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  1. Why shouldn't Donald jr tweet that clip. It’s perfect. Anyone that watches it including democrats have to think WTF...he’s right. To think the democrats have anyone that will beat Trump in 2020 is delusional. Look at what he is going against. Bernie may have a chance but seriously, America isn't ready for Pete and his husband. Biden is done. He was done months ago. I like Amy. Kind of find her hot. In a wired presidential type of way. Warren isn’t going anywhere and Bloomberg was asked by a fan to say “stop and frisk” recently and he was a bababooee moment...I am more left then right and believe Trump should have never been elected but he was and he will be again. Anyone thinking there’s a chance he won’t will be very disappointed. The left is getting ready to call each other out in front of the country and it’s going to make so many confused and maybe not vote. Democrats need a leader. They have nobody....
  2. Or who watch CNN and MSMBC....which are two networks with lots of influence. This guy was on every night and praised by many. Own it. That’s the problem. That’s why Trump will have another 4 years. Own it. Talk about it. Admit the mistake and move on. Not everyone thought this guy was who the left thought he was but to ignore is exactly why they can’t win in 2020. People make mistakes. Admit it and move on. It’s so easy.
  3. He is now going to be a forgotten footnote in history serving the better years of his life in prison. Not much coverage on the networks either. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could “lose” it....
  4. He has two more upcoming trials. This guy was on CNN and MSNBC every night for a while being touted as Trumps worst nightmare. Crazy how fast things change for some in life.
  5. It was the same reporter they go to from Tehran over the last few days. Personally I have been skeptical of some of the things he’s reported. Somethin* seems off about him. Kind of like he’s guessing not reporting facts.
  6. MSNBC reporter is reporting possibly 30 American soldiers dead in the bombings. He is located in Tehran and says it’s 4 in the morning and everyone is up and leaving the city.
  7. His division has 3 other starting quarterbacks with zero playoff experience. ZERO. He should be able to win a lot of division games.
  8. I’m not so sure I would want Wentz in the game with his lack of playoff football experience. It is what it is.
  9. Clowney with a classy interview. Good for him. Congrats Seahawk fans. You limped in with multiple injuries and still found the grit to pull out the win. Nice job.
  10. This thread is for Eagles-Seahawk news which includes Wentz lack of playing in big games to include playoffs which after next regular season it will be going on 5 seasons and no experience.
  11. Hopefully after year 5 Wentz can finally get some playoff experience. It will Ben 2021 by then. What year was he drafted again?
  12. You have to throw the ball in that situation. Throw to anyone. My goodness.
  13. Seattle is playing extremely well with all the injuries and the rag tag lot of running backs they have been forced to use.