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  1. On 8/4/2020 at 9:26 AM, Football Jones said:

    I've been allowed to do what? Share a method that has a very good track record & has helped me in the hobby we all enjoy?

    That's trolling now?


    Yes, it very much is a troll. It’s not a theory and never has been. A theory has stability, you on the other hand will move your statements around to try and stir up anger (pissing in the pool). You have for years, you continue to and staff continues to not care while banning others who posted frequently. Staff that don’t post a damn thing or contribute anything in here. It’s pathetic. You bring down the IQ around here and make it less enjoyable to be apart of this board. Congrats on that.

  2. 3 hours ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    I picked up Gronk off the wire at the first rumor that he might be coming back… I was definitely rewarded with his return, but when It happened & I went to deal a tight end I offered up Hearst, and Let it be know that Ertz and Engram available.

    anyone wanted to offer me something for Grunke, they could have. But I certainly wasn’t going to be the jack ### that picked them up and then asked for way too much for him when he came back. That just feels greedy.

    If someone comes knocking I wouldn’t have said no but these were people shooting blanket offers to all eleven teams across the league asking for a first.... scum and since I can’t address those people one on one in my league without getting kicked out I hope they read it here. You are complete scum if you do this and I hope you go 6-7 this year to leave in fantasy football draft purgatory next offseason. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Football Jones said:

    No. I simply mean it’s easier to dismiss RBs than hit on them. 

    You might look at it as the same thing, but I’ve been successful with this approach for the smaller (lighter) RBs.

    Amazing how you’ve been allowed to do this for years but good posters have gotten banned from your trolling. It’s almost like you’re staff or friends with staff.

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  4. From the Twitter hack yesterday... Vice had an article and they had a screen shot from the apparent hacker that shows twitter admin have a blacklist and blacklist trend button. So they are actively silencing and filtering out people. They should be regarded as a publisher and sued to high hell if true.

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  5. 18 hours ago, shader said:

    Nick Cannon (masked singer) fired by cbs for some really weird anti-Semitic/racist statements on a podcast.  Then he wouldn’t apologize so they canned him.

    Diddy has apparently offered him a job and Dwayne Wade offered support on twitter. Absolutely pathetic.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Manster said:

    I agree 💯 with this.....but you realize people are losing their jobs for saying much, the Sac Kings announcer for tweeting "All lives matter"

    We’re in the middle of the modern day Salem witch trials. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, IheartGuinness said:

    What a completely ignorant, inaccurate, and inappropriate post. 

    And you are surprised why? Someone did something horrible on the right? Trump’s fault... Someone did something horrible on the left? Trumps fault. Welcome to 2020.

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  8. NFL players on:

    Drew Brees on standing for the flag to represent his grandfather: horrible, racist, “read a book”

    Desean Jackson misquoting Hitler to blame the Jews on America’s problems: silence. 

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  9. 5 minutes ago, GordonGekko said:


    In 2015

    This is like going to a high school reunion and seeing a couple of landwhales and remembering when one was a hard body cheerleader back in the day.

    OK, that's probably extreme. This is like taking said hard body cheerleader then give her 5 years after she graduates. Then she puts on 40 pounds, pumps out a couple of kids who don't know their fathers, works a dead end job and still tries to hide everything in yoga pants. Because yoga pants apparently solves all of the world's problems.

    Cam Newton MVP was a long long time ago. Five years ago in the sports world is an eternity.

    They said the same thing when Mike Vick went to jail for two years and had additional time off coming back. Talent is talent. Yep, he hasn’t been healthy. Absolutely. Suggesting they brought in Cam to backup a 4th rounder with 4 career attempts is not logical. 

  10. 28 minutes ago, Tool said:

    Cutting Stidham seems highly improbable. They kept 2 Qb's b/c they had Brady who never (except for the 1 year) got hurt. Now they have Newton who has tons of health questions which almost forces you to keep 3 Qbs even if they thought Stidham sucks which I don't think they do.

    It’s Bill Belichick roster construction. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    29 minutes ago, Dr. Octopus said:

    Did't they cut Hoyer to keep Stidham last offseason? Why would they keep Hoyer over Stidham - seems like a bad move for roster building.

    Seems you are right and I didn’t take that into account. That being said they were apt to trade Garappolo and Brisett but I believe both were at the end of rookie deals. I would probably give Stidham the edge just being on a long term contract and all things being equal.

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  11. 28 minutes ago, Anarchy99 said:

    Saw some local discussion on the move, and there was some debate that if they wanted Cam to start they would have signed him in March or April and not waste 3 months when he could have been learning the system. So the thought process was that Cam will slot in as the backup and will have to beat out Stidham. Clearly anything could happen, but some folks still think the plan for now is still Stidham. 

    I’ve posted it here and in the Stidham thread this was a done deal in April. This was about passing a physical per Scott Barrett on twitter. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see Stidham outright cut in favor of Hoyer. Pats have gone out of there way to only carry two QB’s on the roster for years now.

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  12. 5 hours ago, jm192 said:

    I'll be surprised big time if Cam isn't the starter.  I think he'll have to earn it in the sense that--if Stidham is clealry better, why wouldn't they start him?  But I'll be very surprised if that's the case.

    They waited until the price tag came down for Cam.  Cam is only 31.  He's not dead.  He's not lost his talent.  He's just been hurt.  He could always get re-injured.  But man I'm excited to see him with Harry. 

    This has been in the works since April according to Scott Barrett. This wasn’t about price tag, it was about passing a physical. Means they also purposely avoided using draft resources because of it. Cam will be the starter, he is not being brought in to back up a 4th rounder who had an erratic college career.

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  13. Maybe I’m just old at this point in my FF community career... but I watched T.O. #### on Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo and Donovan McNabb and still get another shot in the NFL. People really think the best WR (maybe the best player) of the last decade doesn’t get another shot? I don’t like the guy but it amazes me this flawed logic still exists.

  14. 9 hours ago, wgoldsph said:

    Winston was also the leader in turnovers, so it doesn't really matter how many yards he put up.

    The blackballed narrative no longer is relevant now that the NFL is openly saying "hey we were wrong, please protest.". It only made sense l when the league was actively stopping players from doing so, and keeping out kap for starting it off.


    There's a lot of speculation as to what kap wants in terms of money and playing time in this thread with absolutely no concrete word from him.  Until we know if he's willing to be a backup and accept backup money (which is all he can get after being out of the game for so long) then we can't pass judgement about it.

    Cool. Then it should matter that Kaepernick was equally as bad about taking care of the football. 

  15. The leading passer in yardage last year took a 3.4mil deal. I don’t think he potentially ruins the blackballed narrative unless it gives him a further platform. I still say the NFL doesn’t want that from a backup and I’m not sure it’s good for him as a backup. I.E. it will then transcend the locker room from political platform to well they don’t want to play or start me because of my politics. Maybe Houston... that would make the most sense to me right now. 

  16. 4 hours ago, az_prof said:

    Ok but are Tarik Cohen and Duke Johnson more talented than Gibson? I don't think so.  That being said, the 70 receptions would be high end ceiling production is not likely--but it certainly is possible.

    Both of those backs are extremely talented. Duke Johnson is Miami’s all-time leading rusher, Tarik Cohen had a 40.8% collegiate dominator. I’m a big fan of Gibson but to scoff at those two backs as being inferior, especially as a prospect, is ignorant.

    ETA: Maybe you should be more upset with yourself for not understanding what a ludicrous number 70 receptions is instead of trying to detract from players spuriously.

  17. So take this statement with a tiny grain of salt but there are plays he makes that remind me some of Tyreek Hill. I sincerely believe his off field troubles contributed heavily to his not being drafted. If his 40 time is to believed or even if you adhere to the +.05 method he ran a sub 4.4 at 210lbs.

    I understand the minimal camps hurt UDFA’s but I think there is an argument here. As previously stated there is a thin depth chart at WR beyond Parker, Gesicki and Williams (who is coming off a decent injury). There is also a thin depth chart at RB. Not saying a position switch is possible just that when you run thin like that it’s important to have some playmakers on the backend. He also has a history of returning kicks which could make his sticking to the roster easier if he proves to be a role player in that area.

    I’m hesitant to overhype any UDFA at this point in my FF journey but this is an arbitrage Henry Ruggs that is easy to snag cheap right now. 

  18. Kirk Merritt

    6’0 210lbs 

    2014 HS SPARQ Champ: 148.83 (Would be 2020 top WR SPARQ, many are estimated due to Covid)

    100m: 10.69

    Pro day verified by Senior Bowl Scout Josh Cox

    40 Time: 4.33

    SS: 4.05

    Vert: 45.5

    Broad: 11”3’

    Bench: 23 Reps

    Background: Was kicked out of Texas A&M for indecent exposure after abruptly leaving Oregon. Had major offers everywhere coming into college. I’m guessing this was bad enough to lead to his UDFA status as well. Recruited as a RB. 

    2018 Highlights

    2019 Highlights

    40 yd dash

    Response to DK Metcalf’s Vert Jump today

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  19. I have to say... I’ve fallen in love with Malcolm Perry. He may never do anything. Many of his yards were gaping holes but he really looks to me to have have special lateral ability. Miami said they are going to use him at RB, he has the number 10 so there is an outside chance they list him at QB and he has some Taysom Hill type work. 

    The late guys who keep finding their way onto my roster:

    Perry, Darnell Mooney, Gabrial Davis, Dalton Keene, Tavien Feaster.

    Guys who I will try to be getting onto some squads: Aaron Parker, Kirk Merritt and Mason Kinsey (if he ever gets listed on MFL).

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  20. It’s very reasonable to question anyone’s toughness in regards to football. There are players who succeeded at a high level at lower levels who weren’t tough on an NFL level. Vernon Gholston had size, all world athleticism and statistical success at a high end D1 program.

    Lebron has weak flops in the NBA. Could mean nothing in comparison to willing Cleveland to winning a championship or it could mean he’s had enough after a few hits in the open field. 

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