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  1. MVS has the most fools gold profile I thought. People stare down that 4.3 but his production in college just wasn’t there and any of it that did come, came at an advanced age.
  2. Made little sense to me that he went undrafted. Guy was a high level performer as a Sophomore and Junior, only slipped his Senior year due to the emergence of Butler. Early breakout, high production, above average athlete and a red zone weapon. His profile is the best on the Packers outside of Adams. Thought he would never get his shot. Was last man standing holding him in a few weeks and let go after his snaps dropped after the Adams injury. Now I’m kicking myself.
  3. Suspended one game by the Pats for conduct detrimental to the team. All class.
  4. Suspended one game for conduct detrimental to the team. What a fine young man.
  5. Ryan Switzer is averaging 3.4 yards per reception this year. Essentially we may as well have Alualu in the slot.
  6. So how are people feeling about Kyle Allen? I picked him up sort of aggressively just given his pedigree from pre-college and it’s worked out so far. I haven’t got to watch him though so it’s purely just looking at stats. Does he have the physical attributes to be a long term starter?
  7. Maybe Kelly plays special teams but it’s not like Henderson has been. I see it as another reason to be overly cautious with a guy who has basically been yielding zero snaps. CJ Anderson came in and played over Kelly last year off the streets.
  8. I’m holding Henderson out of all but one lineup today (where I’ll probably lose anyway). Hated seeing that John Kelly move late in the week. Screams that they don’t have confidence in Henderson. What an awful start to his career if he does nothing today. Guy looked like a big winner and good to great talent exiting the draft.
  9. #Rams played Todd Gurley on a season-high 93% of snaps last Thursday night, he picked up a quad injury be Seattle, now not going to play on a long week. On the field: * Career-low 4.9 yards/reception * 4 straight games below 4.0 yards/carry * 8 straight games below 20 touches
  10. Never underestimate the incompetence of coaches. Look how many snaps and touches Carson had despite being completely and totally inefficient. It’s cool if he’s seeing 20-25 touches while getting a 60% snap share... that wasn’t happening with Williams around for god knows what reason.
  11. Definitely a replacement level NFL back.
  12. I will not. This is almost his second 200 yd game of the season. How many backs can do that twice in a given season?
  13. Guy is CMC with moron coaches his whole career
  14. I personally believe he is. He’s acting like Lane Kiffin right now.