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  1. You are seriously saying you would take DX before Fitzgerald?I own DX, but I'd deal two DX's for Fitz. DX on a per-game basis is near top 5 in WR scoring. And that includes the couple of games right after he was activated and just on the team, where he had 1 and 3 catches. He wasn't even playing football the first half of the season, let alone playing with this particular team and QB. That is absolutely amazing. And he's done it against all sorts of defenses and all sorts of coverages.Larry Fitzgerald turns 30 next season. He had one catch this week on ELEVEN targets. He won't even break a thousand yards this year (he's at 652 right now). I like big, big upside. That's how you win. 1. 30 is not old for a wide receiver. Hello to everyone who followed my THE FANTASY KING EPIPHANIES and grabbed Reggie Wayne this year.2. Unless the Cardinals come back next year with John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, and Ryan Lindley at QB, you can pretty much throw out the data on Fitzgerald this year. It's quite obvious to everyone on Earth that Fitzgerald is not the reason he is not going to break 1,000 yards. 3. Alexander has knees made of glass. It is a matter of time. He's been a great pick up, but if I have anyone in my dynasty leagues like you, I'm cashing in. If you're going to rank guys like this over one of the most talented receivers in the league, you are going to have a roof time in dynasty leagues. REGARDS, THE FANTASY KING
  2. Hello Poster,Jeez this is afwul. Johnson may outscore Jennings, and at the very least should be close to him. And on top of that, Jennings is hurt two boot! You probably gave away Spiller for free. If someone came into this thread and said "I just cut CJ Spiller for no reason today" I would hate that about as much as I hate this thread.Please maybe try the Assistant Coaches next time before doing this.Regards,THE FANTASY KING
  3. bonesman shouldn't end his comment with a preposition.

  4. Biggest issue I have here is that Austin and Dez are both young, and Dez is absolutely an elite talent, I can only see his role going up. At a certain point, where is Roy going to get fed from? I see his eventual best case being a Stokely or Breaston type of fleeting success for maybe another year, and then he moves on or extends his contract but plays an even smaller role.I don;t think Williams will get his until after Dez, Miles, and Witten next year, and maybe even at the end of this year.I would just like to take this opportunity to stress what an absolute BUY LOW Dez Bryant is right now. He is in an interesting place where it is obvious to anyone paying attention that Bryant has elite ability, but it has not translated into big numbers yet. It is possible that the Bryant in your owner will be too savvy to pay much attention to this, but it is also possible that they are afraid that Austin takes too many targets, and maybe even that Roy Williams is emerging, and the opportunity just is not going to be there for Bryant. If so, people really need to try and get him.I am sure many other posters have said the same thing, I just want to reiterate it - a year from now it will be a no-brainer.Regards,THE FANTASY KING
  5. 5*'s, that's right, count'em, 5.

  6. First poster I've ever ignored after reading only one post of.