I worked with this woman about 3 years ago! Good Luck with that!