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  1. This is what I'm doing, I've gotten in trouble to many times chasing last weeks points.
  2. Such a shame, seems like he and Guice just cant catch a break
  3. Having the same issue but NE instead of Bal. NE hasn't been as good of late but Hou hasn't been good all year aside from 2 games
  4. Brady kinda reminds me of the flailing peyton manning in his last season
  5. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere but he was obviously in pain and immediately grabbing for his knee on the play he was blocking and gave up a sack. Didn't see him in the game after that...could be nothing considering it hasn't been mentioned at all, but something I'd keep an eye on. ETA: it looked like it tried bending the wrong way.
  6. Everett's leg looked like it wanted to bend the wrong way there
  7. As someone who hasn't seen much of Jackson I honestly had no idea he was that fast
  8. Probably isn't as difficult as my mind is making it but... Guice, Mixon, or A Rob
  9. Its ebron all over again, waste a high pick on a talented TE only to not utilize his ability
  10. Basically said there is no room for that in the game, that Garrett just hurt his team and his upcoming suspension will continue to hurt the team. That regardless of why it started it was unacceptable.
  11. Definitely, love the honesty this alone shows how ridiculously bad this was.
  12. Standard scoring, which Steelers WR this week, Diontae Johnson or James Washington
  13. Gurley was easily the most effective runner yesterday, soooo why have a rotation....unless you are managing his workload, which supposedly isn't happening🙄
  14. These team celebrations are becoming more and more annoying.