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  1. Owner for life. Take some draft picks and move on. 😉
  2. Washington Cherry Blossoms....I like it. So glad Jerry Jones and the Cowboys wouldn’t think of letting public opinion change the boys name.
  3. Anyone feel sorry for the folks in Seattle. After tonight, Trump is going to find a way to interject and end it. He’s embarrassed and fuming. Time to change the narrative.
  4. Bump...anyone else playing best ball have any thoughts? I have not played until this year. Hope we have a season. Plan to join a few more. Really passing the time while teleworking 🤔
  5. I’ve followed this thread from the beginning and know most of you know more then me. I have a friend who was just diagnosed with the virus. She’s at nome quarantined with her family which includes her husband, son and daughter. Ages are 55 for the folks and 20 and 17 for the kids. I don’t have a lot of details because I mostly know the son through my son but have known the family for years. Is there any advice I can give them. Things to do, take, try. The family isn’t in the best of physical shape and from all I know now is the mom is quarantined in her room in a small house. We are in Virginia and should have nice sunny weather over the weekend. I was going to encourage them she should get out in the front or back yard and soak some of it up. Maybe vitamin C and Zink. She works at a doctors office so I would imagine they are giving good advice. I’ve gotten sketchy details from my son who I feel doesn’t realize that this could end badly. Anyway, all advice is welcomed. I want to be able to share some pro tips possibly that may or may not help. Thanks
  6. Mike McCarthy is killing it over in the Cowboy thread...just sayin...
  7. It means nothing but the average of where our guys would be picked is 9, 22 and 44. If they pan out this is looking like a great draft so far. Much better than some of our division foes... edit to add we drafted 17, 51 and 82...
  8. I hear ya...look, I’m glad we got him...glad you didn’t..too much going on these days for some of my grandma is an eagles fan in a nursing home in pa with covid. She’s 96 but probably healthier then me. The only positive from the eagles Super Bowl win was her getting to see it. Not certain of the future but wish all of you well. I can’t help myself sometimes. There’s so much more to be worried about. I love to hate you guys but in these times I just can’’s scary. Hope we get a season and look forward to the games...
  9. Ok, you have been saying this for awhile...I hope your wrong but a lot of eagle fans wanted him...time will tell