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  1. This field is a joke... again. How does the NFL keep doing this? Embarrassing.
  2. Rudolph is trash. At least we know it now. When Ben is done it’s clear they have to invest in a rookie QB. Wish they still had Dobbs, at least he could run around while throwing INT’s and checking down every play.
  3. Who cares? A paper bag with a hand cutout taped to it stuck into the air. Why are there people defending Ryan Switzer? He’s had one punt return over 10 yds on the season. Why is this terrible player taking a roster spot? It’s outrageous. After Switzers backwards gaf Johnson took the next punt 14 yds which may be longer than any Switzer play this season that hasn’t been a kick return.
  4. Switzer better not be on the team next week. I think his punt flub leading to a safety finally sealed his fate. I get it, he’s a nice guy and he’s been through a lot... you still gotta play.
  5. Johnson returning this punt. If I ever have to see another Switzer touch in a Steeler uniform I’ll puke.
  6. Take Ryan Switzers helmet away from him. Good god. Worst football player I’ve ever seen.
  7. I’m not sure which of you ventured into the Steelers thread several weeks ago thank us for the first rounder but just wanted to say thanks for Minkah. Worth it.
  8. It’s been that way for weeks now. He was leading the team in snaps when Adams was out.
  9. Washington has the talent everyone hoped for but geez you see why he’s been restricted his first two years. Guy needs to get more heady.
  10. Well the Bills and now Chiefs essentially disagree.
  11. Teams don’t rest players for games. They never sacrifice an opportunity to win with only 16 games to jockey for playoff position. I’d buy the fumbles but in any case he’s deactivated bc right now they think Williams and Thompson are better.
  12. I remember people vehemently refusing to believe he was done after Buffalo... Father Time never loses.
  13. Bell is the biggest liar in the league... bar none. Remember all the teams “interested” in him in FA and it was just the Jets with their mediocre offer.
  14. People wrote off DJ Chark this last offseason too. Now some on twitter compare him to Julio Jones. One catch may be one catch but it also displayed the athletic prowess some of us drooled over during the draft. Many of you are over-reactionary to one direction or the other. I think the Cardinals spread caps all the WR’s there to never be a true WR1 but there is room for a guy like Isabella to emerge and have a really nice career. Players are allowed to develop slower than some especially when they come from UMass.
  15. This interaction makes it seem like this injury may be much ado about nothing:
  16. Insert every back in the damn league in that statement.
  17. I’ve immediately put him on the block in my dynasty. CJ Anderson can easily come back and #### right on this parade. In fact, I expect it with the NFL the way it is anymore.
  18. MVS has the most fools gold profile I thought. People stare down that 4.3 but his production in college just wasn’t there and any of it that did come, came at an advanced age.
  19. Made little sense to me that he went undrafted. Guy was a high level performer as a Sophomore and Junior, only slipped his Senior year due to the emergence of Butler. Early breakout, high production, above average athlete and a red zone weapon. His profile is the best on the Packers outside of Adams. Thought he would never get his shot. Was last man standing holding him in a few weeks and let go after his snaps dropped after the Adams injury. Now I’m kicking myself.
  20. Suspended one game by the Pats for conduct detrimental to the team. All class.
  21. Suspended one game for conduct detrimental to the team. What a fine young man.