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  1. Most I think was Eno Benjamin who weighed in at 195 at the Senior Bowl. If he runs well I won’t care because it will suggest to me that he can maintain his athleticism at that weight. If he doesn’t then I think I’d lean to he plays at 195 and that’s what he should be viewed as.
  2. I’ll wait to post full rankings for after workouts. I have a lot of shifting going on from the weigh ins though. Biggest movers: Justin Jefferson - I had him in tier three with an estimated sub 25 BMI. He weighed in over 200 and I have him at an estimated 26.7 BMI. He’s moved way up in tier 1 as WR4 right now. Tyler Johnson/Bryan Edwards - Johnson is doing his best to piss off every scout in the NFL. He’s going to go late IMO. No reason to artificially enhance his value when the NFL is going to make it a challenge to give him an opportunity. Edwards injury immediately had me move him to the bottom of tier 2 and out of my top ten. His draft capital will dictate my feelings on him. Hodgins, Jennings, Bowden, DPJ - All had great weigh ins. I’m expecting them to show out in workouts. I’d love to have them a lot higher than I even do right now. Hunter Bryant - Up to TE2 for me. I still have Trautman as #1. I think he is more of an ideal TE. I can no longer deny the potential for Bryant at 248 lbs though. Harrison Bryant - He measured sub 245/sub 29 BMI... I don’t think I recall seeing a successful TE below these metrics in the last 20 years. If you take him you have to hope he can put on weight. Since he didn’t between the Senior Bowl and Combine I have a lot of hesitation with him. I have him as TE10 now. Eno Benjamin, McFarland, Leake, Jet Anderson and Hasty - All measured >205 and >28 BMI and exited “satellite” status. Benjamin entered tier 2 as RB 8. I’m open to move the other three higher but they sit in a tier three status with more value right now. Salvon Ahmed - He maintained his estimated college weight. Strictly a big upside speed guy. Personally I like Raymond Calais over him.
  3. If I can find the clip I’ll post it but Mayock had a pretty great take on why WR’s struggle to transition to the NFL. That they end up slowing down off the line due to not knowing how to adjust to the different coverages and multiple routes they may have to run in the NFL. Whereas in the NCAA they may have their own coach assigned to them giving them each individual routes. Said that would (paraphrased) drive Jon Gruden bonkers. Lol
  4. Agreed. Was just going off the top of my head. Phillips has been fantastic.
  5. It was disappointing to see Cardale implode this week but that is bound to happen when you’ve started, what, 13/14 games since high school. Walker and him look like they should get shots at backup jobs next year. Maybe Ta’amu too. Other skill players of note: Nelson Spruce, Austin Proehl, Tre McBride, Martez Carter and, most especially, Donald Parham. I’m actually going to try and stash me some Parham on deep dynasty rosters.
  6. Honestly, another guy I would like to see converted: Joe Reed. I’ve watched a number of his kick returns and he seems like he’d make an intriguing RB. He weighs over 220lbs, similar to Antonio Gibson. Could be an interesting multi tool type player.
  7. It takes some time. Waller was also a convert. Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates we’re basketball players. I believe they broke out year 2. I think he would need to add another 10lbs and then learn how to block. Maybe get some looks as a slot guy year 1.
  8. Leake, McFarland and Benjamin all measured over 205. Ke’Shawn measured at 214lbs. Looks like there has been some weight gain for a lot of guys since senior bowl. Other notables: Dobbins at 209 and CEH at 207.
  9. I’m starting to see why the NFL community may be a bit agitated by him. You don’t skip these things. You play in the shrine game if you can’t get in the Senior Bowl and you run the damn 40 when it’s laser timed. This isn’t like back when Charlie Casserly was aiming his stop watch like a ####### bow and arrow.
  10. Why? Let me clarify... you’ve pointed to Sproles, MJD and Cohen as comps... which one of those players compares athletically to him? How did his rookie year yards per catch comp to them?
  11. You don’t think low 4.4 is realistic for a guy who peaked at 23.3 mph and 20.05 at the Senior Bowl? Heck, I only had Rashaad Penny close to 19 mph there and he run a 4.46.
  12. I’m just here for when AGG runs close to a 4.3
  13. Jeudy 25.5 BMI Lamb 26.1 BMI Hamler 27.1 BMI Hodgins 26.2 BMI J Jefferson 26.7 BMI This WR class is crazy is good and now is starting to check all the boxes. Can’t wait for the athletic testing.
  14. Jeudy, Lamb, Hamler and Jefferson all measuring well... this is great.
  15. Mahomes has 9 1/4... I thought this was dispelled long ago. If not Fromm is the one who has more to be concerned about.