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  1. Patricia has a worse record than Rod Marinelli through 34 games. Gase is horrible, one of the worst of all time... he’s still better than Patricia. This was a playoff team he destroyed. Lions fans are begging to have friggin Jim Caldwell back.
  2. What on earth would make you think this is a ‘hot hand’ situation? Mike Tomlin’s 13 years of not doing a ‘hot hand’ situation?
  3. Ribs can be a serious injury, especially when your other options are sufficient. If Akers is out next week I would gladly take a 45/55 split with Brown given the RB landscape across the league.
  4. Terrible news. His mother is in critical condition too. Much larger than football.
  5. Agreed. I think if he can get closer to 70% of snaps he’ll be ok. His air yards and targets were ok. He can be a #2/3 guy if/when he gets healthy and gets a full share. ETA: I don’t know about others but I had Fuller >> Cooks and it was going that way early on in best ball until Cooks ADP start to shoot up.
  6. I’ve been drafting him in the top 6 since Williams went on the Covid list in best balls. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Listed with a foot injury. Did not practice today.
  8. Parse it down here. He was a UDFA. Breida and Williams haven’t even posted a RB2 season. Mostert barely cracked the top 20. So Ekeler and Lindsay. This is not common territory. Stop the hopium. Dude already barely avoided a bullet in a Devonta Freeman signing (and for all we know that may be on the docket for week 2 when salaries are no longer guaranteed). ETA: I feel like I have to reiterate, since I’m taking what I think is a realistic approach, you do have to roster him on the opportunity. I just think the likelihood of this top of the depth chart deal being maintained for the short or long term is extremely low.
  9. ‘All the time’ is an exaggeration. Priest Holmes, Philip Lindsey, Willie Parker and Arian Foster are minimal out of literal hundreds if not thousands. Don’t get me wrong being 1st on the depth chart is a great start. Damion Willis was a UDFA 1st string on Cincy’s depth chart last year, where is he now? There is a wide, wide range of outcomes. His likelihood still falls on the end of the scale. He’s a worthwhile lotto, don’t get yourself amped into thinking you’ve stolen Arian Foster.