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  1. Not a big poster on message boards but I do follow the boards. Found that too many people want to bash your comments and force there opinions so I usually refrain from posting that much. Been accused of being a computer too because of my lack of posts, lol

  2. That's what I tried to express to Chappy when I first came on and tried to help answer some questions people were asking him. It's sad that it resulted in the insulting and name calling but that's what it became. I just tried to help, sorry to have taken up everyone's time. It was fun but I'm not going to waste my time anymore. Jhib, I respect your post!
  3. Oh so I guess you never got an invite to play fantasy football or joined a league and paid cash to play either?????? Ouch!!!!
  4. I'm not benefiting from anything because I'm not advertising anything. I'm just answering questions that stopped being logical a long time ago so now I'm just getting my posts up so I can get my free shirt.
  5. Um by playing you probably invited all your friends to play and I bet someone you invited to play, paid! So in fact you brought your friends to an app that provided an income to someone cause someone is making money off them, Ouch!!!!!!!
  6. More insults, keep em coming!!!! I like em, shows your IQ!
  7. All I wanted to do today was renew my registration and get my draft dominator updated. Twelve hours later, after just trying to help educate some people, I find myself wondering why I even wasted the time. Lol, been fun, that's for sure.
  8. I'm a fireman, thought you'd have figured that out.
  9. Finally he makes some sense. That's fine and I hope you do.
  10. Trying to educate people and having interesting discussion. That's about the cliff notes version!
  11. No it's actually a square, maybe a circle, no, a triangle.
  12. I mean actually, I thought we got past the affiliate issue, pages ago and now someone wants to talk about how were scamming them or fleecing them out of money. It's a free invite to preregister for an app that may or may not be fun. Now they are saying it won't be any fun and they haven't even seen the product. It's like beating your head against a wall.