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  1. In for as many as you are willing to do, especially in leagues I have done for years. Thanks for doing all the hard work.
  2. guess need to swap me back since I own sinrman on my mfl account
  3. Yea, had to be grown up this week, lol. I see all leagues now and will be on top of it. Just like the man to push me back to the bus. edit: site said it was my turn to draft so I did, but it was sinrman who got player.
  4. Thanks everyone for the thoughts. I was leaning that way, but didn't want to influence.
  5. Been offered 2018 likely high 1st and 2nd round picks, along with Marlon Mack and Chris Thompson for Howard. Would you take the deal and why? 12 team dynasty, 10 starter, mostly flex league. Howard is best rb, have Gore and few 2nd stringers as my others.
  6. I solved the problem of which one to pick and took all three in my 3 Rd 26-man roster dynasty offensive rookie only draft. Henry at 2.01 and the other two at 3.06 and 3.07. Have only Jimmy graham on my roster currently. Was fortunate to have 5 picks this year.
  7. Where do you see Wallace finishing this year? Would you be willing to give up a late first round rookie pick for him? He is legitimately #1 on his team. I am predicting 80/1100/9-10. What say you?