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  1. But Bronco Billy gets to have his little dynasty draft and pretend he’s Mel Kiper so the draft and 3 year rule is A O.K.
  2. They get an education in the academy. They get paid while they’re in the academy. They make significantly more than you or I make over the course of 15 to 20 years. If they waste it that’s they’re fault. And if it pleases your bleeding heart throw in that any developmental teenager automatically gets college paid for. Think they can’t afford it or the union can’t negotiate it? Such a simpleton argument. Imagine them being signed at 15 or 16 and having all injury risk completely removed because now they’re covered under the same standards as the NFLPA enjoys right now. Now they play Neanderthal ball in high school, go and waste tax payer dollars in college and take on 100% risk with 100% downside while Nick Saban is polishing off his 4th home and his 10th car dealership. Pathetic.
  3. Of course the fantasy community is against the removal of the draft. It’s an event. It’s also stupid and a waste of people’s talents. The NFL should not only not be able to collude within itself to have the draft, it should be unable to collude with the NCAA to prevent players to be signed and developed by NFL teams before the age of 21. The whole thing is a scam by penny pinching billionaires to not have to develop their own talent. Look at European soccer. Outside of MLB our professional leagues are an absolute joke in how they develop players. They should be having academies, providing schooling and money for families and be identifying kids at a young age to sign, develop and prosper. Guys shouldn’t ever, ever be telling stories of decade old pads and have shredded jerseys with drug sales happening on the sidelines. That’s America though.
  4. He’s the dumbest athlete I’ve ever come across. Which is incredibly stupid on the stupid scale.
  5. What’s good for the gander, right Joe? Guy does this daily without discussing a single thing about players. He should just go to the FFA if he wants to be a troll.
  6. Dare you to justify Josh Jacobs being taken in the first round rather than just making smart ### comments which is par for the course for you around here.
  7. If he’s drafted in the first that whole front office should be #### canned anyway.
  8. You’re better off doing your own rankings... and you’re better off using analytics. Keep it simple. Hit rate is higher in first three rounds, draft prospects that meet highest hit rates for the thresholds you identify and draft who you want not who someone else tells you is good. Jeremiah has Riley Ridley over AJ Brown... this is the guy leading the charge on Josh Jacobs and guys like Waldman and Bloom are just riding the wagon right off the cliff. Honestly some of these guys are embarrassing. Fine, it’s a nice hobby and you’ve put your head on the chopping block... maybe apply some math, logic and reason to your rankings instead of just gut checking all the time. That’s FBG’s in a nut shell though. That’s why anyone who gives a #### is running out the door. Not to mention staff just going by aliases and targetting posters.
  9. Their CEO has an interview on CNBC today. Obviously things could go bad but he had good things to say when specifically asked about the dividend I thought.
  10. T is almost book value. I really don’t like them as a company but I also have a tough time thinking now isn’t a decent time to buy with a >6.5% dividend yield.
  11. Amazon tomorrow... could lead into a nice February.
  12. Biggest clown on this board and it’s not close. This COLLAPSE is the worst of the modern era with a healthy QB. They were 7-2-1, you dunce. I get you like coaches that choke in clutch games against the Raiders but save me on how this wasn’t a collapse of epic proportion.
  13. Tomlin allowed AB’s antics Excuse after excuse after excuse... all because people want to coach worship (and, ya, go ahead and get in a tiff I suggested people are coach worshiping... they are!). There is direct correlation between the collapse and Tomlin this year in my mind. Grossly outcoached, underprepared, inept and now known coddler of players.
  14. I’ve given a laundry list in this thread. Maybe take some time to go back and read instead of continuously trolling on this board with your silly threads and antics within others.