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  1. Added Mckissic to the Honorable Mentions.
  2. I only carry the minimum WRs I need to meet the starting lineup requirements - the remaining roster spots are starting RBs and Lotto RBs
  3. Made updates to the list based on recent activity/changes/news.
  4. Anyone else have an argument AGAINST? @Buck Bradcanon @davearm @Football Jones @The Dude @bicycle_seat_sniffer @Ted Lange as your Bartender @4th and Inches @zamboni @cloppbeast @MindBomb @hardcoredx @IHEARTFF ?
  5. Is Brian Hill an "empty your FAAB wallet" Waiver action this week? Does anyone have an argument AGAINST Brian Hill being an "empty your FAAB wallet"? @Stompin' Tom Connors @Long Ball Larry @TZMarkie @Dr. Dan @Ilov80s @JFS171 ?
  6. Is Brian Hill an "empty your FAAB wallet" Waiver action this week?
  7. Excellent Question - unfortunately I do not know the answer. Reference: The Ty Johnson thing last Sunday. Any other opinions? @Stompin' Tom Connors? @Long Ball Larry? @TZMarkie? @Ilov80s @JFS171? @Dr. Dan?
  8. Based on this week's podcasts, recent comments and recent injuries, etc. I made updates in red to the King Maker list, etc... For those new to this thread.
  9. FWIW: In Blooms podcasts this week, he mentioned a few names - RB's most likely not rostered (your mileage will vary) that could be King Makers: Ryquell Armstead JAC Reggie Bonnafon CAR Pollard DAL J Wilkins IND Darrell Williams KCC just sayin
  10. Any other opinions? @Stompin' Tom Connors? @Long Ball Larry? @TZMarkie? @Dr. Dan? @Ilov80s? @JFS171?
  11. Requesting opinions: Do any of the following belong on the King Maker / Season Changer List? Henderson LAR D Thompson KCC Armstead JAC Brian Hill ATL Bonnafon CAR Pollard DAL
  12. I don't think he belongs in the King Maker / Season Changer list. Agree or Disagree?
  13. What % of your FAAB would you spend on him? I'm very hesitant. Both K Johnson and Ty Johnson are averaging <4 YPC and DET is 18th in YPC and 19th in attempts.
  14. Per Rotowire: "Elijhaa Penny could be in store for an elevated role in the Giants' game plan Thursday against the Patriots with neither Saquon Barkley (ankle) nor Wayne Gallman (concussion) expected to be available to play, Dan Duggan of The Athletic reports. Analysis: Barkley was a limited participant in practice Tuesday while Gallman was held out of the session entirely, but with the Giants facing a quick turnaround for their Week 6 matchup, the team will likely err on the side of caution with its franchise back and hold him out for a third straight contest. If that's the case, the Giants will count Penny and Jon Hilliman as the lone healthy backfield options on the 53-man roster, though the team would almost certainly promote Austin Walter from the practice squad before Thursday to provide additional depth. Though he's listed as a fullback, Penny spent the first two years in the pro ranks as a tailback and owns a 3.9 yard-per-carry mark over 46 career totes. Considering that Hilliman is an undrafted rookie who has delivered underwhelming production to date, it wouldn't be surprising if the Giants ultimately chose to lean more heavily on Penny as Thursday's contest unfolds." Anything to see here?
  15. Does anyone have an opinion of how I have divided the "King Maker" List vs. the "Honorable Mentions" List? i.e. Does anyone in the Honorable List belong in the King Maker list? i.e. Does anyone in the King Maker List belong in the Honorable (or Too Late) List?
  16. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ Fair @bicycle_seat_sniffer !!
  17. I feel like I need to step up here and speak out, especially on behalf of the 'newbies' who might be reading this thread for the first time... ALWAYS REMEMBER: The standard disclaimer, whether stated, or even intended or not, is YOUR MILEAGE MAY (WILL) VARY". Meaning (with all due respect @bicycle_seat_sniffer ๐Ÿ˜Š ) : "problem is that in re-draft you just don't have the room" - In my Home (Primary/REDRAFT) League I *DO* have the room - I'm carrying 3 of 5 of those guys and if I work at it really hard I could add AT LEAST one more - it all depends upon Bench Size - I draft based on having studs in every position and then carrying RB Lotto Tickets in ALL my bench spots - the Top 12 RBs are different in the last 4 weeks of the NFL that the first 4 weeks of the NFL (every year) - in deep bench leagues I could see that it is totally worth it to carry these guys - the shorter the bench, the more subjective it becomes "Damien Harris hasn't even been active yet this season" - Actually, he was active Week 3 (Sep. 22nd) - and (this is just my opinion) I expect to see him active Week 4 - Two Weeks is "a trend" in the NFL (whoops, I dare to quote Bloom again) "and (Damien Harris) has 3 options in front of him" - Means nothing in a Bill Belichick backfield "Holding people like this had made you miss out" - Well, Holding anything makes you miss out on something, this is true in FF and in Life "made you miss out on Charks and McLaurins of the world" - are you absolutely certain of your opinion here (over Bloom's, and for EVERY REDRAFT LEAGUE out there)? In my Home (Primary) League I didn't even make a claim or Blind Bid on either of those guys because of my League Size, my Roster Size, my Knowledge of League Mates behavior (we've been together for 20 years), the Premium on RBs vs WRs and on and on and on If one were to "advise" a former CEO to take a job shoveling #### it MIGHT be BAD advice (it might consume his time and inhibit him from finding an Execute position based on his experience and skills) - If one were to advise a jobless person who only washed dishes his whole live to take a job shoveling #### it MIGHT be GOOD advice (you have to start somewhere) - remember the disclaimer: YOUR MILEAGE MAY (WILL) VARY . The bottom line is, this is a redraft thread for RB Lotto Tickets (no other criteria) as is, in a way, Bloom's Weekly WW Podcast and... Your roster is your responsibility, listen objectively to as many opinions as you can and make your own decisions (which are probably radically different form the decisions of others with vastly different League Configurations)... i.e. there is no such thing as bad advise (in the same way as there is no such thing as a bad question) and... Lastly, I make my living as a Keyboard Monkey in IT while Bloom makes his living watching, studying and analyzing Football and Fantasy Football... when he (and others in his position speak) I listen - For you Newbies out there I advise listening to Cecil and Bloom's free weekly FA podcast and also Fantasy Pros Weekly FA podcast and then form your own opinions
  18. Added Hillman (for complete complete-ness LOL)
  19. FWIW Bloom advised hanging on to the following in yesterdayโ€™s FA podcast: Justice Hill Darrell Henderson Darwin Thompson Damian Harris R Penny
  20. FWIW - I drafted Darwin Thompson and picked up Darrel Williams last week for free - and will hang on to both until the bitter end. Who knows? Bloom reiterated something he's been saying all September, that KC is one of those backfields where it doesn't matter who is back there - they produce.