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  1. this is what it is... you'll get 40-60 yards.. maybe a TD.. low end TE1... what is going to change to make him even a top 5 TE ROS? he's untradable in re-draft... cant say the signs weren't out there pre-season... they were illuminated billboard size signs this was going to be what happened Traded him in a package deal and got Gronk. Curious on this one... who else was in the package? Hard to believe someone would let go of the definitive #1 TE.
  2. Or you could absolutely hate it lol. I feel like Charles is a safe bet though.
  3. For whatCJ and Stafford for Eddie LacyThe real season starts soon cappy. Wow, nice trade... sounds like someone was smokin the good stuff before pulling the trigger.
  4. Deciding between Eli and Brady. Yes, getting cute here.
  5. Floyd will probably end up as a WR3 by the end of the year. He's been frustrating to say the least.... someone just dropped VJax in my league to pick up RG3, so I'm probably going to drop Floyd for VJax and take my chances there.
  6. If he doesn't play until week 12, I think he's pretty droppable unless you are 4-0... you have to see how he plays day one and he's basically only good for weeks 13-16 which are the most crucial. High risk/high reward. If he comes back week 10, I would probably hold though... gives you more time to feel things out. I ended up dropping him to pick up J Cutler a few weeks ago.
  7. Chalk it up... Bradshaw is the only RB to own on the Colts.
  8. May have to play him? Gordon is a don't sit him.
  9. I'd hold him if you can... nice schedule coming up with PHI, STL, TEN. Depends on your league size and other factors though. There aren't many decent RB's left in mine.
  10. The Iggles are toast... with or without Vick. Foles had no chance.
  11. Someone dropped LaFell earlier this week in my 10 team ppr league and I've already got the claim in. It was just a bad performance altogether by CAR... LaFell will rebound.
  12. I agree with this. Rivers has looked a shell of himself this year, but that's in addition to the o-line issues and the play calling. Rivers had every right to complain every other play.
  13. Picking him up to cover my week 8 QB byes - may end up keeping him if Vick isn't named starter again.