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  1. Yeah, I really don't get the Shurmur hire (if it happens). I'd rather have Mularkey.
  2. In other news, apparently Chud is in high demand to be an OC again somewhere. T&P's to whoever hires him...
  3. I couldn't see Cowher and Holmgren together, no way. I also don't think Cowher would go to another AFC North team.Before Holmgren and a GM like Heckert I still thought there was a decent chance of Cowher coming someday as long as he was still on the sidelines. That all changed a year ago when they stepped in.Anyways, as I've stated all along, not overly disappointed with the firing, but Mangini was the best coach we've had in a long time. Hopefully that label doesn't last long. Here's to Gruden and Holmgren having a wink wink thing going on right now and wouldn't mind keeping Ryan around as DC if those characters can work together. I'd love to see Rob stick around, and use his influence to bring in Nmandi. A secondary of Haden, Ward, and Nmandi would be top 5.
  4. Took my 8yr old daughter skiing a couple of weeks back. She left instructions and appropriate remuneration for my wife for turtle-sitting:
  5. Robert Royal, Mohamed Massaquoi, John St Claire, Matt Roth, Abe Elam to name a few. Would you also like me to call out individual plays? I can do that if you want.Don't forget the Swinging Gate aka Porkchop.
  6. Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are surprisingly entertaining.
  7. Here are my Larry King style thoughts: I see 7-8 wins as well. Buffalo lost 2 OL starters yesterday. As long as Wright stays on the bench, they can deal with Fitzpatrick. I suspect we'll see alot of amoeba defense next week since Buffalo isn't a strong running team. They should beat Cincy, and I think they will win one of the Pit/Balt games. As for the offense, Daboll is still an 'effing idiot, and needs to go the day after the season ends, if not sooner. Maybe RRyan will eat him on the bus ride to Buffalo. One thing I would love to see, that I don't think they've run at all, is some 22 personnel groupings with Hillis, Vickers, Watson, and Moore on the field at the same time. 3rd and 5 or less, and it gives them a ton of run/play-action options. I know Moore got dinged yesterday, but even before that we barely saw him on the field, and he has better hands than any of our WR's. Dude needs more minutes. I'm so tired of seeing routes that are turned 2 yards short of the sticks. Delhomme looked way worse than his stat line would indicate, but at least he didn't turn the ball over (Thank you Miami CB!) If not for Hillis, Hodges would be the team MVP. Glad they re-upped him for two more years. Haden was phenomenal. Granted, he was burned badly on the play that he ultimately intercepted, but the guy was everywhere. I freely admit that I was wrong about him at draft time.
  8. Kind of went under the radar, but our 5th rounder, Larry Asante, was claimed by Tampa off the practice squad. They also cut Clifton Smith, so hopefully that means Cribbs will be near full speed this week. Either that, or Haden will be returning KO's and punts.
  9. Keep in mind that Iran is still holding 2 American hostages. I would think that that significantly influences our actions, as well as the "guidance" we provide to Israel.
  10. Our little group has nicknamed him "Big Z" on account of his scintillating vertical.
  11. Love the name!!! Caliente Panocha was taken. Carry on son.