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  1. Sorry, yes full ppr
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    Pick 2

    Need to choose 2 from this group Chris Carson, David Johnson, Ronald Jones, TY Hilton, Marquise Brown Leave yours and I'll answer Thanks
  3. Jman18980

    Pick 2

    Need to choose 2 from this group Chris Carson, David Johnson, Ronald Jones, TY Hilton, Marquise Brown Leave yours and I'll answer Thanks
  4. I realize this could all change on Sunday, but here goes: Wildcard Weekend Chiefs over Titans Bills over Texans Saints over Vikings Hawks over Eagles Divisional Round Ravens over Bills Pats over Chiefs Packers over Saints Niner's over Hawks Championship Round Ravens over Pats Niner's over Packers Super Bowl Ravens over Niner's
  5. I have started Lamar every other week this year. Belichick is just too good at taking away the other teams best weapon
  6. Pats will sell out to stop the run. They will also have a spy on Lamar. If he has a good week it will have to be through the air. I own Lamar and Brady. Leaving Lamar on the bench this week. Pats will roll in this game
  7. Was offered Dhop for him last night. Also offered Conner($1keeper) and the SF D(My panthers are on the bye this week)
  8. Wonder if he will get the Lattimore shadow this Sunday??
  9. Patriots should trade for him. He's being wasted in TB
  10. Can't decide between White and Westbrook, but could be talked into Gallup as well.
  11. I have posted the League Charter below. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions League Overview There will be 10 teams in the league. Each team will have a 16 man roster. Each week a starting lineup of 7 players must be submitted, consisting of the following: Quarterback 1 Running Backs/Receivers/Tight Ends 4 Total • Running Backs Minimum 1/Maximum 3 • Receivers/Tight Ends Minimum 1/Maximum 3 Kicker 1 Defense/Special Teams 1 The 9 bench spots can be filled with any position combination that league members choose The regular season for the league will go from Week 1 through Week 17 of the NFL Regular Season. Each week, the starting lineup of 7 players listed above will go head-to-head with another team’s 7 player lineup. The winner of each head-to-head game will receive $5. These games do not count for anything in the overall standings. The standings will be decided by total points. The top 4 teams with the most points at the end of Week 17 will make the playoffs. The team with the most points will be the 1st seed, down to the team with the 4th most points being the 4th seed. The playoff format is detailed below This is an Auction/Keeper league. The Auction will be held in place of a traditional draft. Each team will have $200 to spend to fill out their entire 16 man roster. Minimum bid on a player is $1; maximum bid on a player would be whatever amount you can afford while still filling out the entire 16 man roster. At the end of the auction, all 10 teams must have the 16 man roster filled. This means that if, during the auction, you have 5 spots left to fill and $20 remaining, the maximum amount you can bid on a player would be $16. This leaves you with $4 for the remaining 4 roster spots The $200 applies only to the Auction/Draft. Once the Auction is over, there is no salary cap for the season. Free Agent pickups and trades can be facilitated without regard to dollar values. The Auction rules are as follows: • The auction will be held through the software on the league website at • There is no ‘draft order’. The auction software will determine the order of bidding; the auction begins by selecting a player and placing an opening bid on said player • Each league member will have an opportunity to either outbid the previous amount or pass. Once all league members have had an opportunity to bid, the bidding is opened to the entire league. The player will go to the highest bidder • Bidding will continue until all ten League Members have filled out their 16 man roster • There is no requirement to spend the entire $200 The Keeper rules are as follows: • Each team can keep up to 1 player from one year to the next • Only players selected at the auction are eligible for keeper status • A player is eligible for Keeper status for up to 3 years after his original acquisition at the auction; if a player has been kept for two years, and is then traded to another team, the team receiving the player in the trade can only keep him for one more year. • A Keeper player’s value is determined from the previous year’s auction; the dollar value of a keeper will be subtracted from a team’s $200 budget prior to the upcoming auction • Each team will submit its Keeper to the Commissioner prior to bidding at the auction Transactions • Free transactions are unlimited until the kickoff of the first regular season game. Thereafter, each transaction will cost one dollar. Transaction money goes to the league champion at the end of the season • Free agents are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis • Free agents can be added at any time; however, once a player’s game has started, they cannot be added through free agency and be active for that particular week, per the league website • Free agents can be picked up through Week 17 • In-season trade deadline is per the league website • During the offseason (between the NFL offseason and prior to the Moody’s League draft), eligible keepers can be traded for one another, with Commissioner’s approval • No trades are allowed during the Auction • There is no Injured Reserve • Trades and picking up players are considered transactions. Dropping a player is not considered a transaction. A multi-player trade counts as only 1 transaction. Prizes Entry fee to the league is $100 for each league member. Prize money will be distributed in the following manner: Super Bowl Champion $575 (+ transaction money) Each Win $5 (total of $425) *Ties will be broken by the Individual High Scorer Point Structure Touchdown 6 points Touchdowns 50+ +3 points *Does not apply to D/ST Receiving yards 1 point/10 yards Rushing yards 1 point/10 yards Passing yards 1 point/25 yards Receptions 1 point Two point conversions 2 points Interceptions -2 points *For interceptions thrown Fumbles lost -2 points *D/ST fumbles are not counted Field goal 3 points *These points are for kickers, not D/ST Field goals 50+ +3 points Extra point 1 point *These points are for kickers, not D/ST Missed Extra Point -1 points *These points are for kickers, not D/ST Missed FG (under 30) -1 point *These points are for kickers, not D/ST Sacks 1 point Interceptions 2 points *D/ST Fumble Recoveries 2 points *D/ST Safeties 2 points Shutout 10 points Under 14 points 4 points Under 21 points 2 points 28-34 points -1 point 35 and over -4 points Return Yardage 1 point/25 yards *Includes Kickoff and Punt Return Yards only *Individual Players are not eligible for return yardage points - they are only awarded to D/ST Blocked Kick 5 points *Can be a blocked Punt, Extra Point, or Field Goal Scoring is done by the league website and any disputes will be settled by the system set up on Playoffs The top 4 teams in total points in the Regular Season advance to the playoffs. The playoffs begin on Wild Card Weekend and go through the Super Bowl. Playoff rosters are 12 deep, as follows: 2 QB 4 RB 4 WR/TE 1 D/ST 1 K A draft will be held following the regular season and prior to the start of Wild Card Weekend. Each playoff team is allowed to keep up to 6 players on its roster from the regular season. Players not kept on the roster and all players from non-playoff teams will be thrown back into the playoff draft pool. Each playoff team will draft by the following order to fill out their playoff roster (Team 1 is the team with the most overall regular season points; Team 4 has the least): Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7* Rd 8* Rd 9* Rd 10* 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 *If Necessary (the draft will go 12 rounds if necessary) All 12 of these players will be eligible for points each week of the playoffs. A team’s roster at the end of the playoff draft will be that team’s roster at the end of the playoffs – there are no transactions allowed once the draft is complete. Players on teams that get eliminated will not be replaced. Players who get injured will not be replaced. The winner of the League is the team that accumulates the most overall points in the playoffs
  12. This is the type of game where the Patriots dare the Packers to run the ball. I foresee plenty of running room and dump offs between the 20's. I think Jones could have a big game.
  13. PPR Choose 2 Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb, John Brown, Mark Ingram Thx
  14. Jman18980

    Pick 2

    PPR League Choosing between Aaron Jones, John Brown, Nick Chubb, Mark Ingram I already have Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams going Sunday night. I think that game will be a shootout, but risky having 3 players in that one game. I'm leaning AJ and JB. Anyone want to talk me out of it?
  15. That's funny, I have the same decision and I'm leaning JB. I'm worried KC gets up big early and then its the Duke Johnson show. I've got a feeling this Steelers/Ravens game may be high scoring. I hear you about Flacco . He usually gets up for the big games though
  16. I loved all the targets, but 8-33 is disappointing Will Latimore shadow him next week? Here's hoping he can get behind him again
  17. Finally get to put Smokey in my lineup this week, due to bye's Expecting big things against that Saints D
  18. Brown has the better match up by far, but I feel like he's more likely to have a dud Hilton may not blow up, but he should be a lock for double digit points PPR league. Davante's on the bye this week