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  1. Well, can’t say people weren’t given perspective throughout camp. If you wanted to be stubborn you at least missed out on a massive jump in value to trade away.
  2. You should try:
  3. It is everyone’s right to project this backfield however they want to. I do not believe you are living in reality if you don’t think he’ll have a major impact this year and can be important to your fantasy team with as minimal as 150 carries and targets: “Rookie Antonio Gibson will be a major factor. In fact it wouldn't be a shock if he ends up with the most touches of any back in the group. Not carries, but touches.”
  4. You all are in denial. He’s been with the 1’s all camp getting a ton of work. At it again today: “Gibson just plowed through the goal line for the touchdown. Nine plays, 6 pass, three run. Haskins was 4/5 and barely missed Logan Thomas in the end zone.”
  5. Starting to believe the hype. Love and Barber could be camp cuts. If that’s the case it’s AD is 35 and McKissic is 190lbs. The coaching staff may force this down our throats yet and I am here for it.
  6. I don’t know. There is no difference though as far as fantasy circles go. People were dismissive of Lindsey and they’re dismissive of Gibson. Gibson has gotten equally electric commentary out of camp as a rookie. More again today. Ignore at your own risk.
  7. I remember when they were saying this about Philip Lindsey and no one believed he would have the impact he did. Sometimes it just means a dude is a freak and when it’s in the context of the NFL, said by a freak in his own right maybe we can bank on a guy just being super efficient on the field independent of how many touches he may or may not get.
  8. Yes, it very much is a troll. It’s not a theory and never has been. A theory has stability, you on the other hand will move your statements around to try and stir up anger (pissing in the pool). You have for years, you continue to and staff continues to not care while banning others who posted frequently. Staff that don’t post a damn thing or contribute anything in here. It’s pathetic. You bring down the IQ around here and make it less enjoyable to be apart of this board. Congrats on that.
  9. If someone comes knocking I wouldn’t have said no but these were people shooting blanket offers to all eleven teams across the league asking for a first.... scum and since I can’t address those people one on one in my league without getting kicked out I hope they read it here. You are complete scum if you do this and I hope you go 6-7 this year to leave in fantasy football draft purgatory next offseason.
  10. Amazing how you’ve been allowed to do this for years but good posters have gotten banned from your trolling. It’s almost like you’re staff or friends with staff.
  11. Teams should probably look at Antonio Brown before Terrelle Pryor if they want WR help.
  12. From the Twitter hack yesterday... Vice had an article and they had a screen shot from the apparent hacker that shows twitter admin have a blacklist and blacklist trend button. So they are actively silencing and filtering out people. They should be regarded as a publisher and sued to high hell if true.
  13. Ironically, those of you cheering on this crap... who have cheered on every false Russian allegation for the last 3.5 years... John Weaver... is a Russian foreign agent. So good work at being completely oblivious again. SoOoOoOoO gOoDdDdD. 🙄
  14. Diddy has apparently offered him a job and Dwayne Wade offered support on twitter. Absolutely pathetic.
  15. We’re in the middle of the modern day Salem witch trials. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.
  16. And you are surprised why? Someone did something horrible on the right? Trump’s fault... Someone did something horrible on the left? Trumps fault. Welcome to 2020.
  17. NFL players on: Drew Brees on standing for the flag to represent his grandfather: horrible, racist, “read a book” Desean Jackson misquoting Hitler to blame the Jews on America’s problems: silence.
  18. They said the same thing when Mike Vick went to jail for two years and had additional time off coming back. Talent is talent. Yep, he hasn’t been healthy. Absolutely. Suggesting they brought in Cam to backup a 4th rounder with 4 career attempts is not logical.
  19. It’s Bill Belichick roster construction. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Seems you are right and I didn’t take that into account. That being said they were apt to trade Garappolo and Brisett but I believe both were at the end of rookie deals. I would probably give Stidham the edge just being on a long term contract and all things being equal.
  21. I’ve posted it here and in the Stidham thread this was a done deal in April. This was about passing a physical per Scott Barrett on twitter. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see Stidham outright cut in favor of Hoyer. Pats have gone out of there way to only carry two QB’s on the roster for years now.
  22. Value is toast... people need to get off it. You didn’t find a gem, you didn’t find the next Brady. Cam is a former first overall pick, MVP talent who has lead a team to the Super Bowl. This was a done deal in April waiting on a physical. I doubt Stidham even beats out Hoyer and is a cut candidate for New England at this point.
  23. This has been in the works since April according to Scott Barrett. This wasn’t about price tag, it was about passing a physical. Means they also purposely avoided using draft resources because of it. Cam will be the starter, he is not being brought in to back up a 4th rounder who had an erratic college career.
  24. Josh Gordon repeatedly showed up drunk and high. AB is just an egocentric crazy ### who couldn’t keep it bottled up from the public eye. Every locker room has about three or four of those. Richie Incognito is still playing in the league for Christ sake.
  25. Maybe I’m just old at this point in my FF community career... but I watched T.O. #### on Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo and Donovan McNabb and still get another shot in the NFL. People really think the best WR (maybe the best player) of the last decade doesn’t get another shot? I don’t like the guy but it amazes me this flawed logic still exists.