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  1. Gurley was easily the most effective runner yesterday, soooo why have a rotation....unless you are managing his workload, which supposedly isn't happening🙄
  2. These team celebrations are becoming more and more annoying.
  3. So have they just accepted the pick/rub plays now?
  4. It's a lot easier to bench a Lamar Miller tho
  5. This is the most concerning thing to me, because of this they have absolutely no reason to go back to making him a workhorse. It's still mind blowing to me his lack of involvement in the passing game, he has been open quite a bit and Goff never seems to even look his way.
  6. Let's throw a jump ball to the backup TE..
  7. You run Gurley 3 times no matter what right there.
  8. It almost feels like the Packers are losing.
  9. 12 team dynasty Qb: Wilson Rb: Gurley, Mixon Wr: Adam's, Hill Te: Ebron K: Badgley D/St: Texans
  10. I have Houston vs Brock Osweiler Thursday or Patriots vs Derek Anderson on Monday.
  11. And.......?We can deduce from this list that Cutler is a slightly worse QB than Aaron Brooks, and way better than Tom Brady. its so obvious! Why hadnt I seen it sooner!!!
  12. Ive also received about half a dozen offers for A.J. Green since drafting him from the same owner, most of which Plaxico has been the center piece of his offers
  13. 12 team ppr...Just before the rookie/fa draft (in june) was offered Get: 1st round 7th pick 2nd round 10th pick 3rd round 7th pick Give: Chris Johnson