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  1. They could eliminate the championship game altogether and announce at the end of each season that everyone is a champion. Hand out trophy's and rings and each city gets a parade and bragging rights. Let everyone know at the beginning of the next season that you won't be doing that again but when the next season ends name everyone a champion again. Some players would start to realize they will be champions anywhere they play and everyone will be happier. This could spread to all sports and even the regular workforce. Everyone is a champion. Good times...
  2. Watch the first episode and quit. Be honest about quitting. Not sure that will happen. Eagles are trash....cowboy fans love GOT...hope you never watch....enjoy if you do.
  3. If I could make a live bet on that I would do 50. I’d have to travel a ways to make the bet. It’s worth it. If I was an eagles fan I’d drop 50 on the’s a game...ball bounces funny and anyone can beat anyone one time...a lot of winners on that team and not any other....
  4. Great posting....Foles has some special mojo but you guys have great players will be tough but not impossible...if I had to lay a bet I’d put in on the eagles... my problem is yea, we could all go into the skins threads and tell them how bad they are....not going to do it...I hate our owner and coach...don’t need to be reminded...they don’t either....or us...we can’t do anything about it.... if the cowboys can’t go any further I can’t think of any story that would be better than Foles leading the eagles back to the bowl... good luck tomorrow...and weeks ahead...
  5. Good luck tomorrow big boy...I plan to be in your game thread unless I’m booted...either way...good luck....
  6. Cowboysfan8....these eagle fan knuckleheads that post on here believe that they are like rocky balboa....they still think being a philly fan means nobody should say anything or they will get a fat’s a joke...they cry every game about injuries and penalty’s and there eagle thread says it all...f...the eagle fans on this board...they can’t stay out of cowboy threads and it’s ridiculous...good luck being us...not gonnna happen...wentz may never win a playoff game...Foles is gone next year and Ertz isn’t an AP all pro...nufff Said...
  7. I’m sure he will dicky more..I’m sure he will...sleep well...
  8. Tell your lil fella I said whTs up and the boys rule...hopefully for him he doesn’t already know boys rule? Good luck either way friend...
  9. Dick, tell that little boy of yours that’s how you kick some dick in the dirt after a 3-0 start...sounded like the little fella was let him know that’s how you kick the #### in the ground bro....
  10. Good the eagle fans pollute every cowboy thread..
  11. 14 thousand posts about bad penalty’s and injuries to the eagles is not something to be proud of
  12. Foles is gone...good luck with the’ll see