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  1. Their CEO has an interview on CNBC today. Obviously things could go bad but he had good things to say when specifically asked about the dividend I thought.
  2. T is almost book value. I really don’t like them as a company but I also have a tough time thinking now isn’t a decent time to buy with a >6.5% dividend yield.
  3. Amazon tomorrow... could lead into a nice February.
  4. Biggest clown on this board and it’s not close. This COLLAPSE is the worst of the modern era with a healthy QB. They were 7-2-1, you dunce. I get you like coaches that choke in clutch games against the Raiders but save me on how this wasn’t a collapse of epic proportion.
  5. Tomlin allowed AB’s antics Excuse after excuse after excuse... all because people want to coach worship (and, ya, go ahead and get in a tiff I suggested people are coach worshiping... they are!). There is direct correlation between the collapse and Tomlin this year in my mind. Grossly outcoached, underprepared, inept and now known coddler of players.
  6. I’ve given a laundry list in this thread. Maybe take some time to go back and read instead of continuously trolling on this board with your silly threads and antics within others.
  7. Given the new ESPN article that says Tomlin gave AB his own set of rules which included living outside of TC, being chronically late to meetings and Tomlin stating matter of factly he’ll be gone when he doesn’t produce... seems to me he’s the cause of this three ring circus. Good luck to those defending him. Tomlin is a grade A clown of a coach that would get eaten alive in any other organization that doesn’t have the support network of the Steelers.
  8. You’re a liar and misleading people if you say 5’7. I will never come back to this board again if he measures under 5’8... you want to make the same wager if he measures over 5’8?
  9. So it’s acceptable for people to make up stuff and say 5’6/5’7... that’s unacceptable to me. His linemen all measured at 6’3 and above. I am certain that Texas and Alabama weren’t marching out small DL. Yes, there is variance to collegiate measurements but outright lies is what this board is doing.
  10. Here you go:
  11. He’s listed as 5’9 and 5’10... you don’t like him at that height fine but stop spreading this BS about 5’8, 5’7, 5’6 until he’s measured. I’ve seen him clocked at 21 mph and I’ve seen a throw clocked at 54 mph. His ground speed is equivalent to Lamar Jackson and his throw speed is equal to Dak Prescott. Facts, simple.
  12. Coach? Is that you? Three year letterman in the house?
  13. You’re not supposed to watch the video! Just run in here and yell about how great kick returns are!