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  1. Then you should be in agreeance that that should not be the protocol. The Titans should never have gotten the free pass they did especially in light that they scoffed at the NFL and went and worked out in a high school facility AFTER their game was moved.
  2. They made the 49ers play basically under these exact same conditions. They whole heartedly blamed the Titans and Raiders for breaking protocol. The NFL either intentionally or unintentionally is putting the Ravens on a pedestal this week in the middle of a heated rivalry in the most competitive division in the sport. They should be made to either come up with a roster or take the L, IMO. I’m on board with this. Fine, one of your staffers screwed up. You get the same protocol as the 9ers and Raiders.
  3. For those that don’t know, since no one seems to want to be up and up about the reporting of it, a Ravens staffer broke protocol and is believed to have caused this super spreader event. Lamar tested positive today and for whatever reason the league doesn’t want to hold the Ravens to the same standard as the 49ers. I’ve made the poll bland and removed my bias (I am a Steelers fan). Feel free to discuss.
  4. They are getting screwed my dude. You’re a Ravens fan so you’re one to talk. You guys should be forced to forfeit for not following NFL rules if you can’t roster a team to play Sunday.
  5. Just now finding out that a Baltimore staffer broke protocol. Where is the punishment for Tennessee and Baltimore?! The only team that’s been punished or impacted by Covid this season is the Steelers and it’s ####### bull####.